Sterling Bose (instrumentalist : trumpet)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 38320 10-in. 8/16/1934 Valse bluette Victor Young Orchestra  
Decca 38321 10-in. 8/16/1934 Tales from the Vienna woods, part 1 Victor Young Orchestra  
Decca 38322 10-in. 8/16/1934 Tales from the Vienna woods, part 2 Victor Young Orchestra  
Decca 38323 10-in. 8/16/1934 A perfect day Victor Young Orchestra  
Decca 38327 10-in. 8/16/1934 Beautiful love Victor Young Orchestra  
Decca 38417 10-in. 8/24/1934 Lord, I give you my children Johnny Mercer  
Decca 38418 10-in. 8/24/1934 If I could only read your mind Johnny Mercer  
Decca 38419 10-in. 8/24/1934 The bathtub ran over again Johnny Mercer  
Decca 39883 10-in. 8/23/1935 Monotony has got me down Jeanne Burns  
Decca 39884 10-in. 8/23/1935 You're an angel Jeanne Burns  
Decca 39885 10-in. 8/23/1935 Clownin' around Jeanne Burns  
Decca 39886 10-in. 8/23/1935 Get the gold Jeanne Burns  
Decca 60481 10-in. 2/17/1936 You hit the spot Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60482 10-in. 2/17/1936 Spreadin' rhythm around Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60483 10-in. 2/17/1936 Saddle your blues to a wild mustang Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60484 10-in. 2/17/1936 Wah-hoo! Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60485 10-in. 2/17/1936 I'm gonna clap my hands Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60870 10-in. 3/5/1936 The panic is on Connie Boswell  
Decca 60873 10-in. 3/5/1936 Mama don't allow it Connie Boswell  
Decca 62058 10-in. 3/22/1937 Peg o' my heart Glenn Miller Orchestra  
Decca 62059 10-in. 3/22/1937 Wistful and blue Glenn Miller Orchestra  
Decca 62060 10-in. 3/22/1937 How am I to know? Glenn Miller Orchestra  
Decca 62061 10-in. 3/22/1937 Anytime, anyday, anywhere Glenn Miller Orchestra  
Decca 62062 10-in. 3/22/1937 Moonlight Bay-1 Glenn Miller Orchestra  
Decca 62063 10-in. 3/22/1937 I'm sittin' on top of the world Glenn Miller Orchestra  
Decca 64927 10-in. 1/23/1939 Skaters waltz in swingtime Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 64928 10-in. 1/23/1939 Stomp off, let's go Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 64929 10-in. 1/23/1939 Smokey Mary Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 64930 10-in. 1/23/1939 South Rampart Street parade Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 64931 10-in. 1/23/1939 Song of the wanderer Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 64932 10-in. 1/23/1939 Cherry Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 64933 10-in. 1/23/1939 Eye opener Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca C 91511 10-in. 10/14/1938 You must have been a beautiful baby Bing Crosby  
Decca C 91512 10-in. 10/14/1938 Old folks Bing Crosby  
Decca C 91513 10-in. 10/14/1938 My reverie Bing Crosby  
Decca 91515 10-in. 10/14/1938 Big bass viol-1 Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91533 10-in. 10/19/1938 Swingin' at the Sugar Bowl Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91534 10-in. 10/19/1938 I'm prayin' humble-1 Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91535 10-in. 10/19/1938 I'm free What's new? De. 2205, De. 25441, De. 9-25441, De. DL-5191)-1 Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91536 10-in. 10/19/1938 Honky tonk train blues-1 (Honky tonk train De. 25117) Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91537 10-in. 10/19/1938 What have you got that gets me? Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91538 10-in. 10/19/1938 Diga diga doo, part 1 Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91539 10-in. 10/19/1938 Diga diga doo, part 2 Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91540 10-in. 10/20/1938 Two sleepy people Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91541 10-in. 10/20/1938 Wait till my heart finds out Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91542 10-in. 10/20/1938 Hurry home Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91543 10-in. 10/20/1938 My inspiration-1 Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91544 10-in. 10/20/1938 You're lovely, Madame Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91549 10-in. 10/21/1938 Deep in a dream Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91550 10-in. 10/21/1938 Summertime Bob Crosby Orchestra  
Decca 91551 10-in. 10/21/1938 Loopin' the loop Bob Crosby's Bob Cats  
Decca N 1652 10-in. 2/9/1944 Ballin' the jack Miff Mole  
Decca N 1653 10-in. 2/9/1944 Peg o' my heart Miff Mole  
Decca N 1654 10-in. 2/9/1944 At the jazz band ball Miff Mole  
Decca N 1655 10-in. 2/9/1944 At sundown Miff Mole  
Decca N 1656 10-in. 2/9/1944 How come you do me like you do? Miff Mole  
Decca N 1657 10-in. 2/9/1944 (I would do) Anything for you Miff Mole  
Decca N 1658 10-in. 2/9/1944 I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jelly roll Miff Mole  
Decca N 1659 10-in. 2/9/1944 If I had you Miff Mole  
Decca N 1660 10-in. 2/9/1944 Beale Street blues Miff Mole  
Decca N 1661 10-in. 2/9/1944 Barnyard blues (false start) ; Barnyard blues Miff Mole  


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