Bob Dunn (instrumentalist : steel guitar)

Also known as: Dunn, Robert Lee

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 60610 10-in. 3/3/1936 Somebody's been using that thing Milton Brown  
Decca 60611 10-in. 3/3/1936 The Sheik of Araby Milton Brown  
Decca 60612 10-in. 3/3/1936 Beale Street Mama Milton Brown  
Decca 60613 10-in. 3/3/1936 Mama don't allow it Milton Brown  
Decca 60614 10-in. 3/3/1936 Our baby boy Milton Brown  
Decca 60615 10-in. 3/3/1936 Mexicali rose Milton Brown  
Decca 60616 10-in. 3/3/1936 Stay on the right side sister Milton Brown  
Decca 60617 10-in. 3/3/1936 If you can't get five, take two Milton Brown  
Decca 60618 10-in. 3/3/1936 Cielito lindo (Beautiful heaven) Milton Brown  
Decca 60619 10-in. 3/3/1936 The waltz you saved for me Milton Brown  
Decca 60620 10-in. 3/3/1936 The eyes of Texas Milton Brown  
Decca 60621 10-in. 3/3/1936 I had someone else before I had you Milton Brown  
Decca 60622 10-in. 3/3/1936 I've got the blues for Mammy Milton Brown  
Decca 60623 10-in. 3/3/1936 Texas hambone blues Milton Brown  
Decca 60624 10-in. 3/3/1936 Easy ridin' Papa Milton Brown  
Decca 60625 10-in. 3/3/1936 Am I blue Milton Brown  
Decca 60626 10-in. 3/4/1936 The wheel of the wagon is broken Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60627 10-in. 3/4/1936 Memphis blues Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60628 10-in. 3/4/1936 Somebody stole my gal Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60629 10-in. 3/4/1936 Under the double eagle Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60630 10-in. 3/4/1936 Washington and Lee swing Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60631 10-in. 3/4/1936 When I'm gone don't you grieve Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60632 10-in. 3/4/1936 The sweetheart of Sigma Chi Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60633 10-in. 3/4/1936 An old water mill by a waterfall Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60634 10-in. 3/4/1936 The hesitation blues Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60635 10-in. 3/4/1936 Avalon Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60636 10-in. 3/4/1936 Sadie Green Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60637 10-in. 3/4/1936 Show me the way to go home Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60638 10-in. 3/4/1936 The yellow rose of Texas Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60639 10-in. 3/4/1936 The Roseland melody Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60640 10-in. 3/4/1936 My Galveston gal Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60641 10-in. 3/4/1936 Yes Sir! Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60642 10-in. 3/4/1936 La Golondrina Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60643 10-in. 3/4/1936 When I take my sugar to tea Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60644 10-in. 3/4/1936 Song of the wanderer-1 Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60645 10-in. 3/4/1936 Right or wrong Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60646 10-in. 3/4/1936 Chinese honeymoon Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60647 10-in. 3/4/1936 Alice blue gown Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60648 10-in. 3/5/1936 Fan it Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60649 10-in. 3/5/1936 Tired of the same thing all the time Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60650 10-in. 3/5/1936 I'll string along with you Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60651 10-in. 3/5/1936 Goofus Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60652 10-in. 3/5/1936 Ida, sweet as apple cider Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60653 10-in. 3/5/1936 When it's harvest time, sweet Angeline Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60654 10-in. 3/5/1936 Carry me back to the lone prairie Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60655 10-in. 3/5/1936 A thousand good nights Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60656 10-in. 3/5/1936 Keep a-knockin' Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60657 10-in. 3/5/1936 Baby keep stealin' Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 60658 10-in. 3/5/1936 The old grey mare Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca 65100 10-in. 3/2/1939 Mama's gone goodbye Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65101 10-in. 3/2/1939 Too long Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65102 10-in. 3/2/1939 It must be love Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65103 10-in. 3/2/1939 Blue skies Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65104 10-in. 3/2/1939 Mean mistreater Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65105 10-in. 3/2/1939 Toodle toodle oo Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65106 10-in. 3/2/1939 When night falls Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65107 10-in. 3/3/1939 You'll pay some day Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65108 10-in. 3/3/1939 You don't know my mind Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65109 10-in. 3/3/1939 Graveyard blues Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65110 10-in. 3/3/1939 I want the whole world to know I love you Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 65111 10-in. 3/3/1939 I wonder if you feel the way I do Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65112 10-in. 3/3/1939 I'll never let you cry Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65113 10-in. 3/3/1939 I'll always be your buddy Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65114 