Recordings made Saturday, December 31, 1921

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Columbia8012710-in.12/31/1921After the rainBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 1921RachemRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1921Old folks at homeRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1921Home, sweet homeRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1921Oh tender loving shepherdHarry C. BrowneMale vocal solo, with orchestra 1921Scenes that are brightestRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1921Rose of my heartRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1921Blue Danube waltzRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921The road to the IslesNina Rae  
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921Hame o' mineNina Rae  
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921Annie LaurieNina Rae  
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921The land o' the lealNina Rae  
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921The bonnie banks of Loch LomondNina Rae  
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921The auld houseNina Rae  
Columbia3584310-in.approximately 1921Ye banks and braes o' bonnie DoonNina Rae  
Columbia5965112-in.either 1920 or 1921'Nucenzia e santitàCoppia VocciaFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia5965212-in.either 1920 or 1921Mala novaCoppia VocciaFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia5965512-in.either 1920 or 1921Elokay neshomoShloimele RothsteinTenor vocal solo, with violin, cello, flute, clarinet and organ 
Columbia5966612-in.approximately 1921'O scianatore e la signorinaCoppia ParisiVocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia5966712-in.approximately 1921A mezzanotteCoppia ParisiVocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia5967012-in.1921Canto e chiagnoTeresa de MatienzoFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5967712-in.1921Come piovevaRaoul RomitoMale vocal solo 
Columbia5969512-in.either 1920 or 1921V'shomruShloimele RothsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5969612-in.either 1920 or 1921Rochel's keiverShloimele RothsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5969912-in.either 1920 or 1921HashiveinuShloimele RothsteinMale vocal solo, with violin, cello, flute and organ 
Columbia5970212-in.either 1920 or 1921Mecchi e pezziCoppia ParisiVocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia5970312-in.either 1920 or 1921OvesShloimele RothsteinMale vocal solo, with violin, cello, flute and organ 
Columbia5970412-in.either 1920 or 1921'O coalmanCoppia ParisiVocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia5971012-in.1921Serenata di SilvestriRaoul RomitoMale vocal solo, with violin, guitar, mandolin, and piano 
Columbia5971512-in.1921Got far vos shtrufst die deine kinderShloimele RothsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia6371810-in.1920 or 1921A hullámokonVienna OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia6991110-in.approximately 1921Old Man JazzF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7111210-in.approximately 1921Oh, what a difference the Navy's made to meElla Shields  
Columbia7111310-in.approximately 1921Smith, Jones, Robinson and BrownElla Shields  
Columbia7111410-in.approximately 1921Glimmer of dawnE. W. Rushworth  
Columbia7111510-in.approximately 1921Let bygones be bygonesHarry Vernon  
Columbia7111610-in.approximately 1921The Irish cristeningShaun Glenville ; Dorothy Ward  
Columbia7111810-in.approximately 1921One by oneShaun Glenville ; Dorothy Ward  
Columbia7111910-in.approximately 1921I'm coming back to li'l old LondonDorothy Ward  
Columbia7112010-in.approximately 1921My house is hauntedDorothy Ward  
Columbia7112310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7112510-in.approximately 1921Wyoming lullabyHarry Woodman  
Columbia7112610-in.approximately 1921The lisp of a baby's prayerSidney Swift  
Columbia7112710-in.approximately 1921Pretty Kitty KellySidney Swift  
Columbia7112810-in.approximately 1921Some girls are nicer than othersJack Lane  
Columbia7112910-in.approximately 1921I come from LiverpoolJack Lane  
Columbia7113010-in.approximately 1921Stop it : One stepBill Arnold's Novelty Band  
Columbia7113110-in.approximately 1921Left alone again blues : Fox trotBill Arnold's Novelty Band  
Columbia7113210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7113310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7113410-in.approximately 1921Dream bubblesFlora Murray  
Columbia7113510-in.approximately 1921There's a wonderful song in my heartWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7113610-in.approximately 1921Hame o' mineTom F. Kinniburgh  
Columbia7113710-in.approximately 1921Gang awa', bonnie lassieTom F. Kinniburgh  
Columbia7113810-in.approximately 1921Auld Scotch mither mineTom F. Kinniburgh  
Columbia7113910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7114910-in.approximately 1921Hold meFred Douglas  
Columbia7115010-in.approximately 1921The Japanese sandmanFred Douglas  
Columbia7115110-in.approximately 1921Oh, by jingo, oh, by geeF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7115210-in.approximately 1921Rose of VirginiaF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7115310-in.approximately 1921Cuban moonHarry Vernon  
Columbia7115410-in.approximately 1921WhisperingHarry Vernon  
Columbia7115510-in.approximately 1921If only someone caresHarry Vernon  
Columbia7115610-in.approximately 1921OmahaLeslie Stone  
Columbia7115710-in.approximately 1921OmahaEric Randolph  
Columbia7115810-in.approximately 1921The love nestSidney Swift  
Columbia7115910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7116010-in.approximately 1921Mary : Love nestLeslie Stone  
Columbia7116110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7116210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7116310-in.approximately 1921It'll all be the sameFred Douglas  
Columbia7116410-in.approximately 1921WhisperingStewart Morton  
Columbia7116510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7116610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7116710-in.approximately 1921My child is my treasureClara Butt  
Columbia7116810-in.approximately 1921I wonder will they know me in Dahomey?F. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7116910-in.approximately 1921You've got a million dollar smileFred Douglas  
Columbia7117010-in.approximately 1921There'll be somebody waiting for meTom F. Kinniburgh  
Columbia7117110-in.approximately 1921The cottage where dreams come trueEric Randolph  
Columbia7117210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7117310-in.approximately 1921Here's another little girl I'm fond ofC Sterndale  
Columbia7117410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7117510-in.approximately 19211921 popular song medley, part 1 : Whispering ; Little bits ; Three little words ; A young man's fancyAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7117610-in.approximately 19211921 popular song medley, part 2 : Hold me ; If you only knew ; Feather your nest ; The Guards BrigadeAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7117710-in.approximately 1921PlaythingsWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7117810-in.approximately 1921Rose of Bloomsbury SquareWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7117910-in.approximately 1921HomingStewart Gardner  
Columbia7118010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7118110-in.approximately 1921Go not, happy dayHubert Eisdell  
