Hoyt H. Hawkins (vocalist)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 76057 3/31/1950 Dig a little deeper The Jordanaires  
Decca 76058 3/31/1950 I'm free again The Jordanaires  
Decca 76059 3/31/1950 Peace in the valley The Jordanaires  
Decca 76060 3/31/1950 The church in the wildwood The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2011 8/23/1949 Go where I send Thee The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2012 8/23/1949 [Unknown title(s)] The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2013 8/23/1949 Just a little talk with Jesus The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2014 8/23/1949 The old ship of Zion The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2031 11/8/1949 Chattanoogie shoe shine boy Red Foley  
Decca NA 2035 11/8/1949 He'll understand and say well done-1 Red Foley  
Decca NA 2144 6/23/1950 My Lord's gonna move this wicked race Mervin Shiner  
Decca NA 2145 6/23/1950 The great speckled bird Mervin Shiner  
Decca NA 2146 6/23/1950 Life's railway to heaven Mervin Shiner  
Decca NA 2147 6/23/1950 I'm going through Jesus Mervin Shiner  
Decca NA 2152 6/27/1950 Ace in the hole Mervin Shiner  
Decca NA 2153 6/27/1950 I think I'm gonna cry again Mervin Shiner  
Decca NA 2182 7/4/1950 Search me Lord The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2183 7/4/1950 Lead me to that rock The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2184 7/4/1950 Swing down sweet chariot The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2185 7/4/1950 Joshua fit the battle of Jericho The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2192 8/24/1950 Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2193 8/24/1950 Now didn't it rain The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2194 8/24/1950 Noah The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2195 8/24/1950 What a friend we have in Jesus The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2198 8/24/1950 Roll on Jordan The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2199 8/24/1950 What a savior The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2200 8/24/1950 Loafin' on a lazy river The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 2201 8/24/1950 Sweet roses of morn The Jordanaires  
Decca NA 9383 5/16/1956 We'll find a way Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9384 5/16/1956 I'm really glad you hurt me Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9385 5/16/1956 Teenage boogie Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9499 8/12/1956 Teenage boogie-1 Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9771 4/12/1957 I care no more Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9772 4/12/1957 Don't be the one Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9779 4/13/1957 Bye bye love Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9780 4/13/1957 Missing you Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9846 6/7/1957 Let forgiveness in Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9847 6/7/1957 Who wouldn't love you Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9859 6/27/1957 New panhandle rag Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9860 6/27/1957 I know (it was you)-1 Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9861 6/27/1957 Don't do it darlin' Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9873 7/11/1957 Holiday for love Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 9874 7/11/1957 How long Webb Pierce  
Decca NA 10552 1/7/1959 You're no longer mine Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 10553 1/7/1959 I want to be with you Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 10554 1/8/1959 I'm moving along Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10555 1/8/1959 I'm blue again Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10556 1/8/1959 Love, love, love me honey do Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10557 1/9/1959 Yes, I understand-1 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10558 1/9/1959 Gotta lot of rhythm in my soul Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10789 7/3/1959 Life's railway to heaven Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10790 7/3/1959 Just a closer walk with Thee Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10929 12/22/1959 To my sorrow Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 10930 12/22/1959 Someone was already there Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11314 11/16/1960 I fall to pieces Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11315 11/16/1960 Shoes Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11316 11/16/1960 Lovin' in vain Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11485 3/23/1961 Cool water Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11522 4/25/1961 How can you divide a little child Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11523 4/25/1961 I can't take it like you can Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11524 4/25/1961 MY greatest weakness Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11525 4/25/1961 Teach me Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11659 8/17/1961 True love Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11660 8/17/1961 San Antonio rose Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11661 8/17/1961 The wayward wind Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11662 8/17/1961 A poor man's roses Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11671 8/21/1961 Crazy Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11672 8/24/1961 Who can I count on Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11673 8/24/1961 Seven lonely days Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11674 8/24/1961 I love you so much it hurts Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11675 8/24/1961 Foolin' 'round Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11676 8/24/1961 Have you ever been lonely Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11681 8/25/1961 South of the border Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11682 8/25/1961 Walking after midnight Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11683 8/25/1961 Strange Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11684 8/25/1961 You're stronger than me Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11840 1/7/1962 Yesterday's champagne (alt.) ; Yesterday's champagne Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11841 1/7/1962 One deep love Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11842 1/7/1962 Once in a lifetime Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 11905 2/12/1962 You made me love you Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11906 2/12/1962 You belong to me Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11907 2/12/1962 Heartaches Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11908 2/12/1962 Your cheatin' heart Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11909 2/13/1962 That's my desire Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11910 2/13/1962 Half as much Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11911 2/15/1962 Lonely street Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11912 2/15/1962 Anytime Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11913 2/15/1962 You were only fooling Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11914 2/15/1962 I can't help it Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11928 2/28/1962 You're stronger than me Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11929 2/28/1962 When I get through with you Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11930 2/28/1962 Imagine that Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11931 2/28/1962 So wrong Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 11984 3/28/1962 I overlooked an orchid-1,2 Jack Anglin ; Johnnie (Johnny) Wright  
Decca NA 12192 9/5/1962 Why can't he be you Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12193 9/5/1962 Your kinda love Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12194 9/5/1962 When you need a laugh Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12195 9/5/1962 Leavin' on your mind Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12196 9/10/1962 Back in my baby's arms Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12197 9/10/1962 Tra le la le la triangle Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12198 9/10/1962 That's how a heartache begins Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12359 2/4/1963 Faded love Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12360 2/4/1963 Someday you'll want me to want you Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12361 2/4/1963 Love letters in the sand Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12362 2/5/1963 Blue moon of Kentucky Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12363 2/5/1963 Sweet dreams (of you) Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12364 2/5/1963 Always Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12365 2/6/1963 Does your heart beat for me Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12366 2/6/1963 Bill Bailey won't you please come home Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12371 2/7/1963 He called me baby Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12372 2/7/1963 Crazy arms Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12373 2/7/1963 You took him off my hands Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 12374 2/7/1963 I'll sail my ship alone Patsy Cline  


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