Anita Kerr (vocalist)

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 102381 4/25/1957 Try again-2 Patsy Cline  
Decca 102382 4/25/1957 Too many secrets-1 Patsy Cline  
Decca 102383 4/25/1957 Then you'll know Patsy Cline  
Decca 102384 4/25/1957 Three cigarettes (in a ashtray) -2, 3 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 2028 8/26/1949 White Christmas The Texas Troubadours ; Ernest Tubb  
Decca NA 2029 8/26/1949 Blue Christmas The Texas Troubadours ; Ernest Tubb  
Decca NA 2208 9/9/1950 Christmas island-1 The Texas Troubadours ; Ernest Tubb  
Decca NA 2209 9/9/1950 C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S-1 The Texas Troubadours ; Ernest Tubb  
Decca NA 9363 4/27/1956 I'm ragged but I'm right-1 Montana Slim  
Decca NA 9366 4/27/1956 On a little two acre farm-1 Montana Slim  
Decca NA 9829 5/23/1957 That wonderful someone Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 9830 5/23/1957 In care of the blues Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 9831 5/23/1957 Hungry for love Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 9832 5/23/1957 I can' forget Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 9833 5/23/1957 I don't wanta Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 9834 5/23/1957 Ain't no wheels on this ship Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 9840 6/5/1957 Bachelor man Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9841 6/5/1957 The party is over (for me) Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9842 6/5/1957 Tears of angels Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9881 7/12/1957 If you'll be my love Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9882 7/12/1957 Someday you'll want me to want you Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9883 7/12/1957 I saw your face in the moon Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9888 7/14/1957 Try me one more time Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9889 7/14/1957 I'd trade all of my tomorrows Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9890 7/14/1957 Silver dew on the bluegrass Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9897 7/16/1957 My Mary Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9898 7/16/1957 Into each life some rain must fall Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9899 7/16/1957 I gotta have my baby back Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9900 7/16/1957 Hang your head in shame Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 9999 11/18/1957 The blind's prayer Montana Slim  
Decca NA 10000 11/18/1957 X's from down in Texas Montana Slim  
Decca NA 10001 11/18/1957 Let a little sunshine in your heart Montana Slim  
Decca NA 10002 11/18/1957 There's a bluebird on your windowsill Montana Slim  
Decca NA 10039 12/13/1957 Stop the world (and let me off)-1 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10040 12/13/1957 Walking dream Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10041 12/13/1957 Cry not for me-2 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10042 12/13/1957 If I could see the world (through the eyes of a child)-2 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10122 2/13/1958 Just out of reach Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10123 2/13/1958 I can see an angel Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10124 2/13/1958 Come on in (and make yourself at home)-2 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10125 2/13/1958 Let the teardrops fall Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10126 2/13/1958 Never no more-1 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10127 2/13/1958 If I could only stay asleep-1 Patsy Cline  
Decca NA 10131 2/18/1958 Sugar lips Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 10132 2/18/1958 Rock it on down to my house Justin Tubb  
Decca NA 10471 11/7/1958 My heart is an open book Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 10472 11/7/1958 My pledge to you Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 10543 12/23/1958 Miss memory Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 10544 12/23/1958 New river train Bobby Helms  
Decca NA 10758 6/9/1959 (There's a little song a-singing) In my heart Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 10759 6/9/1959 Open up your arms Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 10760 6/9/1959 Three little Peggies Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 10761 6/9/1959 Class ring Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 10836 8/21/1959 Blue, blue town The Kalin Twins  
Decca NA 10837 8/21/1959 Little miss Blue The Kalin Twins  
Decca NA 11311 11/15/1960 Ugly stick Ronnie Self  
Decca NA 11312 11/15/1960 Some other world Ronnie Self  
Decca NA 11313 11/15/1960 Go go cannibal Ronnie Self  
Decca NA 11507 4/20/1961 Promise me Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 11508 4/20/1961 That's what I call true love Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 11509 4/20/1961 Pretty little girl in the yellow dress Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 11510 4/20/1961 Sawdust dolly Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 11582 6/20/1961 A chance to belong Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 11583 6/20/1961 Ask me no questions Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 11584 6/20/1961 Sawdust dolly Carl Dobkins, Jr.  
Decca NA 12511 5/22/1963 Lynching party Burl Ives  
Decca NA 12512 5/22/1963 A hundred and twenty-miles from nowhere Burl Ives  
Decca NA 12513 5/22/1963 Two car garage Burl Ives  
Decca NA 12514 5/22/1963 I found my best friend in the dog pound Burl Ives  


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