Columbia7118210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7118310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7118410-in.approximately 1921A little fairy taleHubert Eisdell  
Columbia7118510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7118610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7118710-in.approximately 1921Four salt water ballads : Cape Horn gospelTopliss Green  
Columbia7118810-in.approximately 1921Four salt water ballads : A sailor's prayerTopliss Green  
Columbia7118910-in.approximately 1921Salt water ballads : a) Hell's pavement ; b) A wanderer's songTopliss Green  
Columbia7119010-in.approximately 1921The voice of the guns : MarchAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7119110-in.approximately 1921Washington Grays : MarchAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7119210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7119310-in.approximately 1921My house is hauntedFred Douglas  
Columbia7119410-in.approximately 1921A young man's fancy : Fox trotFred Douglas  
Columbia7119510-in.approximately 1921The dancing lessonDoris Vane  
Columbia7119610-in.approximately 1921It is only a tiny gardenDoris Vane  
Columbia7119710-in.approximately 1921Girl of mineBernard Turner  
Columbia7119810-in.approximately 1921Write me a letter from your gardenThomas Jackson  
Columbia7119910-in.approximately 1921Sybil : Selection, part 1. Colonel of the Crimson Hussars ; Lift your eyes to mine ; I like the boys ; Politeness pays ; The letter songKing’s Military Band  
Columbia7120010-in.approximately 1921Sybil : Selection, part 2. The Crimson Hussars ; Fear not though sad ; When Cupid calls ; Love may be a mysteryKing’s Military Band  
Columbia7120110-in.approximately 1921Whispering : Fox trotRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7120210-in.approximately 1921OmahaRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7120310-in.approximately 1921A song of long agoThomas Jackson  
Columbia7120410-in.approximately 1921MargieFred Douglas  
Columbia7120510-in.approximately 1921I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mother's armsFred Douglas  
Columbia7120610-in.approximately 1921Down the trail to home, sweet homeThomas Jackson  
Columbia7120710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7120810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7120910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7121010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7121110-in.approximately 1921[Unknown title(s)]Unidentified performer(s) (Columbia Records)  
Columbia7121210-in.approximately 1921If we found a little corner in this great big worldWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7121310-in.approximately 1921Old pal, why don't you answer me?William Thomas  
Columbia7121410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7121510-in.approximately 1921The Mikado : Selection, part 1Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7121610-in.approximately 1921The Mikado : Selection, part 2Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7121710-in.approximately 1921The gondoliers : Selection, part 1Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7121810-in.approximately 1921The gondoliers : Selection, part 2Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7121910-in.approximately 1921Il trovatore : Selection, part 1Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7122010-in.approximately 1921Il trovatore : Selection, part 2Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7122110-in.approximately 1921Rigoletto : Selection, part 1Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7122210-in.approximately 1921Rigoletto : Selection, part 2Band of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7122310-in.approximately 1921A little Dutch girl : Selection, part 1Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7122410-in.approximately 1921A little Dutch girl : Selection, part 2Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7122510-in.approximately 1921Poet and peasant : Overture, part 1Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7122610-in.approximately 1921Poet and peasant : Overture, part 2Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7122710-in.approximately 1921Faust on toast : HummingF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7122810-in.approximately 1921Anytime, anyday, anywhereFred Douglas  
Columbia7122910-in.approximately 1921Feather your nestFred Douglas  
Columbia7123010-in.approximately 1921Faust on toast : Lazy MississippiThomas Jackson  
Columbia7123110-in.approximately 1921Blushing moonFred Douglas  
Columbia7123210-in.approximately 1921If you're going back to DixieF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7123310-in.approximately 1921Wait till your ship comes in (or "When your ship comes in")Thomas Jackson  
Columbia7123410-in.approximately 1921Castles in the airArthur Reeves  
Columbia7123510-in.approximately 1921The memory of a songThomas Jackson  
Columbia7123610-in.approximately 1921RoseHarry Vernon  
Columbia7123710-in.approximately 1921The League of Notions : Selection, part 1London Revue Band  
Columbia7123810-in.approximately 1921The League of Notions : Selection, part 2London Revue Band  
Columbia7123910-in.approximately 1921The middy : MarchArtists vary  
Columbia7124010-in.approximately 1921K-k-kiss me again (Every time he tried to say goodnight)Florrie Forde  
Columbia7124110-in.approximately 1921Every morning (Cock-a-doodle-doo)Florrie Forde  
Columbia7124210-in.approximately 1921She loved a sailorFlorrie Forde  
Columbia7124310-in.approximately 1921Antonio, my RomeoFlorrie Forde  
Columbia7124410-in.approximately 1921MargieElla Shields  
Columbia7124510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7124610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7124710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7124810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7124910-in.approximately 1921Floating through dreamlandEthel Hook  
Columbia7125010-in.approximately 1921Wait till your ship comes inEthel Hook  
Columbia7125110-in.approximately 1921Memory's homeEthel Hook  
Columbia7125210-in.approximately 1921Sweet and lowEthel Hook  
Columbia7125310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7125410-in.approximately 1921The bee that gets the honeyFred Douglas  
Columbia7125510-in.approximately 1921BorneoFred Douglas  
Columbia7125610-in.approximately 1921It's the ring your mother woreWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7125710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7126410-in.approximately 1921My ain wee hooseNina Rae  
Columbia7126610-in.approximately 1921HummingMorton Stewart  
Columbia7126710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7126810-in.approximately 1921The shining moon (Russian folk song)Emilio Columbo's Savoy Orchestra  
Columbia7126910-in.approximately 1921Sleigh drive at night (Russian folk song)Emilio Columbo's Savoy Orchestra  
Columbia7127010-in.approximately 1921Kasbek (Russian folk song)Emilio Columbo's Savoy Orchestra  
Columbia7127110-in.approximately 1921Faded chrysanthemums (Russian folk song)Emilio Columbo's Savoy Orchestra  
Columbia7127210-in.approximately 1921Love in a cottageStewart Morton ; May Vincent  
Columbia7127310-in.approximately 1921Sybil : When Cupid callsMay Vincent  
Columbia7127410-in.approximately 1921Smilin' throughWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7127510-in.approximately 1921Come to the fairStewart Gardner  
