Buddy Jones (instrumentalist : guitar)

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CompanyMatrix No.SizeFirst Recording DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription 
Victor BVE-69352 10-in. 5/26/1931 Hobo's warning Jimmie Davis Male vocal solo, with 2 guitars  
Victor BVE-69353 10-in. 5/26/1931 Bury me in old Kentucky Jimmie Davis Male vocal solo, with 2 guitars  
Victor BVE-69354 10-in. 5/26/1931 The gambler's return Jimmie Davis Male vocal solo, with 2 guitars  
Victor BVE-69355 10-in. 5/26/1931 Wild and reckless hobo Jimmie Davis Male vocal solo, with 2 guitars  
Victor BVE-69356 10-in. 5/26/1931 The Davis limited Jimmie Davis Male vocal solo, with harmonica, guitar, speech, and train whistle effects  
Victor BVE-69357 10-in. 5/27/1931 She left a-runnin' like a sewing machine Jimmie Davis Male vocal solo, with 2 guitars  
Decca 60835 10-in. 3/21/1936 I wish I had never seen sunshine Jimmie Davis  
Decca 60836 10-in. 3/21/1936 High geared Mama-1, 4 Jimmie Davis  
Decca 60837 10-in. 3/21/1936 Bed bug blues-1,2 Jimmie Davis  
Decca 60845 10-in. 3/21/1936 I ain't gonna let Satan turn me 'round Jimmie Davis  
Decca 60846 10-in. 3/21/1936 'Twill be sweet when we meet-3 Jimmie Davis  
Decca 61836 10-in. 2/18/1937 Davis rag (Instrumental)-1 Buddy Jones  
Decca 61837 10-in. 2/18/1937 Mean old lonesome blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 61838 10-in. 2/18/1937 The women Buddy Jones  
Decca 61858 10-in. 2/18/1937 Doing my pal - Jimmie Davis Buddy Jones  
Decca 61859 10-in. 2/18/1937 Drunkard's blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 61860 10-in. 2/18/1937 Rambler's blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 61861 10-in. 2/18/1937 My home in the hills of Caroline Buddy Jones  
Decca 61873 10-in. 2/19/1937 Huntin' blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 61874 10-in. 2/19/1937 Butcher man blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 63009 10-in. 12/11/1937 Ragged but right Buddy Jones  
Decca 63010 10-in. 12/11/1937 When the cactus is in bloom Buddy Jones  
Decca 63011 10-in. 12/11/1937 When the sun goes down Buddy Jones  
Decca 63012 10-in. 12/11/1937 Small town Mama Buddy Jones  
Decca 63013 10-in. 12/11/1937 Shereveport County jail blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 63014 10-in. 12/11/1937 My home, my baby and me Buddy Jones  
Decca 63015 10-in. 12/11/1937 Streamlined Mama Buddy Jones  
Decca 63016 10-in. 12/11/1937 I'm your real and true friend Buddy Jones  
Decca 63017 10-in. 12/11/1937 Tom cattin' around Buddy Jones  
Decca 63018 10-in. 12/11/1937 Evil stingaree Buddy Jones  
Decca 64558 10-in. 9/21/1938 Carry the good work on Buddy Jones  
Decca 64559 10-in. 9/21/1938 I'll get mine bye and bye Buddy Jones  
Decca 64560 10-in. 9/21/1938 Small town Mama No.2 Buddy Jones  
Decca 64561 10-in. 9/21/1938 Easy rollin' Sue Buddy Jones  
Decca 64566 10-in. 9/21/1938 She's sellin' what she used to give away Buddy Jones  
Decca 64567 10-in. 9/21/1938 I ain't goin' your way Buddy Jones  
Decca 64568 10-in. 9/21/1938 Old fashioned sweetheart Buddy Jones  
Decca 65123 10-in. 3/3/1939 Easy rider, easy rider-1 Buddy Jones  
Decca 65124 10-in. 3/3/1939 Ease my troubled mind Buddy Jones  
Decca 65125 10-in. 3/3/1939 I'm in the doghouse now Buddy Jones  
Decca 65126 10-in. 3/3/1939 Oklahoma City blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 65127 10-in. 3/3/1939 She's selling what she used to give away No.2 Buddy Jones  
Decca 65128 10-in. 3/3/1939 She's got her jinx on me Buddy Jones  
Decca 65129 10-in. 3/3/1939 The roughest gal in town Buddy Jones  
Decca 65138 10-in. 3/4/1939 I'll get mine bye and bye No.2 Buddy Jones  
Decca 65139 10-in. 3/4/1939 You cannot take it with you Buddy Jones  
Decca 66333 10-in. 8/30/1939 Hold it a little longer Buddy Jones  
