Odell Rand (instrumentalist : clarinet)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 62643 10-in. 10/5/1937 Let your linen hang low-1 Rosetta Howard  
Decca 62644 10-in. 10/5/1937 If you're a viper Rosetta Howard  
Decca 62645 10-in. 10/5/1937 Rosetta blues Rosetta Howard  
Decca 62646 10-in. 10/5/1937 It's your turn Rosetta Howard  
Decca 62647 10-in. 10/5/1937 Let's fall in love again-1 Rosetta Howard  
Decca 62648 10-in. 10/5/1937 Worried mind blues Rosetta Howard  
Decca 62649 10-in. 10/6/1937 Rattlesnake bite Jimmie Gordon  
Decca 62650 10-in. 10/6/1937 I believe I been hoodood Jimmie Gordon  
Decca 62651 10-in. 10/6/1937 She wants to rattle me all the time Jimmie Gordon  
Decca 62652 10-in. 10/6/1937 Plenty trouble on your hand Jimmie Gordon  
Decca 62653 10-in. 10/6/1937 Gimme some of that yum yum yum Johnnie Temple  
Decca 62654 10-in. 10/6/1937 Hoodoo women Johnnie Temple  
Decca 62655 10-in. 10/6/1937 Mama's bad luck child Johnnie Temple  
Decca 62656 10-in. 10/6/1937 Mean baby blues Johnnie Temple  
Decca 62657 10-in. 10/6/1937 Tempo de bucket The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62658 10-in. 10/6/1937 You got the devil to pay The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62659 10-in. 10/6/1937 Time's a wastin' The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62660 10-in. 10/6/1937 Black gal you better use your head The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62661 10-in. 10/6/1937 Root hog or die The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62662 10-in. 10/6/1937 You got to be satisfied The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62663 10-in. 10/6/1937 Toodoe oo blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62664 10-in. 10/6/1937 Rampart and Gravier blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62665 10-in. 10/6/1937 What's on your mind? The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 62674 10-in. 10/8/1937 Broken hearted blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 63624 10-in. 4/20/1938 Don't start no stuff The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 63662 10-in. 4/22/1938 Mellow little devil The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 63663 10-in. 4/22/1938 The barefoot boy The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 63664 10-in. 4/22/1938 She loves so good Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 63665 10-in. 4/22/1938 Riff it Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 63666 10-in. 4/22/1938 Some sweet day Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 63667 10-in. 4/22/1938 I'm gonna steal you Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 63668 10-in. 4/22/1938 I knocks myself out Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 63669 10-in. 4/22/1938 They put the big britches on me Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 63670 10-in. 4/22/1938 What is that smells like gravy? Johnnie Temple  
Decca 63671 10-in. 4/22/1938 Every dog must have his day Johnnie Temple  
Decca 63672 10-in. 4/22/1938 Fare you well Johnnie Temple  
Decca 63673 10-in. 4/22/1938 Stavin' chain Johnnie Temple  
Decca 63674 10-in. 4/22/1938 County jail blues Johnnie Temple  
Decca 63675 10-in. 4/22/1938 Gonna ride 74 Johnnie Temple  
Decca 90599 10-in. 2/4/1936 It's got to be done Al Miller and his Swing Stompers  
Decca 90600 10-in. 2/4/1936 Juicy Mouth Shorty Al Miller and his Swing Stompers  
Decca 90607 10-in. 2/6/1936 Truckin' old fool-1 Al Miller and his Swing Stompers  
Decca 90608 10-in. 2/6/1936 Ain't that a mess? Al Miller and his Swing Stompers  
Decca 90691 10-in. 4/18/1936 Oh! Red The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90692 10-in. 4/18/1936 Lake Providence blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90780 10-in. 7/2/1936 Live and die for you The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90781 10-in. 6/2/1936 New Oh Red! The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90782 10-in. 7/2/1936 What you gonna do? The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90783 10-in. 7/2/1936 She's gone again The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90796 10-in. 7/9/1936 Try some of that Oscar's Chicago Swingers  