Columbia7127610-in.approximately 1921Lighterman TomStewart Gardner  
Columbia7127710-in.approximately 1921The peep show : Selection, part 1London Hippodrome Orchestra  
Columbia7127810-in.approximately 1921The peep show : Selection, part 2London Hippodrome Orchestra  
Columbia7127910-in.approximately 1921The peep show : The Kiltie BrigadeMona Vivian  
Columbia7128010-in.approximately 1921The peep show : Lena SchmidtMona Vivian  
Columbia7128110-in.approximately 1921The peep show : They call me "Dolly Vardon"Annie Croft  
Columbia7128210-in.approximately 1921The peep show : I do like being in loveAnnie Croft ; Reginald Sharland  
Columbia7128310-in.approximately 1921The peep show : Find me two dear eyesAnnie Croft  
Columbia7128410-in.approximately 1921The peep show : Prince of my heartAnnie Croft  
Columbia7128510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7128610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7128710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7128810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7128910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129010-in.approximately 1921AllegrettoArthur Catterall  
Columbia7129110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7129810-in.approximately 1921Judas Maccabeus : Sound the alarmArthur Jordan  
Columbia7129910-in.approximately 1921DeeperStewart Gardner  
Columbia7130010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7130110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7130210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7130310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7130410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7130510-in.approximately 1921BalloonsEthel Hook  
Columbia7130610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7130710-in.approximately 1921Sweet little babe o' mineEthel Hook  
Columbia7130810-in.approximately 1921When it's evening in the valleyEthel Hook  
Columbia7130910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7131010-in.approximately 1921The company sergeant majorStewart Gardner  
Columbia7131110-in.approximately 1921Shipmates o' mineStewart Gardner  
Columbia7131210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7131310-in.approximately 1921Bright eyesThomas Jackson  
Columbia7131410-in.approximately 1921Silver starThomas Jackson  
Columbia7131810-in.approximately 1921The vicar of BrayKennerley Rumford  
Columbia7131910-in.approximately 1921The incomplete loverKennerley Rumford  
Columbia7132010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7132110-in.approximately 1921MacGregor's gatheringAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132210-in.approximately 1921The hills of AvaAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132310-in.approximately 1921The bonnie Banks o' AirlieAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132410-in.approximately 1921Corn RiggsAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132510-in.approximately 1921Duncan GrayAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132610-in.approximately 1921When the kye come hameAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132710-in.approximately 1921My love's in GermanieAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132810-in.approximately 1921There's nae luck aboot the hooseAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7132910-in.approximately 1921Bonnie Wells o' WearieAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7133010-in.approximately 1921Robin Tamson's smiddyAlfred J. Forbes  
Columbia7133110-in.approximately 1921Old cronies : Two-stepDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7133210-in.approximately 1921Irish Molly : SchottischeDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7133310-in.approximately 1921The drunken piper ; 74th Highlanders quick step ; Glengarry's march;Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7133410-in.approximately 1921The original Lancers : Figs. 1 & 2Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7133510-in.approximately 1921The original Lancers : Figs. 3 & 4Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7133610-in.approximately 1921The original Lancers : Figs. 5Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7133710-in.approximately 1921Nancy waltzDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7133810-in.approximately 1921Auld Brig o' Ayr : Strathspey ; Loch Leven Castle : Reel ; Rakes of Kildare : JigDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7133910-in.approximately 1921Reels : Davis work ; John Cheap the Chapman ; Boys of LimerickDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7134010-in.approximately 1921Hornpipes : The Thames ; The locomotive ; The fireflyDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7134110-in.approximately 1921Salome : Fox trotCentury Dance Orchestra  
Columbia7134410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7134510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7134610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7134710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7134810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7134910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7135010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7135110-in.approximately 1921Pibroch quadrilles : Reel time, figs. 1 & 2Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7135210-in.approximately 1921Pibroch quadrilles : Reel time, fig. 3Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7135310-in.approximately 1921Pibroch quadrilles : Reel time, fig. 4Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7135410-in.approximately 1921Pibroch quadrilles : Reel time, fig. 5Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7135510-in.approximately 1921Pibroch quadrilles : Reel time, fig. 6Daniel Wyper  
Columbia7135610-in.approximately 1921Mello' 'cello : ValseRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7135710-in.approximately 1921Sirens : ValseCentury Dance Orchestra  
Columbia7135810-in.approximately 1921Puss, puss : Fox trotRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7135910-in.approximately 1921Thou art risen, my belovedTopliss Green  
Columbia7136010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136610-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7136810-in.approximately 1921Indian love lyrics no. 2 : Less than the dustEdgar Coyle  
Columbia7136910-in.approximately 1921Indian love lyrics no. 4 : Till I awakeEdgar Coyle  
Columbia7137010-in.approximately 1921Indian love lyrics no. 3 : The Kashmiri songEdgar Coyle  
Columbia7137110-in.approximately 1921Indian love lyrics no. 1 : The temple bellsEdgar Coyle  
Columbia7137210-in.approximately 1921Blue bird, by the blue lagoon she's waitingWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7137310-in.approximately 1921Baby's eyesWilliam Thomas  
Columbia7137410-in.approximately 1921Amazon : ValseArtists vary  
Columbia7137510-in.approximately 1921RosebudThomas Jackson  
Columbia7137610-in.approximately 1921NoraThomas Jackson  
Columbia7137710-in.approximately 1921Chinky Lee : One-stepRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7137810-in.approximately 1921Sweet and low : WaltzRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7137910-in.approximately 1921Amazon : ValseRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7138010-in.approximately 1921An Eastern zephyr : ValseRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7138110-in.approximately 1921Florida : ValseRegal Dance Orchestra [U.K.]  
