Henderson Chambers (instrumentalist : trombone)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 73128 10-in. 11/14/1945 I left a good deal in Mobile Josh White  
Decca 73129 10-in. 11/14/1945 Did you ever leave a woman? Josh White  
Decca 74766 2/17/1949 Just in case Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 74767 2/17/1949 Gran'ma plays the numbers Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 74916 5/13/1949 Caravan Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 74917 5/13/1949 Nine o'clock gal Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 74918 5/13/1949 That's the gal for me Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 74919 5/13/1949 When my sugar walks down the street Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 75203 8/29/1949 Keeps on rainin' Billie Holiday  
Decca 75204 8/29/1949 Them there eyes Billie Holiday  
Decca 75221 9/1/1949 Maybe it's because Louis Armstrong  
Decca 75222 9/1/1949 I'll keep the lovelight burning Louis Armstrong  
Decca 75241 9/8/1949 Do your duty Billie Holiday  
Decca 75242 9/8/1949 Gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer Billie Holiday  
Decca 75279 9/20/1949 In the evening (when the sun goes down) Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75280 9/20/1949 Talk fast, my heart, talk fast Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75281 9/20/1949 I'm waitin' for the junkman Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75282 9/20/1949 Basin Street blues Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75584 12/12/1949 Nashville blues Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 75585 12/12/1949 We'll build a bungalow Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 75738 1/24/1950 Deep river Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 75739 1/24/1950 Siesta at the fiesta Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 75801 2/2/1950 Baby, won't you say you love me? Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75802 2/2/1950 Don'cha go 'way mad Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75936 3/6/1950 Solid as a rock Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75937 3/6/1950 I've got the world on a string Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75938 3/6/1950 Sugarfoot rag Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 75939 3/6/1950 Peas and rice Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76290 5/8/1950 Organ grinder's swing Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76291 5/8/1950 Four or five times Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76292 5/8/1950 T'ain't what you do Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76326 5/15/1950 By the river Ste Marie Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76327 5/15/1950 Ain't she sweet Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76328 5/15/1950 For dancers only Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76395 5/22/1950 By the river Ste Marie Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76396 5/22/1950 Cheatin' on me Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76397 5/22/1950 For dancers only Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76398 5/22/1950 But she's my buddy's chick Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76442 6/3/1950 Wagon wheels Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76443 6/3/1950 I can't give you anything but love Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76444 6/3/1950 I ain't got nobody Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 76662 7/19/1950 Three little words Bill Darnel (Darnell)  
Decca 76663 7/19/1950 Pink champagne Bill Darnel (Darnell)  
Decca 76664 7/19/1950 Well, oh well Bill Darnel (Darnell)  
Decca 81281 7/13/1951 Castle rock Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81282 7/13/1951 Aboard the sentimental train Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81287 7/18/1951 I don't want to make a change Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 81288 7/18/1951 There never was a baby like my baby Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 81289 7/18/1951 Give a little, get a little Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 81357 8/6/1951 Lemme go Tamara Hayes  
Decca 81358 8/6/1951 Dreamy melody Tamara Hayes  
Decca 81359 8/6/1951 I got it bad Tamara Hayes  
Decca 81360 8/6/1951 The day isn't long enough Tamara Hayes  
Decca 81394 8/14/1951 untitled original Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81395 8/14/1951 Kissing bug boogie Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81396 8/14/1951 Slick chick on the sly Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81684 10/15/1951 Rumania-Rumania Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81685 10/15/1951 House party Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 81686 10/15/1951 On the trail Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 82132 1/16/1952 Am I to blame Arthur Prysock  
Decca 82133 1/16/1952 I hear a rhapsody Arthur Prysock  
Decca 82134 1/16/1952 Wheels of fortune Arthur Prysock  
Decca 82135 1/16/1952 Till the stars fall in the ocean Arthur Prysock  
Decca 82166 1/21/1952 on my way (Got my travelin' shoes) Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 82167 1/21/1952 The blacksmith blues Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 82168 1/21/1952 Any time Sy Oliver Orchestra  
Decca 82732 4/23/1952 I waited a little too long Artie Shaw Orchestra ; Trudy Richards  
Decca 82733 4/23/1952 I may hate myself in the morning Artie Shaw Orchestra ; Trudy Richards  
Decca 82734 4/23/1952 Trav'lin' (All alone)-1 Artie Shaw Orchestra  
Decca 83951 2/13/1953 Careless Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 83952 2/13/1953 Blue Lou Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 83953 2/13/1953 I wonder what kind of guy you'd be Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 85200 9/10/1953 I love my Argentine Pearl Bailey  
Decca 85201 9/10/1953 Me and my shadow Pearl Bailey  
Decca 85202 9/10/1953 She's something Spanish Pearl Bailey  
Decca 85804 2/1/1954 Come rain or come shine Pearl Bailey  
Decca 85805 2/1/1954 Alla en el rancho grande Pearl Bailey  
Decca 85806 2/1/1954 What happened to the hair (on the head of the man I love) Pearl Bailey  
Decca 85807 2/1/1954 I wouldn't walk across the street Pearl Bailey  
Decca 93787 10-in. 11/16/1941 When it's sleepy time down south Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 93788 10-in. 11/16/1941 Leap frog Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 93789 10-in. 11/16/1941 I used to love you (but it's all over now) Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 93790 10-in. 11/16/1941 (I'll be glad when you're dead) You rascal you Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 107860 8/29/1949 Them there eyes Billie Holiday  
Decca 108523 1/4/1960 I gotta right to sing the blues Sammy Davis, Jr.  
Decca 108524 1/4/1960 The lady is a tramp Sammy Davis, Jr.  
Decca 108525 1/4/1960 I got a woman Sammy Davis, Jr.  
Decca 108526 1/4/1960 Do nothin' till you hear from me Sammy Davis, Jr.  
Decca 112951 1/9/1963 Baby workout Jackie Wilson  
Decca 112952 1/9/1963 I'm going crazy Jackie Wilson  
Decca 112953 1/9/1963 Count down Dick Jacobs Orchestra  
Decca 112954 1/9/1963 Dance back to me (Hey, hey, hey, hey) Dick Jacobs Orchestra  
Decca DLA 2974 10-in. 4/17/1942 (Get some) Cash for your trash Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca DLA 2975 10-in. 4/17/1942 Among my souvenirs Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca DLA 2976 10-in. 4/17/1942 Coquette Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca DLA 2977 10-in. 4/17/1942 I never knew Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca N 2895 10-in. 12/4/1944 Opus 15 The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2896 10-in. 12/4/1944 The Sheik of Araby The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2897 10-in. 12/4/1944 Night and day The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2898 10-in. 12/4/1944 The man I love The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2899 10-in. 12/4/1944 Face The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2900 10-in. 12/4/1944 I want to be happy The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2901 10-in. 12/4/1944 Rompin' in 44 The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2902 10-in. 12/4/1944 Caravan The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2903 10-in. 12/4/1944 Besame mucho (Kiss me much) The Edmond Hall Sexet  


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