Edmond (Ed) Hall (instrumentalist : clarinet)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 38669 10-in. 9/14/1934 Chasing all the blues away Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38670 10-in. 9/14/1934 Just you, just me Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38671 10-in. 9/14/1934 King Porter stomp Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38672 10-in. 9/14/1934 In the shade of the apple tree Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38673 10-in. 9/14/1934 Who? Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38870 10-in. 10/22/1934 Walkin' the dog Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38871 10-in. 10/22/1934 Sweetheart o' mine Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38872 10-in. 10/22/1934 Monkey business Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38873 10-in. 10/22/1934 Zozoi Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38986 10-in. 11/9/1934 Mandy Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 38987 10-in. 11/9/1934 Do you ever think of me? Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 39320 10-in. 2/1/1935 Trees Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 39321 10-in. 2/1/1935 Love in bloom Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 39322 10-in. 2/1/1935 June in January Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra  
Decca 67839 10-in. 5/28/1940 Down in jungle town Red Allen Orchestra  
Decca 67840 10-in. 5/28/1940 Canal Street blues Red Allen Orchestra  
Decca 67841 10-in. 5/28/1940 King Porter stomp Zutty Singleton Orchestra  
Decca 67842 10-in. 5/28/1940 Shim-me-sha-wabble Zutty Singleton Orchestra  
Decca 68605 10-in. 1/21/1941 Wee baby blues Art Tatum and his Band  
Decca 68606 10-in. 1/21/1941 Stompin' at the Savoy Art Tatum and his Band  
Decca 68607 10-in. 1/21/1941 Last goodbye blues Art Tatum and his Band  
Decca 68608 10-in. 1/21/1941 Battery bounce Art Tatum and his Band  
Decca 72865 10-in. 5/17/1945 (I'll build a) Stairway to paradise-1 Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 72866 10-in. 5/17/1945 Lady be good, part 1 Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 72867 10-in. 5/17/1945 Lady be good, part 2 Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 72868 10-in. 5/17/1945 My one and only Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 73128 10-in. 11/14/1945 I left a good deal in Mobile Josh White  
Decca 73129 10-in. 11/14/1945 Did you ever leave a woman? Josh White  
Decca 76895 10/2/1950 Raggin' the scale Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 76896 10/2/1950 Grace and beauty-1 Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 76897 10/2/1950 Everybody loves my baby Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 76898 10/2/1950 A hundred years from today Eddie Condon Orchestra  
Decca 85849 2/10/1954 Oh baby Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 85850 2/10/1954 Dardanella Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 85851 2/10/1954 Up jumped you with love Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 85852 2/10/1954 Sweet and lovely Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 86401 6/8/1954 Ain'tcha got music No.4 ; Ain'tcha got music No.3 ; Ain'tcha got music No.2 ; Ain'tcha got music Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 86402 6/8/1954 Checkin' with Chuck Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 86403 6/8/1954 Should I? Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 86404 6/8/1954 Cross my heart No.2 ; Cross my heart ; Cross my heart No.3 Ralph Sutton Quartet  
Decca 101148 12/11/1956 If I could be with you Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101149 12/11/1956 Lazy river Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101150 12/11/1956 I can't give you anything but love Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101151 12/11/1956 On the sunny side of the street (see master 102618 below) Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101152 12/11/1956 I can't believe that you're in love with me Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101153 12/11/1956 Body and soul Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101154 12/12/1956 Mahogany Hall stomp Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101155 12/12/1956 When you're smiling Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101156 12/12/1956 Some of these days Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101157 12/12/1956 I surrender dear Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101158 12/12/1956 Georgia on my mind Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101159 12/12/1956 Exactly like you Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101168 12/12/1956 High society-3 Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101169 12/13/1956 Song of the islands Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101170 12/13/1956 That's my home Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101171 12/13/1956 Memories of you Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101172 12/13/1956 Them there eyes Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101173 12/14/1956 This younger generation Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101174 12/14/1956 In pursuit of happiness Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101175 1/23/1957 Hotter than that Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101176 1/23/1957 Gut bucket blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101177 1/23/1957 Weary blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101178 1/23/1957 Potato head blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101179 1/23/1957 Cornet chop suey Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101468 1/23/1957 Of all the wrongs you've done to me Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101469 1/24/1957 Two deuces Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101470 1/24/1957 Mandy make up your mind Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101476 1/24/1957 Wild man blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101477 1/24/1957 Gully low blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101478 1/24/1957 Everybody loves my baby Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101479 1/24/1957 Heebie jeebies Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101485 1/25/1957 King of the Zulus Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101486 1/25/1957 Froggie Moore (Frog-I-More rag) Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101487 1/25/1957 Georgia grind Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101488 1/25/1957 Snag it Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101489 1/25/1957 Dippermouth blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101490 1/25/1957 Canal Street blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101491 1/28/1957 (I'll be glad when you're dead) You rascal you Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101492 1/28/1957 Hobo you can't ride this train Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101493 1/28/1957 Knockin' a jug Louis Armstrong Orchestra  
Decca 101494 1/28/1957 Dear old Southland-1 Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101495 1/28/1957 See see rider Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101496 1/28/1957 Reckless blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101497 1/28/1957 Trouble in mind Louis Armstrong  
Decca 101498 1/28/1957 Courthouse blues Louis Armstrong  
Decca 102617 12/12/1956 Georgia on my mind-2 Louis Armstrong  
Decca 102618 12/11/1956 On the sunny side of the street-1 Louis Armstrong  
Decca 102623 1/28/1957 Dear old Southland-1, 2 Louis Armstrong  
Decca 104262 2/6/1958 Shadrack Louis Armstrong  
Decca 104263 2/6/1958 Didn't it rain Louis Armstrong  
Decca 104264 2/6/1958 On my way Louis Armstrong  
Decca 104265 2/6/1958 Rock my soul Louis Armstrong  
Decca 104555 12/12/1956 When you're smiling-1 Louis Armstrong  
Decca N 2895 10-in. 12/4/1944 Opus 15 The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2896 10-in. 12/4/1944 The Sheik of Araby The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2897 10-in. 12/4/1944 Night and day The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2898 10-in. 12/4/1944 The man I love The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2899 10-in. 12/4/1944 Face The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2900 10-in. 12/4/1944 I want to be happy The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2901 10-in. 12/4/1944 Rompin' in 44 The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2902 10-in. 12/4/1944 Caravan The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2903 10-in. 12/4/1944 Besame mucho (Kiss me much) The Edmond Hall Sexet  


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