10-in. 3/3/1939 Is this a dream Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65115 10-in. 3/3/1939 Meet me in Loveland Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65116 10-in. 3/3/1939 I still care for you Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65117 10-in. 3/3/1939 Waiting at the end of the road Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65118 10-in. 3/3/1939 I wish I'd never learned to love you Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65119 10-in. 3/3/1939 In a little house on the hill Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65120 10-in. 3/3/1939 Rosetta Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65121 10-in. 3/3/1939 wonder stomp (Instrumental) Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65122 10-in. 3/3/1939 Jo-jo (Instrumental) Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 65123 10-in. 3/3/1939 Easy rider, easy rider-1 Buddy Jones  
Decca 65130 10-in. 3/4/1939 You can't put that monkey on my back No.2 The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65131 10-in. 3/4/1939 Just because you're in deep elem The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65132 10-in. 3/4/1939 That's no way to treat the man you love The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65133 10-in. 3/4/1939 She's my gal The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65134 10-in. 3/4/1939 I just don't care anymore The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65135 10-in. 3/4/1939 Bye bye baby bye bye The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65136 10-in. 3/4/1939 On Mexico's beautiful shore The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65137 10-in. 3/4/1939 That's why I'm jealous of you The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65138 10-in. 3/4/1939 I'll get mine bye and bye No.2 Buddy Jones  
Decca 65139 10-in. 3/4/1939 You cannot take it with you Buddy Jones  
Decca 65146 10-in. 3/5/1939 The pretty little girl with a smile The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65147 10-in. 3/5/1939 Hallelujah I'm gonna be free again The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65148 10-in. 3/5/1939 You can't fool a fool all the time The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65149 10-in. 3/5/1939 You gotta quit cheatin' on me The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65150 10-in. 3/5/1939 How times have changed The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 65151 10-in. 3/5/1939 You can't do that to me The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66300 10-in. 8/26/1939 Jessie Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66301 10-in. 8/26/1939 Over the hill Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66302 10-in. 8/26/1939 I'll keep on smiling Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66303 10-in. 8/26/1939 Truck driver's blues Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66304 10-in. 8/26/1939 I'm tired of you Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66305 10-in. 8/26/1939 Because Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66306 10-in. 8/26/1939 I'll forgive you (but I just can't forget) Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66307 10-in. 8/26/1939 I'm still in love with you Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66308 10-in. 8/28/1939 Those things I can't forget Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66309 10-in. 8/28/1939 I hope I never fall in love again Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66310 10-in. 8/28/1939 Rubber dolly Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66311 10-in. 8/28/1939 Deep elm swing Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66312 10-in. 8/28/1939 Black Sea blues Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66313 10-in. 8/28/1939 we couldn't say goodbye Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66314 10-in. 8/28/1939 Where the morning glories grow Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66315 10-in. 8/28/1939 You gotta know how to truck and swing Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66316 10-in. 8/28/1939 How could you have left me Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66317 10-in. 8/28/1939 I remember Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66318 10-in. 8/28/1939 The night was filled with music Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66319 10-in. 8/28/1939 Give me those old fashioned days Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66320 10-in. 8/28/1939 Smile and drive your blues away Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66321 10-in. 8/28/1939 When it's your time of day Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66322 10-in. 8/28/1939 Lies Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66323 10-in. 8/28/1939 Moonlight on the prairie Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66324 10-in. 8/28/1939 Cry baby cry Texas Wanderers, The  
Decca 66325 10-in. 8/29/1939 I didn't know Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66326 10-in. 8/29/1939 There must be someone for me Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66327 10-in. 8/29/1939 I'm always dreaming of you Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66328 10-in. 8/29/1939 Don't be blue Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66329 10-in. 8/29/1939 I never felt this way before Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66330 10-in. 8/29/1939 Maybe I'll get by without you Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66331 10-in. 8/29/1939 I'd settle down for you Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66332 10-in. 8/29/1939 It had to be that way Floyd Tillman  