Columbia7138210-in.approximately 1921It's a windy night tonightFred Douglas  
Columbia7138310-in.approximately 1921Down yonderFred Douglas  
Columbia7138410-in.approximately 1921Down that old Missouri RiverF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7138510-in.approximately 1921There you are thenFred Douglas  
Columbia7138610-in.approximately 1921I want a boyFred Douglas  
Columbia7138710-in.approximately 1921It's nothing to do with youF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7138810-in.approximately 1921Stoney-broke in "No man's land"F. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7138910-in.approximately 1921When I get back to my home townJack Lane  
Columbia7139010-in.approximately 1921StrikeJack Lane  
Columbia7139110-in.approximately 1921ProvenceThomas Jackson  
Columbia7139210-in.approximately 1921Sweet and low : LullabyThomas Jackson  
Columbia7139310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7139410-in.approximately 1921Our glorious empire : St. Patrick's Day ; Home, sweet home ; Laird o' Cockpen ; Maple leaf for ever ; Rule BritanniaDaniel Wyper  
Columbia7139510-in.approximately 1921The three bearsBransby Williams  
Columbia7139610-in.approximately 1921The three little pigsBransby Williams  
Columbia7139710-in.approximately 1921The mighty deepNorman AllinMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Columbia7139810-in.approximately 1921The storm fiendNorman Allin  
Columbia7139910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7140010-in.approximately 1921NinaC. Warwick Evans  
Columbia7140110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7140210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7140310-in.approximately 1921Sally : WaltzCentury Dance Orchestra  
Columbia7140410-in.09/16/1921I'm 94 todayWill FyffeMale vocal solo and monologue, with orchestra 
Columbia7140710-in.09/16/1921Sandy's holidayWill FyffeMale vocal solo and monologue, with orchestra 
Columbia7140810-in.approximately 1921Bells across the meadow (with bells)Regal Orchestra  
Columbia7140910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7141010-in.approximately 1921Dick Whittington and his catBransby Williams  
Columbia7141110-in.approximately 1921Jack and the beanstalkBransby Williams  
Columbia7141210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7141310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7141410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7141510-in.approximately 1921Whip-poor-willStewart Gardner ; May Vincent  
Columbia7141610-in.approximately 1921SallyStewart Gardner  
Columbia7141710-in.approximately 1921Wild roseMay Vincent  
Columbia7141810-in.approximately 1921Look for the silver liningThomas Jackson ; May Vincent  
Columbia7141910-in.approximately 1921The church 'round the cornerStewart Gardner ; May Vincent  
Columbia7142010-in.approximately 1921Oh, gee! Say, gee! You ought to see my Gee-Gee from the Fiji IsleFred Douglas  
Columbia7142110-in.approximately 1921Puss, Puss : Aurora borealis (The penguin song)Fred Douglas  
Columbia7142210-in.approximately 1921ChérieFred Douglas  
Columbia7142310-in.approximately 1921The old niggerFred Douglas  
Columbia7142410-in.approximately 1921Mary AnnF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7142510-in.approximately 1921Mississippi moonF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7142610-in.approximately 1921The co-optimists : Coal black mammyFred Douglas ; William Thomas  
Columbia7142710-in.approximately 1921Mello' 'cello : ValseThomas Jackson  
Columbia7142810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7142910-in.approximately 1921The arrow and the songStewart Gardner  
Columbia7143010-in.approximately 1921Americana suite : The tiger's tail (March)City Police Band of Birmingham  
Columbia7143110-in.approximately 1921Americana suite : The watermelon fêteCity Police Band of Birmingham ; Appleby Matthews  
Columbia7143210-in.approximately 1921City Police marchCity Police Band of Birmingham ; Appleby Matthews  
Columbia7143310-in.approximately 1921Our battalion : MarchCity Police Band of Birmingham ; Appleby Matthews  
Columbia7143410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7143510-in.approximately 1921Mummy hobble : Fox trotCity Police Band of Birmingham ; Appleby Matthews  
Columbia7143610-in.approximately 1921In a Persian marketCity Police Band of Birmingham ; Appleby Matthews  
Columbia7143710-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7143810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7143910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7144010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7144110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7144210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7144310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7144410-in.approximately 1921Sometimes in my dreamsHubert Eisdell  
Columbia7144510-in.approximately 1921Silver starRichard Silver  
Columbia7144610-in.approximately 1921Blue birdRichard Silver  
Columbia7144710-in.approximately 1921AmazonRichard Silver  
Columbia7144810-in.approximately 1921Sally : Selection, part 1. Sally in our alley ; Look for the silver lining ; On with the danceAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7144910-in.approximately 1921Sally : Selection, part 2. Whip-poor-will ; Wild rose ; The church round the corner ; Look for the silver liningAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7145210-in.approximately 1921DreamlandThomas Jackson  
Columbia7145310-in.approximately 1921It's all over nowF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7145410-in.approximately 1921The roast beef of old EnglandFred Douglas  
Columbia7145510-in.approximately 1921My mammyFred Douglas  
Columbia7145610-in.approximately 1921On the day I marry, CarolineFred Douglas ; Thomas Jackson  
Columbia7145710-in.approximately 1921Cuddle closerF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7145810-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7145910-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146010-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146110-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146210-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146310-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146410-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146510-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7146610-in.approximately 1921I want you to want meThomas Jackson  
Columbia7146710-in.approximately 1921The co-optimists : Coal black mammy : Fox trotNew York Havana Band  
Columbia7146810-in.approximately 1921Do you ever think of me?William Thomas  
Columbia7146910-in.approximately 1921My taskNorman Allin  
Columbia7147010-in.approximately 1921When song is sweetNorman Allin  
