Peetie Wheatstraw (instrumentalist : piano)

Note on name: Sometimes billed as "The Devil's Son-in-Law."

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Victor BVE-67568 10-in. 9/28/1931 Greyhound blues Charley Jordan Male vocal solo, with guitar and piano  
Victor BVE-67569 10-in. 9/28/1931 Workingman's blues Charley Jordan Male vocal solo, with guitar and piano  
Victor BVE-67570 10-in. 9/28/1931 Santa Claus blues Charley Jordan Male vocal solo, with guitar and piano  
Victor BVE-67571 10-in. 9/28/1931 Bad breaks blues Charley Jordan Male vocal solo, with guitar and piano  
Decca 60506 10-in. 2/18/1936 Working man (Doing the best I can) Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60507 10-in. 2/18/1936 Low down rascal Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60511 10-in. 2/18/1936 When I get my bonus Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60512 10-in. 2/18/1936 Coon can Shorty Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60522 10-in. 2/19/1936 Meat cutter blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60523 10-in. 2/19/1936 The first shall be last and the last shall be first Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60527 10-in. 2/19/1936 Kidnappers blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60532 10-in. 2/20/1936 Old good whiskey blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60538 10-in. 2/20/1936 Poor millionaire blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60539 10-in. 2/20/1936 Deep sea love Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60540 10-in. 2/20/1936 Drinking man blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 60544 10-in. 2/21/1936 Country fool blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63535 10-in. 4/1/1938 304 blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63536 10-in. 4/1/1938 The wrong woman Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63537 10-in. 4/1/1938 Hard headed black gal Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63538 10-in. 4/1/1938 Banana man Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63539 10-in. 4/1/1938 Shack bully stomp-1 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63540 10-in. 4/1/1938 Road tramp blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63541 10-in. 4/1/1938 Sweet Lucille Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63542 10-in. 4/1/1938 Saturday night blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63544 10-in. 4/1/1938 Good little thing Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63545 10-in. 4/1/1938 Cake alley Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 63546 10-in. 4/1/1938 What more can a man do?-1 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90167 10-in. 7/17/1935 Whiskey head blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90168 10-in. 7/17/1935 Slave man blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90169 10-in. 7/17/1935 C and A train Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90170 10-in. 7/17/1935 Good hustler blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90173 10-in. 7/17/1935 Cocktail man blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90174 10-in. 7/17/1935 King spider blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90177 10-in. 7/17/1935 S.O.S. blues (Distress blues) Alice Moore  
Decca 90178 10-in. 7/17/1935 Daddy calling Mama Alice Moore  
Decca 90179 10-in. 7/17/1935 Just sitting here wondering Alice Moore  
Decca 90180 10-in. 7/17/1935 Death Valley blues Alice Moore  
Decca 90410 10-in. 10/31/1935 Christmas Christmas blues Charlie Jordan  
Decca 90411 10-in. 10/31/1935 Christmas tree blues-1 Verdi Lee  
Decca 90412 10-in. 10/31/1935 Get it if you can-1 Verdi Lee  
Decca 90413 10-in. 10/31/1935 Signifying at you Verdi Lee  
Decca 90414 10-in. 10/31/1935 No Christmas blues Mary Harris  
Decca 90415 10-in. 10/31/1935 Happy New Year blues Mary Harris  
Decca 90416 10-in. 10/31/1935 Santa Claus blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90417 10-in. 10/31/1935 Lonesome lonesome blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90613 10-in. 2/7/1936 Meet me in the bottom-2 Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 90614 10-in. 2/7/1936 No good woman-1 Bumble Bee Slim  
Decca 90744 10-in. 5/22/1936 Grass cutter blues Alice Moore  
Decca 90745 10-in. 5/22/1936 Telephone blues Alice Moore  
Decca 90746 10-in. 5/22/1936 Dark angel Alice Moore  
Decca 90747 10-in. 5/22/1936 Money tree man Alice Moore  
Decca 90748 Yalla man Mary Johnson  
Decca 90749 10-in. 4/22/1936 Delmar Avenue Mary Johnson  
Decca 90750 10-in. 5/22/1936 Feather bed blues Mary Johnson  
Decca 90751 10-in. 5/22/1936 Stop my barrel house ways Mary Johnson  
Decca 90752 10-in. 5/22/1936 I'm going fishing too Alice Moore  
Decca 90754 10-in. 5/22/1936 Three men Alice Moore  
Decca 90755 10-in. 5/23/1936 I just can't take it Mary Johnson  