Decca 90797 10-in. 7/9/1936 My gal's been foolin' me Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90835 10-in. 8/14/1936 Let's get drunk and truck-2 The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90836 10-in. 8/14/1936 Move your hand-1 The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90837 10-in. 8/14/1936 Sales tax on it (but it's the same thing)-1 The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90838 10-in. 8/14/1936 You done tore your playhouse down-1 The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90912 10-in. 10/2/1936 Little girl The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90913 10-in. 10/2/1936 Southern blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90914 10-in. 10/2/1936 The garbage man The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90915 10-in. 10/2/1936 Weed smoker's dream (Why don't you do it now? De. 8650) The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90916 10-in. 10/2/1936 If you want to live The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90947 10-in. 10/22/1936 I feel like a millionaire The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90948 10-in. 10/22/1936 Bad luck man The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90949 10-in. 10/22/1936 My Daddy was a lovin' man The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90950 10-in. 10/22/1936 She's trickin' me The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90982 10-in. 11/13/1936 We're gonna pitch a boogie woogie The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90983 10-in. 11/13/1936 Hamfat swing The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90984 10-in. 11/13/1936 Who done it? The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 90985 10-in. 11/13/1936 Growling dog The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91074 10-in. 1/14/1937 Hallelujah Joe ain't preachin' no more The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91075 10-in. 1/14/1937 What's my baby doin'? The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91076 10-in. 1/14/1937 It was red The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca C 91123 10-in. 3/1/1937 I feel like going to town The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca C 91124 10-in. 3/1/1937 I'm so glad The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca C 91125 10-in. 3/1/1937 Jam jamboree (Jam sesh jam) The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca C 91126 10-in. 3/1/1937 Down in shady lane The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91130 10-in. 3/12/1937 The dirty dozens Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 91131 10-in. 3/12/1937 She brings me down Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 91132 10-in. 3/12/1937 Take it easy greasy Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 91133 10-in. 3/12/1937 Wet it Frankie Half Pint Jaxon  
Decca 91200 10-in. 4/28/1937 I'm cuttin' out The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91201 10-in. 4/28/1937 Hoodooin' woman The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91202 10-in. 4/28/1937 I love that The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91203 10-in. 4/28/1937 My old lady blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91216 10-in. 4/30/1937 She squeezed my lemon Arthur McKay  
Decca 91217 10-in. 4/30/1937 Somebody's been ridin' my black gal Arthur McKay  
Decca 91218 10-in. 4/30/1937 Some sweet day Jimmy "Old Man" Oden  
Decca 91219 10-in. 4/30/1937 Silk worm blues Jimmy "Old Man" Oden  
Decca 91244 10-in. 5/12/1937 Baby won't you tear my clothes The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91245 10-in. 5/12/1937 You drink too much The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91252 10-in. 5/14/1937 Playing in the grass Jimmie Gordon and his Vip Vop Band  
Decca 91268 10-in. 5/21/1937 I'm Alabama bound The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91269 10-in. 5/21/1937 Empty bed blues The Harlem Hamfats  
Decca 91279 10-in. 5/14/1937 You're bound to look like a monkey Jimmie Gordon and his Vip Vop Band  
Decca 91280 10-in. 5/14/1937 Good as I been to you Jimmie Gordon and his Vip Vop Band  
Decca 91301 10-in. 10/27/1937 We gonna move Palooka Washboard Band  
Decca 91302 10-in. 10/27/1937 Backdoor Palooka Washboard Band  
Decca 91303 10-in. 10/27/1937 You done tore your pants with me Palooka Washboard Band  
Decca 91304 10-in. 10/27/1937 Save me some Palooka Washboard Band  
Decca 91327 10-in. 10/29/1937 The road to ruin Jimmy "Old Man" Oden  
Decca 91328 10-in. 10/29/1937 Thick and thin Jimmy "Old Man" Oden  
Decca 91519 10-in. 10/17/1938 When the breath bids your girl friend's body goodbye Johnnie Temple  
Decca 91520 10-in. 10/17/1938 Big leg woman Johnnie Temple  
Decca 91521 10-in. 10/17/1938 What a fool I've been Johnnie Temple  
Decca 91522 10-in. 10/17/1938 Grinding mill Johnnie Temple  
Decca 91523 10-in. 10/17/1938 Between midnight and dawn Johnnie Temple  
Decca 91524 10-in. 10/17/1938 Mississippi woman's blues (Walkin' blues) Johnnie Temple  
Decca 91552 10-in. 10/21/1938 Stomp it out gate Rosetta Howard  
Decca 91553 10-in. 10/21/1938 The candy man Rosetta Howard  
Decca 91554 10-in. 10/21/1938 Oh rider Rosetta Howard  
Decca 91555 10-in. 10/21/1938 Stay away from my door Rosetta Howard  
Decca 91556 10-in. 10/21/1938 All on account of you Rosetta Howard  
Decca 91557 10-in. 10/21/1938 Me and my gin Jimmie Gordon  
Decca 91558 10-in. 10/21/1938 Whip it to a jelly Jimmie Gordon  


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