Pete Peterson (instrumentalist : string bass)

Source: Decca

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 60138 10-in. 12/12/1935 I'm sittin' high on a hilltop Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60219 10-in. 12/12/1935 Eeney meeney miney mo Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60220 10-in. 12/12/1935 A little bit independent Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60221 10-in. 12/12/1935 I'm shootin' high Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60222 10-in. 12/12/1935 I've got my fingers crossed Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60223 10-in. 12/12/1935 High society Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60224 10-in. 12/12/1935 Muskrat ramble Mound City Blue Blowers  
Decca 60300 10-in. 1/6/1936 Gramercy Square Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60301 10-in. 1/6/1936 Polly wally doodle Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60315 10-in. 1/8/1936 Decca stomp Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60318 10-in. 1/8/1936 The wedding of Jack and Jill-1 Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60404 10-in. 1/28/1936 Whose big baby are you? Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60405 10-in. 1/28/1936 Much too much Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60406 10-in. 1/28/1936 Garbo green Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60407 10-in. 1/28/1936 You hit the spot Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60438 10-in. 2/4/1936 I'm putting all my eggs in one basket Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 60439 10-in. 2/4/1936 Yes! Yes! My! My! Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra  
Decca 60454 10-in. 2/10/1936 Spreadin' rhythm around Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60455 10-in. 2/10/1936 Wake up and sing Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60589 10-in. 2/26/1936 You started me dreaming Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60590 10-in. 2/26/1936 Misty islands of the Highlands Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60591 10-in. 2/26/1936 What's the name of that song? Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60592 10-in. 2/26/1936 Let yourself go Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60593 10-in. 2/26/1936 Life begins when you're in love Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60594 10-in. 2/26/1936 If you love me Red Norvo Orchestra  
Decca 60870 10-in. 3/5/1936 The panic is on Connie Boswell  
Decca 60873 10-in. 3/5/1936 Mama don't allow it Connie Boswell  
Decca 60898 10-in. 3/16/1936 I got rhythm Red Norvo and his Swing Sextette  
Decca 60899 10-in. 3/16/1936 Oh, lady be good Red Norvo and his Swing Sextette  
Decca 60900 10-in. 3/16/1936 Lost Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60901 10-in. 3/16/1936 Welcome stranger Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60902 10-in. 3/16/1936 It's a sin to tell a lie Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60903 10-in. 3/16/1936 The hills of Old Wyomin' Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60904 10-in. 3/16/1936 The touch of your lips Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60905 10-in. 3/16/1936 Is it true what they say about Dixie? Dick Robertson Orchestra  
Decca 60935 10-in. 3/26/1936 I'd like to see you Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60936 10-in. 3/26/1936 If love is blind Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60937 10-in. 3/26/1936 Mr. Rhythm for president Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60938 10-in. 3/26/1936 Get acquainted with yourself Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60939 10-in. 3/26/1936 The best things happen at night Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60977 10-in. 4/3/1936 I can't get started with you Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60978 10-in. 4/3/1936 I can pull a rabbit out of my hat Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings  
Decca 60979 10-in. 4/3/1936 No use you knockin' Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60980 10-in. 4/3/1936 Public weakness No.1 Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 60981 10-in. 4/3/1936 Let's not fall in love Bob Howard Orchestra  
Decca 61116 10-in. 5/25/1936 The glory of love Dick Robertson  
Decca 61117 10-in. 5/25/1936 Blazin' the trail Dick Robertson  
Decca 61118 10-in. 5/26/1936 I'll bet you tell that to all the girls Dick Robertson  
Decca 61119 10-in. 5/26/1936 She shall have music Dick Robertson  
Decca 61120 10-in. 5/26/1936 Would you? Dick Robertson  
Decca 61121 10-in. 5/26/1936 A waltz was born in Vienna Dick Robertson  
Decca 61122 10-in. 5/26/1936 on the beach at Bali Bali Dick Robertson  
Decca 67391 10-in. 3/25/1940 Oh! Baby Bud Freeman and his Summa Cum Laude Orchestra  
Decca 67392 10-in. 3/25/1940 I need some pettin' Bud Freeman and his Summa Cum Laude Orchestra  
Decca 67393 10-in. 3/25/1940 Susie Bud Freeman and his Summa Cum Laude Orchestra  
Decca 67394 10-in. 3/25/1940 Big boy Bud Freeman and his Summa Cum Laude Orchestra  
Decca 67477 10-in. 4/4/1940 Sensation Bud Freeman  
Decca 67478 10-in. 4/4/1940 Fidgety feet Bud Freeman  
Decca 67479 10-in. 4/4/1940 Tia Juana Bud Freeman  
Decca 67480 10-in. 4/4/1940 Copenhagen Bud Freeman  
Decca 68153 10-in. 9/26/1940 Gee, but I hate to go home alone Teddy Grace  
Decca 68154 10-in. 9/26/1940 sing, it's good for ya Teddy Grace  
Decca 68155 10-in. 9/26/1940 Gee what the boys in the back room will have Teddy Grace  
Decca 68156 10-in. 9/26/1940 I'm the lonesomest gal in town Teddy Grace  


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