Decca 90794 10-in. 7/9/1936 Runnin' drunk again (Here I come) Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90795 10-in. 7/9/1936 Shake that thing Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90954 10-in. 10/24/1936 Running drunk again Kokomo Arnold ; Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90955 10-in. 10/24/1936 Coffin blues Kokomo Arnold ; Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90956 10-in. 10/24/1936 Lonesome road blues Kokomo Arnold ; Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90957 10-in. 10/24/1936 Sorry hearted blues Kokomo Arnold ; Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90958 10-in. 10/24/1936 Mister Charlie Kokomo Arnold ; Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 90961 10-in. 10/26/1936 When a man gets down-2 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90962 10-in. 10/26/1936 I don't want no pretty faced woman-2 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90963 10-in. 10/26/1936 False hearted woman-1 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90964 10-in. 10/26/1936 Little house-1 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90965 10-in. 10/26/1936 Fairasee woman-1 Peetie Wheatstraw ; Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 90966 10-in. 10/26/1936 Beggar man blues-1 Peetie Wheatstraw ; Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91142 10-in. 3/25/1937 Hand in hand woman Alice Moore  
Decca 91143 10-in. 3/25/1937 Doggin' man blues Alice Moore  
Decca 91144 10-in. 3/25/1937 Midnight creepers Alice Moore  
Decca 91145 10-in. 3/25/1937 Just a good girl treated wrong Alice Moore  
Decca 91146 10-in. 3/25/1937 New blue black and evil blues Alice Moore  
Decca 91147 10-in. 3/25/1937 Tired of me blues Alice Moore  
Decca 91148 10-in. 3/25/1937 Humming bird man Alice Moore  
Decca 91149 10-in. 3/25/1937 Too many men Alice Moore  
Decca 91150 10-in. 3/26/1937 Crazy with the blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91151 10-in. 3/26/1937 Ramblin' man Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91152 10-in. 3/26/1937 Peetie Wheatstraw stomp Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91153 10-in. 3/26/1937 Peetie Wheatstraw stomp No. 2 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91154 10-in. 3/26/1937 Crapshooter's blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91155 10-in. 3/26/1937 Would you, would you Mama Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91156 10-in. 3/25/1937 Don't deny me baby Alice Moore  
Decca 91157 10-in. 3/25/1937 He's mine, all mine Alice Moore  
Decca 91158 10-in. 3/29/1937 Twee twee twa Charlie Jordan  
Decca 91159 10-in. 3/29/1937 Cutting my ABC's Charlie Jordan  
Decca 91160 10-in. 3/29/1937 Chifferobe Charlie Jordan  
Decca 91166 10-in. 3/30/1937 Set down gal Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91167 10-in. 3/30/1937 Big ship blues Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91317 10-in. 11/2/1937 Sick bed blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91320 10-in. 11/2/1937 I'm gonna come out everything Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91321 10-in. 11/2/1937 New working on the project Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91322 10-in. 11/2/1937 Baby Lou, baby Lou Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91323 10-in. 11/2/1937 Devilment blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91324 10-in. 11/2/1937 Third Street's going down Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91329 10-in. 11/2/1937 Look what a shape I'm in Charlie Jordan  
Decca 91330 10-in. 11/3/1937 High mountain blues Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91331 10-in. 11/3/1937 Head cuttin' blues Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91332 10-in. 11/3/1937 Broke man blues Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91333 10-in. 11/3/1937 Back on the job Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91334 10-in. 11/3/1937 Shine on, moon Kokomo Arnold  
Decca 91525 10-in. 10/18/1938 Truckin' thru traffic Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91526 10-in. 10/18/1938 Hot Springs blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91527 10-in. 10/18/1938 A man ain' t nothin' but a fool Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91528 10-in. 10/18/1938 Black horse blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91529 10-in. 10/18/1938 Sugar Mama Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca 91530 10-in. 10/18/1938 Me no lika you Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca C 9315 10-in. 8/18/1934 All night long blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca C 9316 10-in. 8/18/1934 Numbers blues-1 Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca C 9331 10-in. 8/23/1934 Good home blues Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca C 9332 10-in. 8/23/1934 These times Peetie Wheatstraw  
Decca C 9443 10-in. 9/11/1934 Doin' the best I can Peetie Wheatstraw  


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