Recordings made Wednesday, December 31, 1947

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= Recordings are available for online listening. = Recordings were issued from this master. No recordings issued from other masters.

CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Victor[Vi cat 60-1805-A]10-in.approximately 1947Mi noche tristeOrquesta Típica Anibal Troilo ; Edmundo RiveroInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
Victor[Vi cat 60-1805-B]10-in.approximately 1947A la parrillaOrquesta Típica Anibal TroiloInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO456110-in.1946 or 1947My pet polkaSkertich Brothers Tamburica OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO456410-in.1946 or 1947Hercules waltzSkertich Brothers Tamburica OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO456610-in.1946 or 1947Old timers (Laendler)Jerry Mazanec a jeho OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO456910-in.1946 or 1947Pauline polkaJerry Mazanec a jeho OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO458310-in.1946 or 1947Lolly pop polkaJuke Box SerenadersInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO458410-in.1946 or 1947Love sick oberekJuke Box SerenadersInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO471910-in.1947Listen to the clarinet (Polka)Jerry Mazanec OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO472110-in.1947SukýnkaJerry Mazanec a jeho Orchestra ; Milada Ptak ; Zdenek PtakInstrumental ensemble, with female-male vocal duet 
ColumbiaCCO472210-in.1947Chipper polkaJerry Mazanec a jeho OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO472310-in.1947Little AnnJerry Mazanec OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO472410-in.1947Už je te dávnoJerry Mazanec a jeho Orchestra ; Milada Ptak ; Zdenek PtakInstrumental ensemble, with female-male vocal duet 
ColumbiaCCO472510-in.1947Polka modrých očiJerry Mazanec a jeho Orchestra ; Milada Ptak ; Zdenek PtakInstrumental ensemble, with female-male vocal duet 
ColumbiaCCO472610-in.1947Hill and dale polkaJerry Mazanec a jeho OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO473110-in.1947The doveSkertich Brothers Tamburica OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO473210-in.1947Eagle polkaSkertich Brothers Tamburica OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO473510-in.1947Wedding waltzWindy City FiveInstrumental quintet 
ColumbiaCCO473610-in.1947Shining moonWindy City FiveInstrumental quintet 
ColumbiaCCO473910-in.1947WarsawJuke Box SerenadersInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO474010-in.1947Yoo-hoo polkaJuke Box Serenaders ; Eddie TerlikowskiInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO474110-in.1947Vengerka polkaJuke Box SerenadersInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO474210-in.1947Sound effects polkaJuke Box SerenadersInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO477610-in.1947Three Yanks polkaFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO477710-in.1947Dreamer's waltzFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO477810-in.1947Strabane polkaJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO478110-in.1947Clinker polkaJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO478210-in.1947Cocktail waltzJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO478310-in.1947Rendezvous waltzJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO482310-in.1947NationalJuke Box SerenadersInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCCO482610-in.1947The tattlerJuke Box Serenaders ; Francis PrzybylskiInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3674210-in.1946 or 1947HofbrauBill Gale ; Globe Trotters  
ColumbiaCO3674410-in.1946 or 1947TroikaBill Gale ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3674510-in.1946 or 1947Auld lang syne polkaBill Gale ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3677010-in.1946 or 1947All year round polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3677110-in.1946 or 1947Pretty girl polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3677210-in.1946 or 1947I don't care polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3677310-in.1946 or 1947Tinker polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3677410-in.1947Jumping juke boxBill Gale ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3677510-in.1946 or 1947Music boxBill Gale ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3677710-in.1946 or 1947C.O.D. polkaBill Gale ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3682210-in.1946 or 1947El patioVal-Taro MusetteGuitar and accordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3682310-in.1946 or 1947Old memoriesVal-Taro MusetteGuitar and accordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3682410-in.1946 or 1947Whirling wind polkaVal-Taro MusetteGuitar and accordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3682510-in.1946 or 1947Madness polkaVal-Taro MusetteGuitar and accordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3698510-in.1946 or 1947Brooklyn polkaBill Gale ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3698610-in.1946 or 1947Racetrack polkaBill Gale ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3698710-in.1946 or 1947Jitney jiveBill Gale ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3702610-in.1946 or 1947Happy hobo pplkaBill Gale ; Art Gentry ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3702710-in.1946 or 1947The California polkaArt Gentry ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3702810-in.1946 or 1947Latin polkaBill Gale ; Art Gentry ; The Globe TrottersJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3702910-in.1946 or 1947Hula polkaBill Gale ; Art Gentry ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3713310-in.1946 or 1947My darling waltzVal-Taro MusetteGuitar and accordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3713410-in.1946 or 1947Blue ribbon polkaVal-Taro MusetteGuitar and accordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3714310-in.1946 or 1947Shandy polkaFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3714410-in.1946 or 1947Happy hourFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3714510-in.1946 or 1947Cheer up, sweetheartFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3714610-in.1946 or 1947Jolly polkaFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3714710-in.1946 or 1947Cafe polkaFrankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3724210-in.1946 or 1947Everybody's polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3724410-in.1946 or 1947The cocktail polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble, with vocal 
