Melvin "Red" Solomon (instrumentalist : trumpet)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 66498 10-in. 11/9/1939 Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh! The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 66499 10-in. 11/9/1939 South American way The Andrews Sisters  
Decca 67217 10-in. 2/20/1940 Row, row, row Dick Robertson  
Decca 67275 10-in. 3/8/1940 The wreck of the Old '97 Dick Robertson  
Decca 67418 10-in. 3/28/1940 Ain't you ashamed? Donald King  
Decca 67419 10-in. 3/28/1940 Little girl Donald King  
Decca 67420 10-in. 3/28/1940 If I could be with you one hour tonight Donald King  
Decca 67421 10-in. 3/28/1940 I want a girl just like the girl that married Dear Old Dad Donald King  
Decca 67422 10-in. 3/28/1940 I wish I had died in my cradle Donald King  
Decca 67559 10-in. 4/16/1940 The guy needs a gal Dick Robertson  
Decca 67560 10-in. 4/16/1940 The gang that sang Heart of my heart Dick Robertson  
Decca 67921 10-in. 7/9/1940 Ferryboat serenade Dick Robertson  
Decca 67922 10-in. 7/9/1940 Goodbye, little darlin' , goodbye Dick Robertson  
Decca 67925 10-in. 7/9/1940 On a simmery Summery day Dick Robertson  
Decca 67926 10-in. 7/9/1940 I'll never smile again Dick Robertson  
Decca 67944 10-in. 7/25/1940 You're a grand old flag-1 Dick Robertson  
Decca 67945 10-in. 7/25/1940 I am an American-1 Dick Robertson  
Decca 67946 10-in. 7/25/1940 When I get you alone tonight Dick Robertson  
Decca 67947 10-in. 7/25/1940 Breaking my heart to keep away from you Dick Robertson  
Decca 68013 10-in. 8/27/1940 Darling, how can you forget so soon? Dick Robertson  
Decca 68014 10-in. 8/27/1940 Hello! Little girl of my dreams Dick Robertson  
Decca 68015 10-in. 8/27/1940 My greatest mistake Dick Robertson  
Decca 68016 10-in. 8/27/1940 It's a mighty pretty night for love Dick Robertson  
Decca 68017 10-in. 8/27/1940 Mickey Dick Robertson  
Decca 68018 10-in. 8/27/1940 Connie's got connectiocs in Connecticut Dick Robertson  
Decca 68408 10-in. 11/28/1940 Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning Dick Robertson  
Decca 68409 10-in. 11/28/1940 San Antonio Rose Dick Robertson  
Decca 68410 10-in. 11/28/1940 I am a Canadian Dick Robertson  
Decca 68411 10-in. 11/28/1940 Oh, they're making me all over in the Army Dick Robertson  
Decca 68412 10-in. 11/28/1940 I used to love you Dick Robertson  
Decca 68563 10-in. 1/9/1941 So you're the one Dick Robertson  
Decca 68564 10-in. 1/9/1941 My Greenwich Village Sue Dick Robertson  
Decca 68565 10-in. 1/9/1941 Go home, little girl, go home Dick Robertson  
Decca 68566 10-in. 1/9/1941 Many happy returns of the day Dick Robertson  
Decca 68716 10-in. 2/17/1941 Somebody stole my gal Dick Robertson  
Decca 68717 10-in. 2/17/1941 The wise old owl Dick Robertson  
Decca 68718 10-in. 2/17/1941 Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me Dick Robertson  
Decca 68719 10-in. 2/17/1941 The sidewalk serenade Dick Robertson  
Decca 69166 10-in. 5/9/1941 Be honest with me Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69167 10-in. 5/9/1941 Just a little bit South of North Carolina Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69168 10-in. 5/9/1941 G'bye now Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69169 10-in. 5/9/1941 Goodbye, dear, I'll be back in a year Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69542 10-in. 7/22/1941 Twenty-one dollars a day, once a month-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69543 10-in. 7/22/1941 Answer to you are my sunshine Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69544 10-in. 7/22/1941 I'm alone because I love you Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69545 10-in. 7/22/1941 What's the good of moonlight Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69589 10-in. 7/31/1941 Got a letter from my kid today Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69649 10-in. 8/19/1941 Wedding bells Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69650 10-in. 8/19/1941 Till we meet again Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69651 10-in. 8/19/1941 I don't want to set the world on fire Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69652 10-in. 8/19/1941 You gotta quit cheatin' on me Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69653 10-in. 8/19/1941 Uncle Eph's got the coon Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69836 10-in. 10/18/1941 Under the mistletoe Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 69837 10-in. 10/18/1941 The only thing I want for Christmas Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70020 10-in. 12/9/1941 Walking the floor over you Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70021 10-in. 12/9/1941 When the old wedding ring was new Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70022 10-in. 12/9/1941 Daddy, you've been a mother to me Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70023 10-in. 12/9/1941 I had someone else before I had you Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70061 10-in. 12/16/1941 I may stay away a little longer Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70062 10-in. 12/16/1941 We did it before (and we can do it again) Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70063 