Columbia7147110-in.approximately 1921I never knewNat D. Ayer  
Columbia7147210-in.approximately 1921Coal black memmyNat D. Ayer  
Columbia7422712-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7422812-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7423712-in.approximately 1921Petite suite de concert, no. 1Alick Maclean ; New Queen's Hall Light OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7423812-in.approximately 1921Petite suite de concert, no. 2Alick Maclean ; New Queen's Hall Light OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7423912-in.approximately 1921Petite suite de concert, no. 3Alick Maclean ; New Queen's Hall Light OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7424112-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7424312-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7425312-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7426012-in.approximately 1921So we'll go no more a-rovingStewart GardnerMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7427212-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7427512-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7428712-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx3173]Artists vary  
Columbia7428812-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx3138]Artists vary  
Columbia7428912-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx2962]Artists vary  
Columbia7429012-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx2852]Artists vary  
Columbia7429112-in.approximately 1921Valse de la reineAlick Maclean ; New Queen's Hall Light OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7429512-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7429612-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7429712-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7429812-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7429912-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7430012-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7430112-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7431412-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7431612-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7431712-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7431812-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7431912-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7432012-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7432112-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7432612-in.approximately 1921Mr. Micawber and Uriah Heep (from "David Copperfield)Bransby Williams  
Columbia7432712-in.approximately 1921Mrs. Gamp (from "Martin Chuzzlewit")Bransby Williams  
Columbia7432812-in.approximately 1921Sergeant Buzfuz (from "Pickwick papers")Bransby Williams  
Columbia7432912-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx3135]Artists vary  
Columbia7433012-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx3158]Artists vary  
Columbia7433112-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx3152]Artists vary  
Columbia7433212-in.approximately 1921[Re-recording from Lxx3160]Artists vary  
Columbia7433712-in.approximately 1921The garden of your heartGiuseppe Lenghi-CelliniTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7433812-in.approximately 1921For you aloneGiuseppe Lenghi-CelliniTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7433912-in.approximately 1921The devout loverStewart GardnerMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7434212-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7434812-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7435012-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7435112-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7435612-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7435712-in.approximately 1921The two beggarsStewart Gardner ; Thomas JacksonMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia7435812-in.approximately 1921Tenor and baritoneStewart Gardner ; Thomas JacksonMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia7436312-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7437412-in.approximately 1921Schubert's unfinished symphony, part 1Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars BandBand 
Columbia7437512-in.approximately 1921Schubert's unfinished symphony, part 2Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]Band 
Columbia7437612-in.approximately 19211812 Overture solennelle, part 1Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]Band 
Columbia7437712-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7437812-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7437912-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7438012-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7438212-in.approximately 1921I hear you calling meGiuseppe Lenghi-CelliniTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7438312-in.approximately 1921Maire, my girlGiuseppe Lenghi-CelliniTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7438412-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7438512-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7438612-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7438712-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7438812-in.approximately 1921[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7439212-in.approximately 19211812 Overture solennelle, part 2Albert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]Band 
Columbia8608110-in.either 1920 or 1921PozvániČeského Narodního Divadla ; Otakár MařákMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8609510-in.either 1920 or 192128 ríjenČeského Narodního Divadla ; Otakár MařákMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8622110-in.either 1920 or 1921Dolce far nienteI Quattro SicilianiInstrumental quartet 
Columbia8644810-in.either 1920 or 1921'O pulicilloLillian FullerFemale vocal solo, with guitar and mandolin 
Columbia8644910-in.either 1920 or 1921'A zingarellaLillian FullerFemale vocal solo, with guitar and mandolin 
Columbia8645010-in.either 1920 or 1921Es ist bestimmt in Gottes RatMax BlochTenor vocal solo, with instrumental trio 
Columbia8645110-in.either 1920 or 1921BrüderschaftMax BlochTenor vocal solo, with instrumental trio 
Columbia8646010-in.either 1920 or 1921HobelliedMax BlochTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8646110-in.either 1920 or 1921JaegerliedMax BlochTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8648010-in.either 1920 or 1921O San GabrielOrchestra do Crusador San GabrielOrchestra 
Columbia8648110-in.either 1920 or 1921O cruseiro do sulOrchestra do Crusador San GabrielOrchestra 
Columbia8651010-in.either 1920 or 1921Borban az igazság 1. részF. Lajos BögrésVocal and instrumental ensemble 
Columbia8651110-in.either 1920 or 1921Borban az igazság 2. részF. Lajos BögrésVocal and instrumental ensemble 