ColumbiaCO3731810-in.1946 or 1947Horseshoe polkaBee Gee Tavern BandInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3731910-in.1946 or 1947Cigarette polkaBee Gee Tavern BandInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3732010-in.1946 or 1947Play it prettyBee Gee Tavern Band ; Bill GaleInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3732110-in.1946 or 1947CookieBee Gee Tavern Band ; Bill GaleInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3735010-in.1947I love ballare with youNicola Paone ; Nicola PaoneMale vocal solo, with guitar 
ColumbiaCO3735110-in.1947The grocery manNicola Paone ; Nicola PaoneMale vocal solo, with guitar 
ColumbiaCO3739810-in.1947Doink polkaBill Gale ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3739910-in.1947Monkey serenadeBetty Brewer ; Bill Gale ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band, with female vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3740010-in.1947Danube wavesBill Gale ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band 
ColumbiaCO3740110-in.1947Maid of MadridJimmy Blair ; Bill Gale ; Globe TrottersJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3749310-in.1947Allegro waltzVal-Taro MusetteInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3749410-in.1947Voglio andare in mascheraVal-Taro MusetteInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3749510-in.1947Alpine waltzVal-Taro MusetteAccordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3749610-in.1947Carnival polkaVal-Taro MusetteAccordion duet 
ColumbiaCO3770510-in.1947Whoa, Dobbin polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3770610-in.1947Julia polkaEdward Krolikowski OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3776210-in.1947Land of dreamsLeo Kempinski Continental OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3776310-in.1947Maytime gaietyLeo Kempinski Continental OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3784510-in.1947Hungarian medleyMiklos Gafni ; Gleb YellinMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3784610-in.1947A vén ciganyMiklos Gafni ; Gleb YellinMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3825710-in.approximately 1947Chi se nne scorda cchiu!Miklos GafniMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
ColumbiaCO3825810-in.approximately 1947Dicitencello vuie!Miklos GafniMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
ColumbiaCO3831510-in.1947Moja declaJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3831810-in.1947Linda's lullabyJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3831910-in.1947The iron rangeJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble 
ColumbiaCO3832710-in.1947Zidana marelaJohnny Pecon ; Frankie Yankovic ; YanksInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaCO3842810-in.approximately 1947I' te vuria vasà!Miklos GafniMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
ColumbiaCO3842910-in.approximately 1947Senza nisciunoMiklos GafniMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Gramophone0GA125010-in.approximately 1947Pethainō ap' agapē gia sena (Πεθαινω απ' αγαπη για σενα)Gianni Vella Orchestra ; Stella GrekaFemale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Apex1074710-in.1947Firemen's reelDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Apex1089610-in.1947Silver and gold two-stepDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Apex1089710-in.1947Highland hornpipeDon Messer and his Islanders Violin solo, with instrumental ensemble  
Decca7449712/31/1947Thank you Mother NatureMary Osborne Trio  
Decca7449812/31/1947No moon at allMary Osborne Trio  
Decca7449912/31/1947BeguineLarry Adler  
Decca7450012/31/1947Londonderry airLarry Adler  
Decca7450112/31/1947Hawaiian war chantGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450212/31/1947My little grass shack in Kealohakekua, HawaiiGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450312/31/1947Better luck next timeGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450412/31/1947Saturday night in Central ParkGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450512/31/1947The old accordionGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450612/31/1947The moon is back in businessGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450712/31/1947I gave her my heart in AcapulcoGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450812/31/1947ScalawagGuy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  
Decca7450912/31/1947On the road to MandalayFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451012/31/1947My blue heavenFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451112/31/1947PennsylvaniaFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451212/31/1947A few stolen momentsFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451312/31/1947The unconstant loverFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451412/31/1947Mr. Frog a-courtin' he did ri..Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451512/31/1947Dark eyes ; Volga boatmanFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451612/31/1947Loch LomondFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451712/31/1947My cathedralFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451812/31/1947Bless this houseFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7451912/31/1947Nursery rhyme suite: Ding dong bell ; Pussy cat, Pussy cat ; There were two cats of KilkennyFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7452012/31/1947Three Mother Geese: Little Jack Horner ; Old Mother Hubbard ; Tom, Tom, the piper's sonFred Waring and the Pennsylvanians  
Decca7452112/31/1947Beg your pardonRuss Morgan’s Orchestra  
Decca7452212/31/1947All dressed up with a broken heartRuss Morgan’s Orchestra  
Columbia (U.K.)[Col cat 4050-F]10-in.approximately 1947Cocococo! Cocococotte!Pierre Chagnon ; FernandelMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