10-in. 12/16/1941 Goodbye Mama Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70064 10-in. 12/16/1941 Everyone's a fighting son of that old gang of mine Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70091 10-in. 12/22/1941 Twenty-one years Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70092 10-in. 12/22/1941 I hate to lose you Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70138 10-in. 1/9/1942 Remember Pearl Harbor-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70139 10-in. 1/9/1942 One for all, all for one-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70140 10-in. 1/9/1942 You're a sap, Mister Jap-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70141 10-in. 1/9/1942 I paid my income tax today-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70142 10-in. 1/9/1942 On the street of regret Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70147 10-in. 1/12/1942 I'm not much on locks Bon Bon and his Buddies  
Decca 70148 10-in. 1/12/1942 Rickety rocking chair Bon Bon and his Buddies  
Decca 70149 10-in. 1/12/1942 Seeing you again did me no good Bon Bon and his Buddies  
Decca 70150 10-in. 1/12/1942 Sleepy old town Bon Bon and his Buddies  
Decca 70238 10-in. 1/28/1942 Wings over the Navy Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70239 10-in. 1/28/1942 Eyes of the fleet Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70420 10-in. 3/2/1942 Wings over the Navy-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70421 10-in. 3/2/1942 Eyes of the fleet-1 Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70422 10-in. 3/2/1942 I'm in love with the girl I left behind me Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70423 10-in. 3/2/1942 She don't wanna Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70424 10-in. 3/2/1942 One dozen roses Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 70425 10-in. 3/2/1942 Keep 'em flying Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 76290 5/8/1950 Organ grinder's swing Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76291 5/8/1950 Four or five times Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76292 5/8/1950 T'ain't what you do Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76326 5/15/1950 By the river Ste Marie Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76327 5/15/1950 Ain't she sweet Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76328 5/15/1950 For dancers only Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76395 5/22/1950 By the river Ste Marie Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76396 5/22/1950 Cheatin' on me Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76397 5/22/1950 For dancers only Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76398 5/22/1950 But she's my buddy's chick Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76442 6/3/1950 Wagon wheels Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76443 6/3/1950 I can't give you anything but love Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76444 6/3/1950 I ain't got nobody Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76528 6/26/1950 La vie en rose Louis Armstrong  
Decca 76529 6/26/1950 C' est si bon Louis Armstrong  
Decca 76662 7/19/1950 Three little words Bill Darnel (Darnell)  
Decca 76663 7/19/1950 Pink champagne Bill Darnel (Darnell)  
Decca 76664 7/19/1950 Well, oh well Bill Darnel (Darnell)  
Decca 89585R 4/4/1956 The sweetness of you Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89688 4/2/1956 Stompin' at the savoy Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89689 4/2/1956 I'll be back for more Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89690 4/2/1956 Blue Lou Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89691 4/2/1956 [Unknown title(s)] Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89692 4/3/1956 Lullaby in rhythm Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89693 4/3/1956 Don't be that way Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89694 4/3/1956 Hoopdee whodee Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89695 4/3/1956 If dreams come true Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89696 4/4/1956 Light and sweet Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89697 4/4/1956 The blues made me feel this way Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89698 4/4/1956 Cool and groovy Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca 89699 4/4/1956 Happy and satisfied Edgar Sampson Orchestra  
Decca SRC 417 10-in. 1947 If there is someone lovelier Will Bradley Orchestra  
Decca SRC 418 10-in. 1947 Celery stalks at midnight Will Bradley Orchestra  
Decca SRC 419 10-in. 1947 Easy ride Will Bradley Orchestra  
Decca SRC 514 10-in. approximately 1947 Lonely moments Will Bradley Orchestra  
Decca SRC 515 10-in. approximately 1947 Bop 'n' boogie Will Bradley Orchestra  
Decca SRC 564 10-in. approximately 1947 What is this thing called love? Anita O'Day  
Decca SRC 565 10-in. approximately 1947 Hi ho trailus boot whip Anita O'Day  
Decca SRC 566 10-in. approximately 1947 I told ya I love ya Anita O'Day  
Decca SRC 567 10-in. approximately 1947 It's different when it happens to you Anita O'Day  


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