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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Victor [Pre-matrix A-]377 7-in. 10/6/1900 Luna Sousa's Band Band  
Victor C-3776 12-in. 9/6/1906 Lysistrata waltz Sousa's Band Band  
Victor B-6005 10-in. 3/3/1908 Glow worm Victor Orchestra Orchestra, with chorus and bells solo  
Victor C-6450 12-in. 9/23/1908 The glow-worm : Intermezzo Arthur Pryor's Band Band, with male vocal chorus  
Victor C-6560 12-in. 10/22/1908 Venus on Earth Sousa's Band Band  
Victor B-6632 10-in. 12/2/1908 The glow-worm Elise Stevenson Female vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor B-6782 10-in. 2/8/1909 Amina Arthur Pryor's Band Band  
Victor B-6916 10-in. 3/22/1909 Oh, the women Victor Orchestra Orchestra, with male vocal chorus  
Victor B-8140 10-in. 8/11/1909 Berlin echoes Victor Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-8300 10-in. 10/19/1909 The coon's birthday Victor Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-8314 10-in. 10/22/1909 The glow-worm : Idyll Elizabeth Wheeler Female vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor B-8340 10-in. 11/2/1909 Spring, beautiful spring Victor Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor C-8340 12-in. 8/2/1911 Spring, beautiful spring waltz Victor Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-8509 10-in. 12/28/1909 Autumn voices waltz Sousa's Band Band  
Victor B-8510 10-in. 12/28/1909 Siamese patrol Sousa's Band Band  
Victor C-8515 12-in. 12/29/1909 Unrequited love waltz Sousa's Band Band  
Victor B-8520 10-in. 12/29/1909 Once upon a time Herbert L. Clarke ; Sousa's Band Cornet solo, with band and vocal chorus  
Victor C-8527 12-in. 12/31/1909 Amina Sousa's Band Band  
Victor B-8677 10-in. 3/2/1910 Glow-worm Vienna Quartet Instrumental quartet  
Victor C-8869 12-in. 4/20/1910 Luna waltzer Arthur Pryor's Band Band  
Victor B-8960 10-in. 5/17/1910 Secret love gavotte Victor Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-9776 10-in. 1/9/1911 On the Bosphorus Guido Gialdini Whistling solo, with orchestra  
Victor B-10848 10-in. 8/1/1911 Birthday serenade Victor Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor C-10865 12-in. 8/7/1911 My jewel waltz Victor Dance Orchestra Orchestra, with extra violin and cornet  
Victor B-11509 10-in. 1/24/1912 Father Rhine march Victor Military Band Band  
Victor B-11852 10-in. 4/11/1912 Garde-Jager zu Pferde Arthur Pryor's Band Band  
Victor B-12023 10-in. 5/16/1912 Kwang Hsu Sousa's Band Band  
Victor B-14024 10-in. 11/1/1913 Luna waltz Pietro Deiro Accordion solo  
Victor C-15173 12-in. 9/3/1914 The Pavlowa gavotte Victor Military Band Band  
Victor C-15692 12-in. 2/9/1915 Ticking love taps Victor Dance Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-19048 10-in. 1/17/1917 Jahrmarktsrummel Hans Seifert [i.e., Gyula Szalay] Male vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor B-21737 10-in. 4/4/1918 Powietz czy ty kochasz mnie Józef Kallini Male vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor C-23776 12-in. 3/17/1920 Glow-worm idyl Victor Concert Orchestra Orchestra, with vocal chorus  
Victor CVE-23776 12-in. 1/14/1927 The glow-worm Victor Concert Orchestra Orchestra, with pipe organ and vocal chorus  
Victor B-25565 10-in. 9/21/1921 The glow-worm : Intermezzo Victor Orchestra Orchestra and male vocal chorus  
Victor B-26373 10-in. 5/19/1922 Twinkling star International Novelty Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-28990 10-in. 11/28/1923 March of the Siamese International Novelty Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor B-29960 10-in. 5/5/1924 Glühwürmchen idyll Adolf Engel Male vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor BVE-33322 10-in. 8/18/1925 The glow-worm idyl Victor Salon Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor BVE-34903 10-in. 2/16/1926 Schlosser die im Monde liegen Paul Nelva Male vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor BVE-35954 10-in. 8/6/1926 Ein kleines bischen Liebe Peuppus Oberländler Kapelle Band  
Victor CVE-37720 12-in. 1/13/1927 The glow-worm Boys and Girls Chorus of Brooklyn Mixed vocal chorus, with instrumental quartet  
Victor CVE-38345 12-in. 4/13/1927 Spring, beautiful spring International Concert Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor CVE-41992 12-in. 5/17/1928 Wedding dance International Concert Orchestra ; Nathaniel Shilkret Orchestra, with male vocal trio  
Victor BVE-45573 10-in. 6/11/1928 Glow worm idyl Harry Perrella Piano solo  
Victor BVE-51753 10-in. 5/8/1929 Spring, beautiful spring Motion Picture Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor BVE-51946 10-in. 4/30/1929 Berlin echoes Motion Picture Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor BVE-51959 10-in. 5/1/1929 Kwang hsu Motion Picture Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor CVE-53427 12-in. 5/22/1929 Unrequited love International Novelty Orchestra ; Nathaniel Shilkret Orchestra  
Victor BS-75598 10-in. 4/3/1933 Castles in the air Richard Crooks Tenor vocal solo, with orchestra  