SignatureSRC 33010-in.1947You will never walk aloneRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 33110-in.1947When I grow too old to dream-1Ray Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 33210-in.1947BaiaRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 33410-in.approximately 1947Midnight masqueradeMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 33510-in.approximately 1947We could make such beautiful music togetherMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 33610-in.approximately 1947A thousand and one nightsMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 33710-in.approximately 1947I'm gonna be a bad girlMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 33810-in.1947On the sunny side of the streetHazel Scott  
SignatureSRC 33910-in.1947I've got the world on a stringHazel Scott  
SignatureSRC 34010-in.1947Butterfly kickHazel Scott  
SignatureSRC 34110-in.1947Ich will sich spielenHazel Scott  
SignatureSRC 34210-in.1947Gonna get a pin up girlJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 34310-in.1947Dog patch boogieJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 34410-in.1947Everything I have is yoursJohnny Bothwell Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 34510-in.1947A gal in calicoLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 34610-in.1947[Unknown title(s)]Larry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 34710-in.1947The things we did last SummerLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 34810-in.1947Anniversary songLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 34910-in.1947The girl that I marryLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 35010-in.approximately 1946-1947Turkey in the strawRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 35110-in.approximately 1946-1947Arkansas travelerRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 35210-in.approximately 1946-1947Dark eyesRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 35310-in.approximately 1946-1947BambalinaRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 36410-in.1947Managua, NicaraguaJulie Conway  
SignatureSRC 36510-in.1947If I had my life to live overFloyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 36610-in.1947Why did it have to end so soonLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 36710-in.1947I want to thank your folksLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 36810-in.1947Another night like thisLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 36910-in.1947Old devil moonLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 37010-in.1947I just fell out of love with youCurly Gribbs  
SignatureSRC 37110-in.1947So round, so firm, so fully packedCurly Gribbs  
SignatureSRC 37210-in.1947I never knew what it meant to be lovedCurly Gribbs  
SignatureSRC 37310-in.1947Steel guitar ragCurly Gribbs  
SignatureSRC 37410-in.1947Fiddle boogieCurly Gribbs  
SignatureSRC 37510-in.1947Oh why, oh why did I ever leave WyomingCurly Gribbs  
SignatureSRC 38010-in.1947Haul away JoeTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38110-in.1947John Henry ; Scudda hooTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38210-in.1947Froggie went a-courtin'Tom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38310-in.1947Soldier, will you marry me? ; Sourwood mountainTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38410-in.1947Foggy, foggy dewTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38510-in.1947Billy boy ; Riddle songTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38610-in.1947The story of twelveTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38710-in.1947Sit down servant ; Two wingsTom Scott  
SignatureSRC 38810-in.1947Please take me home this very momentJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 38910-in.1947White star of Sigma NuJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 39010-in.approximately 1947HeartachesRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 39110-in.approximately 1947Mam'selleRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 39210-in.approximately 1947What am I gonna do about youMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39310-in.approximately 1947It's so nice to be niceMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39410-in.approximately 1947GuiltyMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39510-in.approximately 1947Exactly like youMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39610-in.approximately 1947It had to be youMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39710-in.approximately 1947Embraceable youMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39810-in.approximately 1947How deep is the oceanMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 39910-in.approximately 1947Ain't misbehavin'Monica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 40010-in.approximately 1947IllusionBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 40110-in.approximately 1947The story of SorrentoBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 40210-in.approximately 1947Thrill meMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 40310-in.approximately 1947Made for each otherMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 40410-in.approximately 1947As long as I'm dreamingBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 40510-in.approximately 1947You'll know when it happens to youBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 40610-in.approximately 1947Where or whenBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 40710-in.approximately 1947Why was I bornBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 40810-in.approximately 1947LindaLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 40910-in.approximately 1947There is no greater loveLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 41010-in.approximately 1947Beware my heartLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 41110-in.approximately 1947I can't get up the nerve to kiss youLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 41210-in.approximately 1947That's where I came inLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 41310-in.approximately 1947The egg and ILarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 41410-in.1947Unless it can happen with youJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 41510-in.1947Time after timeJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 41610-in.1947It's the same old dreamJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 41710-in.1947If there is someone lovelierWill Bradley Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 41810-in.1947Celery stalks at midnightWill Bradley Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 41910-in.1947Easy rideWill Bradley Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 42010-in.approximately 1947They didn't believe meMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42110-in.approximately 1947I'll see you in my dreamsMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42210-in.approximately 1947Someone to watch over meMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42310-in.approximately 1947But not for meMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42410-in.approximately 1947AlwaysMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42510-in.approximately 1947Speak to me of loveMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42610-in.approximately 1947I'll see you againMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42710-in.approximately 1947If I loved youMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 42810-in.1947I can't get up the nerve to kiss youJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 42910-in.1947My love for youJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 43010-in.1947An evening in ParisJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 43110-in.1947It's the same old dreamJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 43210-in.1947Heartbreakin'Johnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 43310-in.1947Jingle bellsJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 43410-in.1947Winter wonderlandJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 43510-in.approximately 1947CalientoJose y su orquesta Morand  
SignatureSRC 43610-in.approximately 1947Jack Jack JackJose y su orquesta Morand  
SignatureSRC 43710-in.approximately 1947EnlloroJose y su orquesta Morand  
SignatureSRC 43810-in.approximately 1947I have no tearsJose y su orquesta Morand  
SignatureSRC 43910-in.approximately 1947Come down babyDickie Wells' Blue Seven ; Cousin Joe  
SignatureSRC 44010-in.approximately 1947Bachelor's bluesDickie Wells' Blue Seven ; Cousin Joe  
SignatureSRC 44110-in.approximately 1947Don't pay me no mindDickie Wells' Blue Seven ; Cousin Joe  
SignatureSRC 44210-in.approximately 1947I had to stop to conquer you, babyDickie Wells' Blue Seven ; Cousin Joe  
SignatureSRC 44310-in.approximately 1947Blues, part 1Dickie Wells' Blue Seven ; Cousin Joe  
SignatureSRC 44410-in.approximately 1947Blues, part 2Dickie Wells' Blue Seven ; Cousin Joe  
SignatureSRC 44510-in.approximately 1947Duel in the sun, part 1Ray Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 44610-in.approximately 1947Duel in the sun, part 2Ray Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 44710-in.approximately 1947Deep purpleRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 44810-in.approximately 1947Stella by starlightRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 44910-in.approximately 1947HoneymoonRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 45010-in.approximately 1947Be sweet to me kidRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 45110-in.approximately 1947The giant's marchRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 45210-in.approximately 1947The umpire is a most unhappy manRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 45310-in.approximately 1947David and Goliath, part 1Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 45410-in.approximately 1947David and Goliath, part 2Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 45510-in.approximately 1947David and Goliath, part 4Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 45610-in.approximately 1947David and Goliath, part 3Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 45710-in.approximately 1947Paul Bunyon, part 1Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 45810-in.approximately 1947Paul Bunyon, part 2Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 45910-in.approximately 1947Paul Bunyon, part 3Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 46010-in.approximately 1947Paul Bunyon, part 4Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 46110-in.approximately 1947Almost like being in loveBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 46210-in.approximately 1947There but for you I goBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 46310-in.approximately 1947Ave MariaRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 46410-in.approximately 1947I kiss your hand, MadamRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 46510-in.approximately 1947That naughty waltzRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 46610-in.approximately 1947Alice blue gownRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 46710-in.approximately 1947The shadow waltzRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 46810-in.approximately 1947Missouri waltzRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 46910-in.approximately 1947Wonderful oneRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 47010-in.approximately 1947Three o'clock in the morningRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 47110-in.approximately 1947Air mail special on the flyShorty Long  
SignatureSRC 47210-in.approximately 1947Sweet Corrina bluesShorty Long  
SignatureSRC 47310-in.approximately 1947After all these yearsShorty Long  
SignatureSRC 47410-in.approximately 1947The miner's songShorty Long  
SignatureSRC 47510-in.approximately 1947It makes no difference nowDave Denny  
SignatureSRC 47610-in.approximately 1947You only want me when I'm lonelyDave Denny  
SignatureSRC 47710-in.approximately 1947Do you ever think of meDave Denny  
SignatureSRC 47810-in.approximately 1947Honey, be my honey beeDave Denny  
SignatureSRC 47910-in.approximately 1947Peg o' my heartThe Chickering Four ; Floyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 48010-in.approximately 1947Don't cry, little girl, don't cryFloyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 48110-in.approximately 1947What's the use of dreamingFloyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 48210-in.approximately 1947Mahzel (means good luck)Larry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 48310-in.approximately 1947That old gang of mineLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 48410-in.approximately 1947Sleep my baby sleepLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 48510-in.approximately 1947Ask anyone who knowsLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 48610-in.approximately 1947You doLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 48710-in.approximately 1947Rockin' horse cowboyLarry Douglas  