Decca 66334 10-in. 8/30/1939 I can't be bothered Buddy Jones  
Decca 66335 10-in. 8/30/1939 I can't use you anymore Buddy Jones  
Decca 66336 10-in. 8/30/1939 I'll get mine bye and bye No.3 Buddy Jones  
Decca 66337 10-in. 8/30/1939 Boog-a-boo baby Buddy Jones  
Decca 66338 10-in. 8/30/1939 Like the doctor said Buddy Jones  
Decca 66339 10-in. 8/30/1939 Tend to your business Buddy Jones  
Decca 66340 10-in. 8/30/1939 Alice from Dallas Buddy Jones  
Decca 66341 10-in. 8/30/1939 Rockin' rollin' Mama Buddy Jones  
Decca 66342 10-in. 8/30/1939 You'll miss me some sweet day Buddy Jones  
Decca 66343 10-in. 8/30/1939 Settle down blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 66344 10-in. 8/30/1939 I'm in the doghouse now No.2 Buddy Jones  
Decca 66345 10-in. 8/30/1939 She's got the best in town Buddy Jones  
Decca 66346 10-in. 8/30/1939 I wish I'd never met you Buddy Jones  
Decca 66347 10-in. 8/30/1939 Action speaks louder than words Buddy Jones  
Decca 66348 10-in. 8/30/1939 I think I'll turn your damper down Buddy Jones  
Decca 66378 10-in. 9/2/1939 Garbage man Buddy Jones  
Decca 66379 10-in. 9/2/1939 Big Mama blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 69748 10-in. 9/17/1941 She's a hum-dum-dinger Buddy Jones  
Decca 69749 10-in. 9/17/1941 Don't say goodbye if you love me Buddy Jones  
Decca 69750 10-in. 9/17/1941 I'm going to get me a honky tonk baby Buddy Jones  
Decca 69751 10-in. 9/17/1941 Every day blues Buddy Jones  
Decca C 90213 10-in. 8/11/1935 I wish I had never seen sunshine Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90214 10-in. 8/11/1935 Bed bug blues Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90215 10-in. 8/12/1935 Deep Mississippi blues Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90216 10-in. 8/12/1935 Will you love me when I'm old Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90217 10-in. 8/12/1935 Are you tired of me darling? Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90218 10-in. 8/12/1935 Red River blues Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90219 10-in. 8/12/1935 Corn fed man Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90220 10-in. 8/12/1935 I ain't gonna let Satan turn me 'round Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90222 10-in. 8/13/1935 Come on over to my house Jimmie Davis  
Decca C 90223 10-in. 8/13/1935 In my cabin tonight Jimmie Davis  
Decca 90235 10-in. 8/14/1935 'Twill be sweet when we meet Jimmie Davis  
Decca 92042 10-in. 4/7/1940 Mean old sixty five blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 92043 10-in. 4/7/1940 I'll come back dear Buddy Jones  
Decca 92044 10-in. 4/7/1940 Goin' back to Louisiana Lou Buddy Jones  
Decca 92045 10-in. 4/7/1940 Taxicab driver's blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 92046 10-in. 4/7/1940 Waiting for a train Buddy Jones  
Decca 92047 10-in. 4/7/1940 Dear old sunny South by the sea Buddy Jones  
Decca 92048 10-in. 4/7/1940 I won't miss you when yoa go away Buddy Jones  
Decca 92049 10-in. 4/8/1940 Any old time Buddy Jones  
Decca 92050 10-in. 4/8/1940 I'm going back to Sadie Buddy Jones  
Decca 92051 10-in. 4/8/1940 Sailing blues Buddy Jones  
Decca 93722 10-in. 4/29/1941 Don't ever leave me alone Buddy Jones  
Decca 93723 10-in. 4/29/1941 Honey don't turn me down Buddy Jones  
Decca 93724 10-in. 4/29/1941 You've got just what it takes Buddy Jones  
Decca 93725 10-in. 4/29/1941 Red wagon Buddy Jones  
Decca 93726 10-in. 4/30/1941 What is life lived alone Buddy Jones  
Decca 93727 10-in. 4/30/1941 Gonna change my business all around Buddy Jones  
Decca 93728 10-in. 4/30/1941 If I'm wrong, I'm sorry Buddy Jones  
Decca 93729 10-in. 4/30/1941 Mean hangover blues Buddy Jones  


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