Harry Sosnik Orchestra (Musical group)

Source: Ruppli Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 66855 10-in. 11/10/1939 The Army Air Corps Dick Powell  
Decca 66856 10-in. 11/10/1939 Semper paratus Dick Powell  
Decca 66857 10-in. 11/10/1939 The Marines' hymn Dick Powell  
Decca 66858 10-in. 11/10/1939 On, Brave old Army team Dick Powell  
Decca 67702 10-in. 5/9/1940 I love you much too much Teddy Grace  
Decca 67703 10-in. 5/9/1940 Let there be love Teddy Grace  
Decca 67704 10-in. 5/9/1940 Thunder in my heart Teddy Grace  
Decca 67705 10-in. 5/9/1940 Left all alone with the blues Teddy Grace  
Decca 68000 10-in. 8/22/1940 Blueberry hill Connie Boswell  
Decca 68001 10-in. 8/22/1940 The nearness of you Connie Boswell  
Decca 68002 10-in. 8/22/1940 Nobody's sweetheart Connie Boswell  
Decca 68003 10-in. 8/22/1940 Dinah Connie Boswell  
Decca 68301 10-in. 10/29/1940 Remember me Connie Boswell  
Decca 68302 10-in. 10/29/1940 The moon fell in the river Connie Boswell  
Decca 68303 10-in. 10/29/1940 Let's be buddies Connie Boswell  
Decca 68304 10-in. 10/29/1940 Somewhere Connie Boswell  
Decca 68390 10-in. 11/26/1940 Lamplight Joan Edwards  
Decca 68391 10-in. 11/26/1940 Some of your sweetness Joan Edwards  
Decca 68392 10-in. 11/26/1940 There shall be no night Joan Edwards  
Decca 68393 10-in. 11/26/1940 Isola bella Joan Edwards  
Decca 68644 10-in. 2/2/1941 The saga of Jenny, part 1 Hildegarde  
Decca 68645 10-in. 2/2/1941 The saga of Jenny, part 2 Hildegarde  
Decca 68648 10-in. 2/2/1941 My ship Hildegarde  
Decca 69608 10-in. 8/5/1941 Always do as people say Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69609 10-in. 8/5/1941 I want to be a naughty little .. Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69610 10-in. 8/5/1941 He won't be happy till he get .. Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69611 10-in. 8/5/1941 Jeanette and her little wooden. Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69612 10-in. 8/5/1941 Go to sleep, slumber deep Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69734 10-in. 9/10/1941 So near and yet so far Fred Astaire  
Decca 69735 10-in. 9/10/1941 Dream dancing Fred Astaire  
Decca 69736 10-in. 9/10/1941 Since I kissed my baby goodbye-1 Fred Astaire  
Decca 69737 10-in. 9/10/1941 The wedding cake walk-1 Fred Astaire  
Decca 69863 10-in. 10/24/1941 Shepherd serenade Bing Crosby  
Decca 69864 10-in. 10/24/1941 Do you care? Bing Crosby  
Decca 69865 10-in. 10/24/1941 Symphonie moderne Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69866 10-in. 10/24/1941 I see a million people Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69929 10-in. 11/12/1941 Miss you Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69930 10-in. 11/12/1941 Minka Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69931 10-in. 11/12/1941 The shrine of St. Cecilia Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69932 10-in. 11/12/1941 In a monastery garden Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 69961 10-in. 11/18/1941 'Tis Autumn Tony Martin  
Decca 69962 10-in. 11/18/1941 Cancel the flowers Tony Martin  
Decca 69963 10-in. 11/18/1941 Abe Lincoln had just one country Tony Martin  
Decca 69964 10-in. 11/18/1941 Somebody else is taking my place Tony Martin  
Decca 70310 10-in. 2/12/1942 Sometimes Mildred Bailey  
Decca 70311 10-in. 2/12/1942 Wherever you are Mildred Bailey  
Decca 70312 10-in. 2/12/1942 I think of you Mildred Bailey  
Decca 70313 10-in. 2/12/1942 More than you know Mildred Bailey  
Decca 71593 10-in. 12/20/1943 Sunrise serenade Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 71594 10-in. 12/20/1943 American patrol Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 71745 10-in. 2/6/1944 Easter Sunday with you Kenny Baker  
Decca 71746 10-in. 2/6/1944 Marianne Kenny Baker  
Decca 71747 10-in. 2/6/1944 Pavanne Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca 71907 10-in. 3/25/1944 I'll remember April Kitty Carlisle  
Decca 71908 10-in. 3/25/1944 I'll get by as long as I have you Kitty Carlisle  
Decca 72845 10-in. 4/28/1945 Counting the days Hildegarde  
Decca 72846 10-in. 4/28/1945 J'attendrai (I'll be yours) Hildegarde  
Decca 73339 2/1/1946 Why shouldn't it happen to us? Buddy Clark ; Hildegarde  
Decca 73340 2/1/1946 I've told ev'ry little star Buddy Clark ; Hildegarde  
Decca DLA 949 10-in. 9/21/1937 The lady is a tramp Sophie Tucker  
Decca DLA 950 10-in. 9/21/1937 Some of these days Sophie Tucker  
Decca DLA 951 10-in. 9/21/1937 Moon at sea Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 952 10-in. 9/21/1937 Here comes the sandman Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 967 10-in. 9/24/1937 (Dear Mr. Gable) You made me love you Judy Garland  
Decca DLA 968 10-in. 9/24/1937 You can't have everything Judy Garland  
