Honey Hill (instrumentalist : piano)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 61218 10-in. 8/20/1936 Cry on! Cry on! Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61219 10-in. 8/20/1936 Ease me down Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61220 10-in. 8/20/1936 Hard driving man Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61221 10-in. 8/20/1936 Must I keep on crying Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61222 10-in. 8/20/1936 Funny feelin' Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61223 10-in. 8/20/1936 Lady friend (Get yourself a job) Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61224 10-in. 8/20/1936 Letter writing Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61225 10-in. 8/20/1936 Upside down Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61226 10-in. 8/21/1936 New how long, how long Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61227 10-in. 8/21/1936 Honest confession Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61228 10-in. 8/21/1936 Christmas and no Santa Claus Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61229 10-in. 8/21/1936 Buggie bed Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61230 10-in. 8/21/1936 I'm gonna break 'em down-1 Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61231 10-in. 8/21/1936 Let's go muggin' Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61232 10-in. 8/21/1936 Stoney lonesome Bill Gaither  
Decca 61233 10-in. 8/21/1936 Blue expression blues Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61234 10-in. 8/21/1936 Hand whippin' party Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61235 10-in. 8/21/1936 Santa Claus bring me a new woman Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61236 10-in. 8/21/1936 I'm gonna tear your kingdom down Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61237 10-in. 8/23/1936 Every goodbye ain't gone Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61238 10-in. 8/23/1936 True blue Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61239 10-in. 8/23/1936 Rockpile blues Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61240 10-in. 8/23/1936 Please baby Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61241 10-in. 8/23/1936 Green country gal (No more to say) Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61242 10-in. 8/23/1936 If I could speak my mind Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61243 10-in. 8/23/1936 The jive of mine Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61244 10-in. 8/23/1936 Past and gone Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 61245 10-in. 8/23/1936 You done showed your D.B.A Bill Gaither  
Decca 62565 10-in. 8/27/1937 Blake Street blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 62566 10-in. 8/27/1937 New evil hearted blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 62567 10-in. 8/27/1937 Won't you tell me baby Bill Gaither  
Decca 62568 10-in. 8/27/1937 Tired of sleeping by myself Bill Gaither  
Decca 62569 10-in. 8/27/1937 Rocky mountain blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 62570 10-in. 8/27/1937 It's a low down shame Bill Gaither  
Decca 62571 10-in. 8/24/1937 In the wee wee hours Bill Gaither  
Decca 62572 10-in. 8/24/1937 Do like you want to do Bill Gaither  
Decca 64186 10-in. 6/23/1938 Thousand years and a day Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64187 10-in. 6/23/1938 Mean old world to live in Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64188 10-in. 6/23/1938 Do like I want to do Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64189 10-in. 6/23/1938 Old coas will kindle Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64190 10-in. 6/23/1938 Babyfied ways girl Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64191 10-in. 6/23/1938 It's grieving me Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64192 10-in. 6/23/1938 Old model A blues Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64193 10-in. 6/23/1938 You done lost your swing No. 2-1, 2 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64194 10-in. 6/23/1938 Champ Joe Louis (King of the gloves)-1 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64195 10-in. 6/23/1938 So much trouble-1 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64196 10-in. 6/23/1938 It's coming back home to you-1 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64197 10-in. 6/23/1938 Right hand friend-1 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64198 10-in. 6/23/1938 If I was the devil-1 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64199 10-in. 6/23/1938 New pains in my heart-1 Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 64225 10-in. 6/24/1938 Boogie woogie Honey Hill  