Decca 66333 10-in. 8/30/1939 Hold it a little longer Buddy Jones  
Decca 66334 10-in. 8/30/1939 I can't be bothered Buddy Jones  
Decca 66335 10-in. 8/30/1939 I can't use you anymore Buddy Jones  
Decca 66336 10-in. 8/30/1939 I'll get mine bye and bye No.3 Buddy Jones  
Decca 66337 10-in. 8/30/1939 Boog-a-boo baby Buddy Jones  
Decca 66338 10-in. 8/30/1939 Like the doctor said Buddy Jones  
Decca 66339 10-in. 8/30/1939 Tend to your business Buddy Jones  
Decca 66340 10-in. 8/30/1939 Alice from Dallas Buddy Jones  
Decca 66341 10-in. 8/30/1939 Rockin' rollin' Mama Buddy Jones  
Decca 66342 10-in. 8/30/1939 You'll miss me some sweet day Buddy Jones  
Decca 66343 10-in. 8/30/1939 Settle down blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 66344 10-in. 8/30/1939 I'm in the doghouse now No.2 Buddy Jones  
Decca 66345 10-in. 8/30/1939 She's got the best in town Buddy Jones  
Decca 66346 10-in. 8/30/1939 I wish I'd never met you Buddy Jones  
Decca 66347 10-in. 8/30/1939 Action speaks louder than words Buddy Jones  
Decca 66348 10-in. 8/30/1939 I think I'll turn your damper down Buddy Jones  
Decca 66349 10-in. 9/1/1939 Star dust Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66350 10-in. 9/1/1939 The other way Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66351 10-in. 9/1/1939 Peggy Lou (Instrumental) Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66352 10-in. 9/1/1939 Singin' the low down blues down low Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66353 10-in. 9/1/1939 It's all over now Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66354 10-in. 9/1/1939 Tell me little girl, tell me why Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66355 10-in. 9/1/1939 The girl that you loved long ago Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66356 10-in. 9/1/1939 Little white lies Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66357 10-in. 9/1/1939 Kelly swing Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66358 10-in. 9/1/1939 San Antonio rose Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 66380 10-in. 9/3/1939 Lay your hand in mine The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66381 10-in. 9/3/1939 Old age pension blues The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66382 10-in. 9/3/1939 My grandfather's clock The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66383 10-in. 9/3/1939 Don't leave me all alone The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66384 10-in. 9/4/1939 Dig me a grave in Missouri The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66385 10-in. 9/4/1939 Silver dollar The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66386 10-in. 9/3/1939 Shoutin' in the amen corner The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66387 10-in. 9/3/1939 Ain't no use to worry anymore The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66388 10-in. 9/4/1939 I wish it wasn't so The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66389 10-in. 9/4/1939 Parking meter blues The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66390 10-in. 9/4/1939 If you don't like my peaches The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66391 10-in. 9/4/1939 You can't get love The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66392 10-in. 9/4/1939 No matter what they say The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66393 10-in. 9/4/1939 Don't take my darling away The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66394 10-in. 9/4/1939 I have my bed The Shelton Brothers  
Decca 66395 10-in. 9/5/1939 To tell the truth Dickie McBride  
Decca 66396 10-in. 9/5/1939 I'm dreaming tonight of the old folks Dickie McBride  
Decca 66397 10-in. 9/5/1939 You'll be sorry bye and bye Dickie McBride  
Decca 66398 10-in. 9/5/1939 I've nothing to live for now Dickie McBride  
Decca 66399 10-in. 9/5/1939 If you cared Dickie McBride  
Decca 66400 10-in. 9/5/1939 I'm countin' on the mountain moon Dickie McBride  
Decca 66401 10-in. 9/5/1939 I'm grievin' for believin' in a lie Dickie McBride  
Decca 66402 10-in. 9/5/1939 This night is mine Dickie McBride  
Decca 66415 10-in. 9/5/1939 Basin Street blues Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 66416 10-in. 9/5/1939 was that all I meant to you Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 66417 10-in. 9/5/1939 You're my darling Leon Selph's Blue Ridge Playboys  
Decca 66418 10-in. 9/5/1939 My precious baby girl Leon Selph's Blue Ridge Playboys  
Decca 66419 10-in. 9/5/1939 Meet me tonight in dreams Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 66420 10-in. 9/5/1939 Stompin' at the honky tonk Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 66421 10-in. 9/5/1939 Wednesday rag (Instrumental) Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 66422 10-in. 9/5/1939 I'll tell the world Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 66423 10-in. 9/5/1939 Sweet bunch of daisies Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 92014 10-in. 4/5/1940 Take me back again Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92015 10-in. 4/5/1940 You don't love me, but I'll always love you Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92016 10-in. 4/5/1940 I'm headin' for that ranch Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92017 10-in. 4/5/1940 Over the trail Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92052 10-in. 4/8/1940 Ten pretty girls Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92053 10-in. 4/8/1940 Sorry (I'll say I'm sorry) Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92054 10-in. 4/8/1940 Sparkling blue eyes Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92055 10-in. 4/8/1940 New falling rain blues Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92056 10-in. 4/8/1940 I'll keep thinking of you Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92057 10-in. 4/8/1940 'Neath the purple on the hill Cliff Bruner and his Boys  