Decca DLA 969 10-in. 9/25/1937 Silhouetted in the moonlight Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 970 10-in. 9/25/1937 Can't teach my old heart new tricks Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1021 10-in. 11/5/1937 I've hitched my wagon to a star Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1022 10-in. 11/5/1937 I'm like a fish out of water Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1023 10-in. 11/5/1937 You can't stop me from dreamin' Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1024 10-in. 11/5/1937 Roses in December Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1025 10-in. 11/7/1937 I'm gettin' sentimental over you Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1026 10-in. 11/7/1937 Sweet someone Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1027 10-in. 11/7/1937 Once in a while Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1028 10-in. 11/7/1937 Farewell my love Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1192 10-in. 4/6/1938 Please be kind Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1193 10-in. 4/6/1938 At your beck and call Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1194 10-in. 4/6/1938 Night and day Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1205 10-in. 4/11/1938 Carry me back to old Virginny Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1206 12-in. 4/11/1938 Little grey home in the West Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1207 10-in. 4/11/1938 Lazy rhapsody Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1223 10-in. 4/16/1938 All alone Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1224 10-in. 4/16/1938 (You forgot to) Remember Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1225 10-in. 4/16/1938 I'm away from it all Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1226 10-in. 4/16/1938 I'm glad for your sake Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1227 10-in. 4/16/1938 The girl in the bonnet of blue Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1228 10-in. 4/16/1938 Ride, tenderfoot, ride Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1229 10-in. 4/16/1938 Daddy's boy Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1230 10-in. 4/16/1938 In my little red book-1 Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1270 10-in. 4/22/1938 Sleep, my baby, sleep Bobby Breen  
Decca DLA 1271 10-in. 4/22/1938 In a little Dutch kindergarten Bobby Breen  
Decca DLA 1272 10-in. 4/22/1938 Lost and found Kenny Baker  
Decca DLA 1273 10-in. 4/22/1938 Love walked in Kenny Baker  
Decca DLA 1274 10-in. 4/22/1938 Sing a song of harvest Kenny Baker  
Decca DLA 1275 10-in. 4/22/1938 Just let me look at you Kenny Baker  
Decca DLA 1280 10-in. 4/23/1938 The old oaken bucket Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1281 10-in. 4/23/1938 Smiles Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1282 10-in. 4/23/1938 Red wing Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1283 10-in. 4/23/1938 Red River valley Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1284 10-in. 4/25/1938 Sleep, my baby, sleep Judy Garland  
Decca DLA 1285 10-in. 4/25/1938 Cry, baby, cry Judy Garland  
Decca DLA 1286 10-in. 4/25/1938 Then you've never been blue Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1291 10-in. 5/3/1938 Serenade (Schubert) Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1292 10-in. 5/3/1938 The last rose of Summer Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1374 10-in. 8/8/1938 Singing games for children: Part 1 Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1375 10-in. 8/8/1938 Singing games for children: Part 2 Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1376 10-in. 8/8/1938 Singing games for children: Part 3 Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1377 10-in. 8/8/1938 Singing games for children: Part 4 Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1378 10-in. 8/8/1938 Singing games for children: Part 5 Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1379 10-in. 8/8/1938 Singing games for children: Part 6 Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1400 10-in. 8/12/1938 On, Wisconsin! Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1401 10-in. 8/12/1938 Stein song Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1402 10-in. 8/12/1938 The eyes of Texas are upon you Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1403 10-in. 8/12/1938 Victory march Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1404 10-in. 8/15/1939 In Ole Oklahoma-1 Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1405 10-in. 8/15/1939 Ragtime cowboy Joe-1 Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1406 10-in. 8/15/1939 What are you doin' tonight? Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1407 10-in. 8/15/1939 Rosie the redskin Pinky Tomlin  
Decca DLA 1436 10-in. 8/21/1938 Ten pins in the sky Judy Garland  
Decca DLA 1437 10-in. 8/21/1938 It never rains but it pours Judy Garland  
Decca DLA 1438 10-in. 8/21/1938 Rambling wreck from Georgia Tech Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1439 10-in. 8/21/1938 The Illinois loyalty song Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1582 10-in. 11/23/1938 Two sleepy people Bob Hope ; Shirley Ross  
Decca DLA 1583 10-in. 11/23/1938 Thanks for the memory Bob Hope ; Shirley Ross  
Decca DLA 1653 10-in. 12/14/1938 From now on Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1654 10-in. 12/14/1938 Get out of town Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1655 10-in. 12/13/1938 Falling in love with love Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1656 10-in. 12/14/1938 You have cast your shadow on the sea Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1685 10-in. 12/17/1938 This can't be love Frances Langford ; Rudy Vallée  
Decca DLA 1686 10-in. 12/17/1938 The shortest day of the year Frances Langford ; Rudy Vallée  
Decca DLA 1687 10-in. 12/18/1938 Sing for your supper Rudy Vallée  
Decca DLA 1688 10-in. 12/18/1938 Oh Diogenes Rudy Vallée  