Decca 64231 10-in. 6/24/1938 Set 'em Honey Hill  
Decca 90508 10-in. 12/15/1935 Naptown stomp Bill Gaither  
Decca 90509 10-in. 12/15/1935 Leroy Carr's blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 90510 10-in. 12/15/1935 Tired of that same stuff all the time Bill Gaither  
Decca 90511 10-in. 12/15/1935 Pains in my heart Bill Gaither  
Decca 90512 10-in. 12/15/1935 Georgia woman stomp Bill Gaither  
Decca 90513 10-in. 12/15/1935 After the sun goes down Bill Gaither  
Decca 90580 10-in. 1/29/1936 Naptown stomp Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 90704 10-in. 5/4/1936 Pains in my heart Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 90705 10-in. 5/4/1936 Strange woman Leroy's Buddy [Bill Gaither]  
Decca 90706 10-in. 5/4/1936 Which one I love the best Bill Gaither  
Decca 90707 10-in. 5/4/1936 Pins and needles Bill Gaither  
Decca 90708 10-in. 5/4/1936 Bad luck child Bill Gaither  
Decca 90709 10-in. 5/4/1936 You done lost your swing Bill Gaither  
Decca 90710 10-in. 5/4/1936 After the sun's gone down Bill Gaither  
Decca 90933 10-in. 10/19/1936 Tired of that same stuff all the time Bill Gaither  
Decca 90934 10-in. 10/19/1936 Curbstone blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 90935 10-in. 10/19/1936 Morning dream Bill Gaither  
Decca 90936 10-in. 10/19/1936 Tired of your line of jive-1 Bill Gaither  
Decca 90937 10-in. 10/20/1936 Too many women Bill Gaither  
Decca 90938 10-in. 10/20/1936 Evil hearted me Bill Gaither  
Decca 90939 10-in. 10/20/1936 Gravel in my bread Bill Gaither  
Decca 90940 10-in. 10/20/1936 How long baby, how long? Bill Gaither  
Decca 90941 10-in. 10/20/1936 L & N blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 90942 10-in. 10/20/1936 'Bout the break of day-1 Bill Gaither  
Decca 90943 10-in. 10/21/1936 Who's been here since I been gone-1 Bill Gaither  
Decca 90944 10-in. 10/21/1936 You done showed your D.B.A. No.2 Bill Gaither  
Decca 90945 10-in. 10/21/1936 Tee-Ninecy Mama (Little sweet Mama) Bill Gaither  
Decca 90946 10-in. 10/21/1936 Just the wrong man Bill Gaither  
Decca 91190 10-in. 4/6/1937 Jiving man blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91191 10-in. 4/6/1937 You're a mean mistreater Bill Gaither  
Decca 91192 10-in. 4/6/1937 Sunrise blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91193 10-in. 4/6/1937 Orneriest girl in town Bill Gaither  
Decca 91194 10-in. 4/6/1937 'Leven light city Frank Busby  
Decca 91195 10-in. 4/6/1937 Prisoner bound Frank Busby  
Decca 91196 10-in. 4/6/1937 New bad luck child Bill Gaither  
Decca 91197 10-in. 4/6/1937 New little pretty Mama Bill Gaither  
Decca 91198 10-in. 4/6/1937 I'm wise to your sweet line of jive Bill Gaither  
Decca 91199 10-in. 4/6/1937 I just keep on worrying Bill Gaither  
Decca 91763 10-in. 9/13/1939 Army bound blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91764 10-in. 9/13/1939 Sing Sing blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91765 10-in. 9/13/1939 Kentland blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91766 10-in. 9/13/1939 Lazy woman blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91767 10-in. 9/13/1939 See me grieve blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91768 10-in. 9/13/1939 Wintertime blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91846 10-in. 10/22/1939 New so much trouble Bill Gaither  
Decca 91847 10-in. 10/22/1939 Mean devil blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91848 10-in. 10/22/1939 Stony lonesome graveyard Bill Gaither  
Decca 91849 10-in. 10/22/1939 Cheatin' blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91850 10-in. 10/22/1939 Bloody eyed woman Bill Gaither  
Decca 91851 10-in. 10/22/1939 Bachelor man blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91852 10-in. 10/22/1939 Evil yalla woman Bill Gaither  
Decca 91853 10-in. 10/22/1939 It's too late now Bill Gaither  
Decca 91854 10-in. 10/22/1939 Sweet woman blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91855 10-in. 10/22/1939 Triflin' woman blues Bill Gaither  
Decca 91856 10-in. 10/22/1939 Rainy morning-1 Bill Gaither  
Decca 91857 10-in. 10/22/1939 Fairy tale blues Bill Gaither  


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