Columbia8664610-in.between 1920-1921Matrosen WalzerColumbia BandBand 
Columbia8664710-in.between 1920-1921Blumen und WeinColumbia BandBand 
Columbia8664810-in.either 1920 or 1921Alpenröslein LändlerColumbia BandBand 
Columbia8664910-in.either 1920 or 1921KirtagColumbia BandBand 
Columbia8686810-in.either 1920 or 1921Manon's letterLe Maire French String OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia8686910-in.either 1920 or 1921Under the bridges of ParisLe Maire French String OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia8687710-in.either 1920 or 1921Hora și sirba a lui cuzaOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8687910-in.either 1920 or 1921Romansa și nationalaOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8693010-in.either 1920 or 1921Marsch PotpourriManhattan QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8693110-in.either 1920 or 1921Marsch PotpourriManhattan QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8746310-in.approximately 1921Fado blanquitaBanda ColumbiaBand 
Columbia8787410-in.approximately December 1921Mazur zaciekłyOrkiestra WiejskaBand 
Columbia8787510-in.approximately December 1921FilozofOrkiestra WiejskaBand 
Columbia8787610-in.approximately December 1921Kujawiak drugiPolska Orkiestra WiejśkaBand 
Columbia8787810-in.approximately December 1921VzpomínkyČeská Selská KapelaBand 
Columbia8788110-in.approximately December 1921Rákóczy indulóMagyar Katona ZenekarBand 
Columbia8788210-in.approximately December 1921Magyar népdal indulóMagyar Katona ZenekarBand 
Columbia8788910-in.approximately December 1921Nofrio dal barbiereBucca e CompagniaComic scene 
Columbia8789210-in.December 1921Ich beink aheim, fun "Rebbin's Nigun"William SchwartzTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8789410-in.December 1921Die liebe fun a chosid, fun "Hello Shmendrik"William SchwartzTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8789610-in.approximately December 1921La vendemmia toscanaRaoul RomitoMale vocal solo and vocal chorus, with violin, piano, and organ 
Columbia8790810-in.approximately December 1921Hello, SchmendrikMorris GoldsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8791210-in.approximately December 1921Ukharʹ kupet︠sʺ (Ухарь купецъ)Anna KuznetzovaFemale vocal solo, with accordion 
Columbia8791310-in.December 1921O 31 fadoManuel CarvalhoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8791410-in.December 1921Espírito Santo hymnoManuel CarvalhoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8791510-in.December 1921Fado ponta delgadaManuel CarvalhoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8791610-in.approximately December 1921Jashke chvat : Nit gefonfetMorris GoldsteinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8791710-in.December 1921Den me xereis, den se xerō (Δεν με ξερεις, δεν σε ξερω)Marika Papagika (Μαρικα Παπαγκικα)Female vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Columbia8791810-in.December 1921Smyrnīotopoyla : Politissa (Σμυρνηοτοπουλα Πολιτισσα)Marika Papagika (Μαρικα Παπαγκικα)Female vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Columbia8795210-in.approximately December 1921J'ai ma petite maisonAlexandre DesmarteauMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8796110-in.approximately December 1921Auprès de ma blondeAlexandre DesmarteauMale vocal solo, with vocal chorus and orchestra 
Columbia9026910-in.approximately 1921Fairies' marchColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9027010-in.approximately 1921A dance of clowns—No. 1Columbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9027210-in.approximately 1921Danse des AleméesColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9027310-in.approximately 1921Fairy pipersColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9027410-in.approximately 1921Dance song (Omaha)Columbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9027510-in.approximately 1921Pastoral symphonyColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9027610-in.approximately 1921To springColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9028310-in.approximately 1921To a wild roseColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9028910-in.approximately 1921Sea pieces : StarlightColumbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9301810-in.either 1920 or 1921Treu und festColumbia Military BandBand 
ColumbiaW19452810-in.approximately 1921Unter dem DoppeladlerKapelle MilitärBand 
ColumbiaW19452910-in.approximately 1921Deutschmeister Regiment MarschKapelle MilitärBand 
OKehS-735110-in.approximately 1921Where my caravan has rested Bernard FergusonMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-741010-in.approximately 1921Bedouin love songBernard FergusonMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-786810-in.approximately 1921Down yonderErnest Hare ; Billy JonesMale vocal duet, with orchestra Dec. 1921It's youLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band Dec. 1921Dapper DanLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band Dec. 1921Weep no moreLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band Dec. 1921Ten little fingers and ten little toesBilly JonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra Dec. 1921My sunny TennesseeElliott ShawMale vocal solo, with orchestra Dec. 1921ThrillsRega Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKeho-8241Not documentedca. Dec. 1921[Unknown title(s)]Odeon Novelty OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7007810-in.Aug. 1921When the honeymoon was overLewis JamesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7034810-in.Dec. 1921Hawaiian starlightBlue Diamond Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7035210-in.Dec. 1921Brown skin (Who you for)Daisy Martin ; Tampa Blue Jazz Band ; Clarence WilliamsFemale-male vocal duet, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-7035310-in.Dec. 1921If you don't want me (please don't dog me 'round)Daisy Martin ; Tampa Blue Jazz BandFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-7035710-in.Dec. 1921My Hawaiian melodyVirginia Burt ; Frank Ferera ; Anthony J. FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian), with Hawaiian guitar vocal effect 
OKehS-7035810-in.December 1921Waikiki mermaidFrank Ferera ; Anthony J. FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKehS-7035910-in.Dec. 1921You're a good old car but you can't climb hillsElsie ClarkFemale vocal solo, with orchestra  
