Ellis Larkins (instrumentalist : piano)

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Decca 72177 10-in. 5/25/1944 Hurry hurry Lucky Millinder Orchestra  
Decca 72178 10-in. 5/25/1944 Darlin' Lucky Millinder Orchestra  
Decca 72179 10-in. 5/25/1944 I can't see for lookin' Lucky Millinder Orchestra  
Decca 72180 10-in. 5/25/1944 Who threw the whiskey in the well Lucky Millinder Orchestra  
Decca 72181 10-in. 5/25/1944 Lover man Lucky Millinder Orchestra  
Decca 72733 10-in. 2/8/1945 You must be blind Ida James  
Decca 72734 10-in. 2/8/1945 I won't say but I won't Ida James  
Decca 73128 10-in. 11/14/1945 I left a good deal in Mobile Josh White  
Decca 73129 10-in. 11/14/1945 Did you ever leave a woman? Josh White  
Decca 76823 9/11/1950 Looking for a boy Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76824 9/11/1950 My one and only love Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76825 9/11/1950 How long has this been going on? Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76826 9/11/1950 I've got a crush on you Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76834 9/12/1950 But not for me Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76835 9/12/1950 Soon Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76836 9/12/1950 Someone to watch over me Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 76837 9/12/1950 Maybe Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 81109 6/1/1951 Tonight you belong to me Tamara Hayes  
Decca 81110 6/1/1951 These things I offer you Tamara Hayes  
Decca 81195 6/21/1951 Between the devil and the deep blue sea Ellis Larkins  
Decca 81196 6/21/1951 I gotta right to sing the blues Ellis Larkins  
Decca 81197 6/21/1951 Blues in the night Ellis Larkins  
Decca 81198 6/21/1951 One for my baby (and one more for the road) Ellis Larkins  
Decca 82089 1/9/1952 Over the rainbow Ellis Larkins  
Decca 82090 1/9/1952 Stormy weather Ellis Larkins  
Decca 82091 1/9/1952 Come rain or come shine Ellis Larkins  
Decca 82092 1/9/1952 Ill wind Ellis Larkins  
Decca 86087 3/29/1954 I'm glad there is you Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86088 3/29/1954 (Baby) What else could I do? Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86089 3/29/1954 What is there to say Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86090 3/29/1954 Makin' whoopee Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86091 3/29/1954 Until the real thing comes along Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86092 3/29/1954 People will say we're in love Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86093 3/30/1954 Please be kind Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86094 3/30/1954 Imagination Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86095 3/30/1954 My heart belongs to Daddy Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86096 3/30/1954 You leave me breathless Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86097 3/30/1954 Nice work if you can get it Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 86098 3/30/1954 Stardust Ella Fitzgerald  
Decca 103854 12/2/1957 (I don't stand a) Ghost of a chance-1 Ellis Larkins  
Decca 103855 12/2/1957 Stella by starlight Ellis Larkins  
Decca 103856 12/2/1957 When I fall in love Ellis Larkins  
Decca 103857 12/2/1957 Love letters Ellis Larkins  
Decca 103858 12/2/1957 My foolish heart Ellis Larkins  
Decca 103859 12/2/1957 Where can I go without you? Ellis Larkins  
Decca 103866 12/2/1957 It's magic Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103867 12/2/1957 A-You're adorable Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103868 12/2/1957 Time was ; It's so peaceful inside Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103869 12/2/1957 A Summer romance Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103870 12/2/1957 Try a little tenderness Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103871 12/2/1957 What is there to say Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103872 12/2/1957 A lover like you Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103873 12/2/1957 It's a most unusual day Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103874 12/2/1957 You're my boy Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103875 12/2/1957 What it's like in Paris Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103876 12/2/1957 Sing a rainbow Beverly Kenney  
Decca 103877 12/2/1957 Brooklyn love song Beverly Kenney  
Decca 104190 1/23/1958 Blue star-1 Ellis Larkins  
Decca 104191 1/23/1958 Golden earrings Ellis Larkins  
Decca 104192 1/23/1958 Sweet Sue, just you-2 Ellis Larkins  
Decca 104193 1/23/1958 Love me Ellis Larkins  
Decca 104194 1/23/1958 Can't we talk it over?-2 Ellis Larkins  
Decca 104195 1/23/1958 A love like this-1 Ellis Larkins  
Decca 104211 1/28/1958 Do it again Beverly Kenney  
Decca 104212 1/28/1958 A woman's intuition Beverly Kenney  
Decca 104213 1/28/1958 Life can be beautiful Beverly Kenney  
Decca 104214 1/28/1958 Mama do I gotta? Beverly Kenney  
Decca 107792 7/22/1959 A ship without a sail Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107793 7/22/1959 In love in vain Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107794 7/22/1959 Who can I turn to? Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107795 7/22/1959 Moon and sand Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107796 7/22/1959 Always you Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107797 7/22/1959 Ecstasy Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107798 7/24/1959 Just Arlene Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107799 7/24/1959 Now Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107800 7/24/1959 Down with love Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107801 7/24/1959 Good for nothin' Joe Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107802 7/24/1959 Wrap your troubles in dreams Ellis Larkins  
Decca 107803 7/24/1959 I'm forever blowing bubbles Ellis Larkins  
Decca T-1905 10-in. 12/8/1943 Voodte Coleman Hawkins Orchestra  
Decca T-1906 10-in. 12/8/1943 How deep is the ocean Coleman Hawkins Orchestra  
Decca T-1907 10-in. 12/8/1943 Hawkins barrelhouse Coleman Hawkins Orchestra  
Decca T-1908 10-in. 12/8/1943 Stumpy Coleman Hawkins Orchestra  
Decca T-1917 12/18/1943 Lover come back to me Coleman Hawkins Quartet  
Decca T-1918 10-in. 12/18/1943 Indiana Coleman Hawkins Quartet  
Decca T-1919 10-in. 12/21/1943 Linger awhile Dicky Wells Orchestra  
Decca T-1920 10-in. 12/21/1943 Hello babe Dicky Wells Orchestra  
Decca T-19001 12/18/1943 Blues changes Coleman Hawkins Quartet  
Decca T-19002 12/18/1943 These foolish things Coleman Hawkins Quartet  
Decca T-19003 12-in. 12/21/1943 I got rhythm Dicky Wells Orchestra  
Decca T-19004 12-in. 12/21/1943 I'm fer it too Dicky Wells Orchestra  
Decca N 2895 10-in. 12/4/1944 Opus 15 The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2896 10-in. 12/4/1944 The Sheik of Araby The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2897 10-in. 12/4/1944 Night and day The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2898 10-in. 12/4/1944 The man I love The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2899 10-in. 12/4/1944 Face The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2900 10-in. 12/4/1944 I want to be happy The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2901 10-in. 12/4/1944 Rompin' in 44 The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2902 10-in. 12/4/1944 Caravan The Edmond Hall Sexet  
Decca N 2903 10-in. 12/4/1944 Besame mucho (Kiss me much) The Edmond Hall Sexet  


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