Decca 92082 10-in. 4/11/1940 I'll forget dear (that I ever loved you) Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 92083 10-in. 4/11/1940 Juke box rag Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 92084 10-in. 4/11/1940 I found you out, when I found you in (somebody else's arms) Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 92085 10-in. 4/11/1940 I'll get by Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 92086 10-in. 4/11/1940 'Round her neck she wears a yellow ribbon Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 92087 10-in. 4/11/1940 Marcheta Bob Dunn's Vagabonds  
Decca 93722 10-in. 4/29/1941 Don't ever leave me alone Buddy Jones  
Decca 93723 10-in. 4/29/1941 Honey don't turn me down Buddy Jones  
Decca 93724 10-in. 4/29/1941 You've got just what it takes Buddy Jones  
Decca 93725 10-in. 4/29/1941 Red wagon Buddy Jones  
Decca 93726 10-in. 4/30/1941 What is life lived alone Buddy Jones  
Decca 93727 10-in. 4/30/1941 Gonna change my business all around Buddy Jones  
Decca 93728 10-in. 4/30/1941 If I'm wrong, I'm sorry Buddy Jones  
Decca 93729 10-in. 4/30/1941 Mean hangover blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 93736 10-in. 4/30/1941 It's been a long, long time Floyd Tillman  
Decca 93737 10-in. 4/30/1941 All because of you Floyd Tillman  
Decca 93738 10-in. 4/30/1941 I've learned my lesson now Floyd Tillman  
Decca 93739 10-in. 4/30/1941 They took the stars out of heaven Floyd Tillman  
Decca 93740 10-in. 4/30/1941 Rio Grande Floyd Tillman  
Decca 93741 10-in. 4/30/1941 Why do you treat me this way Floyd Tillman  
Decca L 9722 10-in. 1/28/1935 The house at the end of the lane Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9691 10-in. 1/27/1935 Put on your old grey bonnet Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9692 10-in. 1/27/1935 Pray for the lights to go out Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9693 10-in. 1/27/1935 In el Rancho Grande Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9694 10-in. 1/27/1935 Down by the O-H-I-O Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9695 10-in. 1/27/1935 I love you Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9696 10-in. 1/27/1935 Sweet Jennie Lee Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9697 10-in. 1/27/1935 A good man is hard to find Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9698 10-in. 1/27/1935 St. Louis blues Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9699 10-in. 1/27/1935 The object of my affection Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9700 10-in. 1/27/1935 Love in bloom Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9701 10-in. 1/27/1935 Chinatown, my Chinatown Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9702 10-in. 1/27/1935 Copenhagen Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9703 10-in. 1/27/1935 Brownie special Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9704 10-in. 1/27/1935 Some of these days Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9705 10-in. 1/27/1935 Wabash blues Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9716 10-in. 1/28/1935 Beautiful Texas Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9717 10-in. 1/28/1935 Just a dream Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9718 10-in. 1/28/1935 Cheezy breeze Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9719 10-in. 1/28/1935 When I'm gone don't grieve Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9720 10-in. 1/28/1935 Who's sorry now Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9721 10-in. 1/28/1935 One of us was wrong Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9722 10-in. 1/28/1935 The house at the end of the lane Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9723 10-in. 1/28/1935 My Mary Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9724 10-in. 1/28/1935 You're tired of me Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9726 10-in. 1/28/1935 I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal you Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9727 10-in. 1/28/1935 Sweet Georgia Brown Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9728 10-in. 1/28/1935 Shine on harvest moon Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9729 10-in. 1/28/1935 You're bound to look like a monkey Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9730 10-in. 1/28/1935 Wheezie Anna Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9731 10-in. 1/28/1935 Taking off Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9732 10-in. 1/28/1935 The Darktown Strutters' Ball Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9733 10-in. 1/28/1935 Crafton blues Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9734 10-in. 1/28/1935 Black and white rag Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9735 10-in. 1/28/1935 In the shade of the old apple tree Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9736 10-in. 1/28/1935 Little Betty Brown Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9737 10-in. 1/28/1935 Going up Brushy Fork Brownies [Milton Brown]  
Decca C 9737 10-in. 1/28/1935 Going up Brushy Fork Brownies [Milton Brown]  


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