Victor O-404 10-in. 11/8/1910 Amina Orquesta Típica Lerdo Instrumental ensemble  
Victor BS-066846 10-in. 7/16/1941 The glow-worm Leonard W. Joy ; Victor Salon Orchestra Orchestra  
Victor [Trial 1914-05-08-03] 12-in. 5/8/1914 Glow-worm Harvey I. Mearns Organ solo  
Columbia 1472 10-in. ca. 1903 Es war einmal Sigmund Kunstadt Tenor vocal solo, with piano  
Columbia 1879 10-in. ca. 1904-1907 Dance of the lightning bugs Edward F. Rubsam Bells solo, with orchestra  
Columbia 3025 7-in. ca. 1904 Dance of the fireflies Edward F. Rubsam Bells, with piano  
Columbia 3791 10-in. ca. 1907-Feb. 1908 The glow worm Lucy Isabelle Marsh Female vocal solo, with orchestra  
Columbia 4067 10-in. ca. Jan.-July 1909 Amina Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 4093 10-in. ca. Jan.-July 1909 The glow worm Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 4485 10-in. ca. Jan.-July 1910 On the Bosporus Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 38322 10-in. 10/9/1912 Fireflies Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 39941 10-in. 3/12/1915 Glühwürmchen idyll Fred Kornau Whistling solo, with orchestra  
Columbia 45541 10-in. 4/7/1915 Softly, unawares! Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 46171 10-in. 11/5/1915 The glow-worm Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 30273 12-in. ca. Jan.-Sept. 1909 Sinnbild Walzer Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 30532 12-in. 9/8/1910 Wedding dance Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 30625 12-in. ca. Jan.-Mar. 1911 Spring, beautiful spring Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 30917 12-in. 12/18/1911 Luna waltz Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 36673 12-in. ca. 1913-1917 For love of art Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 36942 12-in. 4/28/1914 Pavlowa gavotte Prince's Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 49609 12-in. 3/27/1919 The glow-worm Columbia Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia W142848 10-in. 10/20/1926 The glow worm Columbia Concert Orchestra Orchestra  
Columbia 98211 12-in. 1/21/1926 Spring, beautiful spring Jacques Jacobs Ensemble Instrumental ensemble  
Columbia 44335 10-in. July 1916 Sympathique Paul Lincke ; Alfred Nohcor Male vocal solo  
Columbia 21669 10-in. 1911-1915 Unrequited love Guido Deiro Accordion solo  
Columbia 41649 10-in. either 1908 or 1909 Parada de guardia Orquesta Columbia Orchestra  
OKeh S-71662 10-in. June 1923 March of the Siamese Markel's Orchestra Jazz/dance band  
Brunswick 3709 10-in. approximately June 1920 Spring, beautiful spring Brunswick Concert Orchestra Orchestra  
Edison 2490 10-in. 10/13/1913 Glow worm Edison Concert Band Band  
Edison 2844 10-in. 3/2/1914 Fireflies Reed Orchestra Orchestra  
Edison 3465 10-in. Dec. 1914 Teenie-eenie-weenie Helen Clark ; Joseph A. Phillips Vocal duet (contralto and baritone), with orchestra  
Edison 4174 10-in. 10/7/1915 Amina Sodero's Band Band  
Edison 5252 10-in. 1/2/1917 The glow-worm Imperial Marimba Band Marimba band  
Edison 5625 10-in. 6/15/1917 Spring, beautiful spring waltz Peerless Orchestra Instrumental ensemble  
Edison 6668 10-in. 3/14/1919 The glowworm We Girls Quartet Female vocal quartet, with orchestra  
Edison 8611 10-in. 9/28/1922 Softly, unawares! Imperial Marimba Band Marimba band  
Edison 11768 10-in. 6/29/1927 Spring, beautiful spring waltz Joe Green Novelty Marimba Band Marimba band  
Edison 18284 10-in. 3/6/1928 The glow-worm Murray Kellner Dinner Music Ensemble Instrumental ensemble  
Edison 18912 10-in. 11/30/1928 Spring, beautiful spring waltz Edison Concert Orchestra Orchestra  
Gramophone 88ab 10-in. 12/2/1908 Mein Schätzchen braucht nicht reich zu sein Zonophone Orchestra Orchestra  
Gramophone 178ab 10-in. Dec. 1908 Ninfas del Danubio Orquesta del Gramofono Instrumental ensemble  
Gramophone 222r 10-in. ca. June 1905 Stockholmsluft, ur 'Stockholmsluft' August Svenson Male vocal solo, with piano accompaniment  
Gramophone 1606½ab 10-in. 8/21/1909 Jägerauszug Zonophone Orchestra Orchestra  
Gramophone 3573L 10-in. approximately 1905 Wenus w Warszawie : Kuplety Józef Redo Baritone vocal solo  
Gramophone 4036h 10-in. ca. Jan. 1906 Rosen, Tulpen, Nelken Seidler's Orchester Orchestra, with chorus  
Gramophone 0B4658 10-in. On or before 9/25/1933 Unrequited love Marek Weber Orchestra Orchestra  
Gramophone 0B4659 10-in. On or before 9/25/1933 Beautiful spring Marek Weber Orchestra Orchestra  
Gramophone 0B5019 10-in. 7/7/1933 Glow-worm idyll New Light Symphony Orchestra Orchestra  
Gramophone 5270½h 10-in. 1907 Vénus Orchestre Bosc du Bal Tabarin Orchestra, with vocal ("avec chant")  
Gramophone 7145L 10-in. 1908 Lizystrata W. Bartkiewicz Male vocal solo  
Zonophone 8891 10-in. Before Dec. 1908 Cherry in the glass Frank C. Stanley Male vocal solo, with orchestra  
Zonophone 9381 10-in. Before June 1909 Within your eyes love Thomas Chalmers Male vocal solo, with orchestra  


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