OKehS-7036010-in.Dec. 1921I hold her hand and she holds mineElsie ClarkFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7036110-in.Dec. 1921Smilin'Blue Diamond Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036210-in.Dec. 1921Ain't you coming out, Malinda?Blue Diamond Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036310-in.Dec. 1921When Buddha smilesGlantz and his OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036410-in.Dec. 1921Song of IndiaGlantz and his OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036510-in.Dec. 1921Old pal, why don't you answer me?Glantz and his OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036610-in.Dec. 1921Granny (You're my mammy's mammy)Aileen StanleyFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036710-in.Dec. 1921On the 'Gin, 'Gin, 'Ginny shore Aileen StanleyFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036810-in.Dec. 1921Write and tell your mammy (I'm coming)Aileen StanleyFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-7036910-in.Dec. 1921My Hawaiian melodyVirginia Burt ; Lewis James ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet, with orchestra and Hawaiian guitar vocal effect 
OKehS-7037010-in.Dec. 1921When shall we meet again?Lewis James ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-7037210-in.Dec. 1921Mecca (I am dreaming of you)Mecca Temple Shrine Band of New YorkBand 
OKehS-7037310-in.Dec. 1921Marche turqueMecca Temple Shrine Band of New YorkBand 
OKehS-7037410-in.Dec. 1921Tell her at twilightErdody's Famous OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7037510-in.Dec. 1921When shall we meet againErdody's Famous OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7037610-in.Dec. 1921Who (Believed in you)Blue Diamond Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7037710-in.Dec. 1921A dream of your smileBlue Diamond Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7037810-in.Dec. 1921[Unknown title(s)]Joseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7037910-in.Dec. 1921That haunting waltzJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7038010-in.Dec. 1921By the old Ohio shoreJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7038110-in.Dec. 1921Dear old melodies no. 1Shannon FourMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
OKehS-7038210-in.Dec. 1921Leave me with a smile Samuel Ash ; Crescent TrioMale vocal solo and male vocal trio, with orchestra 
OKehS-7038310-in.Dec. 1921Atta babyBilly Jones ; Tampa Blue Jazz BandJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
OKehS-7038410-in.Dec. 1921Uncle BudBilly Jones ; Tampa Blue Jazz BandJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
OKehS-70385Not documentedDec. 1921[Unknown title(s)]Glantz and his OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7038610-in.Dec. 1921Good-bye, Shanghai!Glantz and his OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7038710-in.Dec. 1921Lalawana lullabyGlantz and his OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7038810-in.Dec. 1921Say it with kisses (If you love me)Harmonists ; Julius LenzbergJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7038910-in.Dec. 1921Bluebird! Where are you?Harmonists ; Julius LenzbergJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7039010-in.Dec. 1921StealingHarmonists ; Julius LenzbergJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7039110-in.Dec. 1921Ty-teeBlue Diamond Dance Orchestra ; Virginia BurtJazz/dance band, with Hawaiian guitar vocal effect 
OKehS-7039210-in.Dec. 1921Lonesome lipsBlue Diamond Dance Orchestra ; Sibyl Sanderson FaganJazz/dance band, with bird effects 
OKehS-7039310-in.Dec. 1921Hawaiian sighsBlue Diamond Dance Orchestra ; Virginia Burt ; Sibyl Sanderson FaganJazz/dance band, with Hawaiian guitar vocal effect and whistling 
OKehS-7039410-in.Dec. 1921The woodland flirtSibyl Sanderson FaganWhistling solo, with orchestra  
OKehS-7039510-in.Dec. 1921The great red moon Sibyl Sanderson Fagan ; Gounod Quartet ; Hager's OrchestraJazz/dance band, with male vocal quartet and whistling (bird voices) 
OKehS-7039610-in.Dec. 1921Dance of the robinsSibyl Sanderson FaganWhistling solo, with orchestra  
OKehS-7039710-in.Dec. 1921Gypsy RoseMarkel's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7039810-in.Dec. 1921[Unknown title(s)]Markel's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7039910-in.Dec. 1921Tomorrow LandMarkel's OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKeh[OK cat 4240-A]10-in.approximately 1921You're just like a roseMario PerryAccordion solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4240-b]10-in.approximately 1921It isn't what she doesMario PerryAccordion solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4308-b]10-in.approximately 1921Until we partRega Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKeh[OK cat 4343-A]10-in.1921SerenadeJulius BergerCello solo, with piano 
OKeh[OK cat 4343-b]10-in.1921Melody in FJulius BergerCello solo, with piano 
OKeh[OK cat 4347-A]10-in.approximately 1921Oh they're such nice peopleBilly JonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 9029-A]10-in.approximately Apr. 1921Miez' a campagneCoppia Vuolo-NarcisoFemale-male vocal duet 
OKeh[OK cat 9029-b]10-in.approximately Apr. 1921Italia bellaCoppia Vuolo-NarcisoFemale-male vocal duet 
OKeh[OK cat 9047-A]10-in.1921 or beforeO' Mari, o' MariAccordion soloist (unidentified; Odeon Records)Accordion solo 
OKeh[OK cat 9047-B]10-in.1921 or beforeFremito d'amore, valsAccordion soloist (unidentified; Odeon Records)Accordion solo 
OKeh[OK cat 9080-A]10-in.1921Il MitoE. A. MarioMonologue 
OKeh[OK cat 9080-b]10-in.1921Ll'acquaiuoloE. A. MarioMonologue 
OKeh[OK cat 16005-A]10-in.approximately 1919-1921Al bello Danubio ozneBanda MexicanaBand 
OKeh[OK cat 16006-A]10-in.approximately 1919-1921Reina del baileBanda de PaisanosBand 
OKeh[OK cat 16006-b]10-in.approximately 1919-1921Toca un piezaBanda de PaisanosBand 
OKeh[OK cat 16008]10-in.approximately 1920-1921MañañaBanda Novel de Los Hnos. GreenJazz/dance band 
OKeh[OK cat 16044]10-in.approximately 1920-1921FinjimientoRay Miller y su OrquestaJazz/dance band 
OKeh[OK cat 16105-A]10-in.approximately 1921No quieroFerera and FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16105-b]10-in.approximately 1921IngratonaFerera and FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16106-A]10-in.approximately 1921Dulces recuerdosFerera and FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16106-b]10-in.approximately 1921Uno, dos, tres, cuatroFerera and FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16108-A]10-in.approximately 1921¡Caramba!Ferera and FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16108-b]10-in.approximately 1921Hilo (March)Ferera and FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16143-A]10-in.approximately 1921NuncaFerera y FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[OK cat 16143-b]10-in.approximately 1921BulleteFerera y FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
OKeh[Od cat 20027-b]10-in.approximately 1921[Unknown title(s)]Sterling TrioMale vocal trio 
OKeh[Od cat 20028]10-in.1921Hey Paw!Joseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKeh[Od cat 20038-A]10-in.approximately 1921My manVaughn De LeathFemale vocal solo 