Decca DLA 1729 10-in. 3/17/1939 This is it Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1730 10-in. 3/17/1939 It's all yours Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1731 10-in. 3/17/1939 Tears from my inkwell Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1732 10-in. 3/17/1939 A fool for love Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1736 10-in. 3/24/1939 Mr. and Mrs. America Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1737 10-in. 3/24/1939 In a moment of weakness Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1738 10-in. 3/24/1939 Blue evening Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1741 10-in. 3/30/1939 (I'm in love with) The Honorable Mr. So-and-So Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1779 10-in. 6/16/1939 The lady's in love with you Shirley Ross  
Decca DLA 1780 10-in. 6/16/1939 Penthouse serenade (When we're alone) Shirley Ross  
Decca DLA 1785 10-in. 6/22/1939 At last you could say hello Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1786 10-in. 6/22/1939 Stra-va-na-da Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1787 10-in. 6/26/1939 Is it possible? Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1788 10-in. 6/26/1939 Rendezvous time in Paree Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1789 10-in. 6/26/1939 Oh! You crazy moon Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1790 10-in. 6/26/1939 The lamp is low Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1798 10-in. 7/1/1939 Moonglow Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1799 10-in. 7/1/1939 I'm in the mood for love Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1800 10-in. 7/1/1939 Blue moon Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1801 10-in. 7/1/1939 Paradise Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1802 10-in. 7/3/1939 Body and soul Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1803 10-in. 7/3/1939 The boulevard of broken dreams Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1804 10-in. 7/3/1939 Am I blue? Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1805 10-in. 7/3/1939 Echoes of Hawaii Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1806 10-in. 7/3/1939 The man with the mandolin Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1807 10-in. 7/3/1939 Between the devil and the deep blue sea Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1824 10-in. 7/9/1939 They would wind him up and he would whistle Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1825 10-in. 7/19/1939 I like mountain music Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1826 10-in. 7/19/1939 Jingle bells Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1827 10-in. 7/19/1939 Good fellows medley: Hail!Hail! The gang's all here ; The more we are together ; For he's a jolly good fellow ; Hail! Hail! The gang's all here Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 1830 10-in. 7/24/1939 A little bit of heaven Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1831 10-in. 7/24/1939 My wild Irish rose Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1832 10-in. 7/24/1939 Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1833 10-in. 7/24/1939 Mother Machree Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1836 10-in. 7/28/1939 When Irish eyes are smiling Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1837 10-in. 7/28/1939 Little town in the Ould County down Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1838 10-in. 7/28/1939 I'll remember Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1839 10-in. 7/28/1939 I never thought I'd fall in love again Phil Regan  
Decca DLA 1914 10-in. 1/19/1940 Someday you'll find your bluebird Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1915 10-in. 1/19/1940 Angel Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1916 10-in. 1/19/1940 On the isle of May Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1917 10-in. 1/19/1940 Gotta get home Connie Boswell  
Decca DLA 1919 10-in. 2/9/1940 Tumbling tumbleweeds Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1920 10-in. 2/9/1940 If I knew then Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1921 10-in. 2/9/1940 The girl with the pigtails in her hair Harry Sosnik Orchestra  
Decca DLA 1926 10-in. 2/16/1940 I've got my eyes on you Patricia (Pat) Friday  
Decca DLA 1927 10-in. 2/16/1940 You, you darlin' Patricia (Pat) Friday  
Decca DLA 1928 10-in. 2/16/1940 Would'st could I but kiss thy hand, oh babe Patricia (Pat) Friday  
Decca DLA 1929 10-in. 2/16/1940 Gaucho serenade Patricia (Pat) Friday  
Decca DLA 1947 10-in. 2/24/1940 With the wind and the rain in your hair Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1948 10-in. 2/24/1940 Say it Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1949 10-in. 2/24/1940 Palms of paradise Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 1950 10-in. 2/24/1940 When you wish upon a star Frances Langford  
Decca DLA 2088 10-in. 8/26/1940 Old Shep Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 2089 10-in. 8/26/1940 Tumbledown ranch in Arizona Dick Powell  
Decca DLA 2710 10-in. 8/29/1941 Misirlou Carol Bruce  
Decca DLA 2711 10-in. 8/29/1941 Red moon of the Caribees Carol Bruce  
Decca DLA 2712 10-in. 8/29/1941 Adios Carol Bruce  
Decca DLA 2713 10-in. 8/29/1941 The lamp of memory (Incertidumbre) Carol Bruce  
Decca DLA 2786 10-in. 10/8/1941 A rendezvous in Rio Carol Bruce  
Decca DLA 2787 10-in. 10/8/1941 My shawl Carol Bruce  
Decca DLA 2788 10-in. 10/8/1941 Rain in Spain Carol Bruce  


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