OKeh[Od cat 20038-b]10-in.approximately 1921Jealous of youVaughn De LeathFemale vocal solo 
OKeh[Od cat 20070-b]10-in.1921Apache loveJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKeh[Od cat 20070-A]10-in.1921Cho-cho-sanAmerican Odeon OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKeh[Od cat 20071-A]10-in.approximately 1921The merry widowJoseph M. Knecht ; Waldorf-Astoria Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKeh[Od cat 20071-b]10-in.approximately 1921The merry widowAmerican Odeon OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick692210-in.approximately Dec. 1921Goodbye, pretty butterfliesSelvin’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick692510-in.approximately Dec. 1921Smilin'Selvin’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick695710-in.approximately Dec. 1921Dear old SouthlandErnest HareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick696510-in.approximately Dec. 1921Ka-lu-aWilliam ReeseMale vocal solo and male vocal trio, with orchestra 
BrunswickX949812-in.approximately 1921Mefistofele : SelectionVessella's Italian BandBand 
BrunswickX955712-in.approximately 1921Forza del destinoVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1126212-in.approximately 1921Faust : Duet from garden sceneVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1137612-in.approximately 1921Ah! Moon of my delightTheo KarleTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick1161912-in.approximately 1921When my ships come sailing homeTheo KarleTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick1192512-in.approximately 1921On the road to MandalayRichard BonelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick1195512-in.approximately 1921Tim Rooney’s at the fightin’Richard BonelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick1427212-in.1921Hungarian rhapsody no. 2Vessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1428612-in.approximately 1921Martha : SelectionVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1428812-in.approximately 1921Lucia sextetVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1429612-in.approximately 1921Marche slaveVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1429712-in.approximately 1921Rigoletto quartetVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1429812-in.approximately 1921Carmen : SelectionVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1430912-in.approximately 1921Danse macabreVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1431412-in.approximately 1921Bohême : SelectionVessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick1472412-in.1921Hungarian rhapsody no. 2Vessella's Italian BandBand 
Brunswick6899-690110-in.approximately Dec. 1921The sheikRudy Wiedoeft's CaliforniansJazz/dance band 
Brunswick6902-690410-in.approximately Dec. 1921Broken toyRudy Wiedoeft's CaliforniansJazz/dance band 
Brunswick6913-691410-in.approximately Dec. 1921Schekein chovasSavel KwartinTenor vocal solo, with organ 
Brunswick6915-691610-in.approximately Dec. 1921N'kadeschSavel KwartinTenor vocal solo, with organ 
Brunswick6917-691810-in.approximately Dec. 1921Wehu rachumSavel KwartinTenor vocal solo, with organ 
Brunswick6937-693810-in.approximately Dec. 1921Ty-teeCarl Fenton’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick6939-694010-in.approximately Dec. 1921StealingCarl Fenton’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick6942-694510-in.approximately Dec. 1921The school house bluesBenny Krueger’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick6946-694810-in.approximately Dec. 1921I've got my habits onBenny Krueger’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick6949-695010-in.approximately Dec. 1921Addio Florence EastonFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick6968-696910-in.approximately Dec. 1921My Hawaiian melodyIrene Audrey ; Emily EarleFemale vocal duet, with orchestra 
BrunswickX7001-X700212-in.approximately Dec. 1921Salome's danceRichard Strauss Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 
BrunswickX7003-X700412-in.approximately Dec. 1921Salome's danceRichard Strauss Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 
BrunswickX7005-X700612-in.approximately Dec. 1921Der Burger als Edelmann : Menuet des LullyRichard Strauss Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 
BrunswickX7007-X700812-in.approximately Dec. 1921Der Berger als Edelmann : IntermezzoRichard Strauss Symphony OrchestraOrchestra 
Edison1515Not documented1921Roaming in the gloamingHarry LauderMale vocal solo 
Edison1517Not documented1921Annie LaurieLouis MazzeiHarp solo 
Edison1519Not documented1921Breakfast in bedHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152010-in.1921Goodbye till we meet againHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152110-in.1921I love a lassieHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison1522Not documented1921It's nice when you love a wee lassieHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison1523Not documented1921Just like being at homeHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison1524Not documented1921Kilty ladsHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152510-in.1921Wee hoose 'mang the heatherHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152610-in.1921She's my daisyHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152710-in.1921She's the lass for meHarry LauderMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152810-in.1921Caro nomeSelma KurzSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison152910-in.1921Una voce poco faSelma KurzSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison153010-in.1921Scena della pazziaSelma KurzSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison153110-in.1921 or earlierInternational Correspondence School French lesson no. 1Speaker(s) (unidentified; Edison Records)Instruction 
Edison153210-in.1921 or earlierInternational Correspondence School French lesson no. 1Speaker(s) (unidentified; Edison Records)Instruction 
Edison1534Not documented1921Annie LaurieLouis MazzeiHarp solo 
Edison1535Not documented1921Sweetest story ever toldLouis MazzeiHarp solo 
Edison1541Not documented1921GitanaLucrezia BoriSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison681710-in.6/4/1919O holy nightFrieda HempelSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Odeon60910-in.1921MadrigalAgustín Barrios MangoréGuitar solo 
Odeon61010-in.1921El hijo pródigoAgustín Barrios MangoréGuitar solo 
Odeon61110-in.1921Página de albumAgustín Barrios MangoréGuitar solo 
Odeon61210-in.1921GeromitaAgustín Barrios MangoréGuitar solo 
Odeon61310-in.1921Rapsodia americanaAgustín Barrios MangoréGuitar solo 
Odeon61410-in.1921TarantellaAgustín Barrios MangoréGuitar solo 


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