SignatureSRC 48810-in.approximately 1947Come to me, bend to meFloyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 48910-in.approximately 1947Till we meet againFloyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 49010-in.approximately 1947Wild Bill Hickok, part 1 (Wild Bill rides again, part 1)Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 49110-in.approximately 1947Wild Bill Hickok, part 2 (Wild Bill rides again, part 2)Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 49210-in.approximately 1947Wild Bill Hickok, part 3 (Wild Bill rides again, part 3)Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 49310-in.approximately 1947Wild Bill Hickok, part 4 (Wild Bill rides again, part 4)Victor Jory  
SignatureSRC 49410-in.approximately 1947Let bygones be bygonesFloyd Sherman  
SignatureSRC 49510-in.approximately 1947Come to the Mardi GrasFernando Alvarez  
SignatureSRC 49610-in.approximately 1947Se causa unoFernando Alvarez  
SignatureSRC 49710-in.approximately 1947BatigonFernando Alvarez  
SignatureSRC 49810-in.approximately 1947Bessie couldn't help itRonnie Kemper  
SignatureSRC 49910-in.approximately 1947CeciliaRonnie Kemper  
SignatureSRC 50010-in.approximately 1947Ragtime cowboy JoeRonnie Kemper  
SignatureSRC 50110-in.approximately 1947My future just passedRonnie Kemper  
SignatureSRC 50210-in.approximately 1947The best known soldierRex Cross  
SignatureSRC 50310-in.approximately 1947Baby can you laugh at thatRex Cross  
SignatureSRC 50410-in.approximately 1947When it's reveille time in heavenRex Cross  
SignatureSRC 50510-in.approximately 1947Memory of your last goodbyeRex Cross  
SignatureSRC 50610-in.approximately 1947If you're the sweetheart of somebody elseRed Murrell  
SignatureSRC 50710-in.approximately 1947Get that chip off your shoulderRed Murrell  
SignatureSRC 50810-in.approximately 1947Wake up, babeRed Murrell  
SignatureSRC 50910-in.approximately 1947In her own peculiar wayRed Murrell  
SignatureSRC 51010-in.approximately 1947Ain't cha ever comin' backAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 51110-in.approximately 1947On the old Spanish trailAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 51210-in.approximately 1947If my heart had a windowAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 51310-in.approximately 1947Hobocus, N.J.Alan Dale  
SignatureSRC 51410-in.approximately 1947Lonely momentsWill Bradley Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 51510-in.approximately 1947Bop 'n' boogieWill Bradley Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 51610-in.approximately 1947I'm drownin' in your deep blue eyesRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 51710-in.approximately 1947KateAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 51810-in.approximately 1947Cuddle up a little closerRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 51910-in.approximately 1947The heather in the hillBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 52010-in.approximately 1947A-N-G-E-L spells MaryBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 52110-in.approximately 1947I never knewBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 52210-in.approximately 1947JealousBobby Doyle  
SignatureSRC 52310-in.approximately 1947Turkey in the strawRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 52410-in.approximately 1947The devil's dreamRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 52510-in.approximately 1947Boil the cabbage downRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 52610-in.approximately 1947Sailors hornpipeRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 52710-in.approximately 1947Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ayRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 52810-in.approximately 1947Sheppard's schottischeRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 52910-in.approximately 1947Hang my head and cryRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 53010-in.approximately 1947That ain't rightRiley Sheppard and his Happy Fiddlers  
SignatureSRC 53110-in.approximately 1947Roar, lion, roarJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53210-in.approximately 1947Dear old DukeJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53310-in.approximately 1947Washington and Lee swingJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53410-in.approximately 1947Far above Cayuga's watersJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53510-in.approximately 1947The eyes of Texas are upon youJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53610-in.approximately 1947Fight onJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53710-in.approximately 1947On, WisconsinJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53810-in.approximately 1947Notre Dame victory marchJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 53910-in.approximately 1947White ChristmasMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 54010-in.approximately 1947The Christmas songMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 54110-in.approximately 1947Santa Claus is comin' to townRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54210-in.approximately 1947Let it snow, let it snow, let it snowRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54310-in.approximately 1947ParadiseJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54410-in.approximately 1947One dozen rosesJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54510-in.approximately 1947It's like a trip to TipperaryJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54610-in.approximately 1947It creeps by nightRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54710-in.approximately 1947When day is doneRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54810-in.approximately 1947LiebestraumRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 54910-in.approximately 1947Two guitarsRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 55010-in.approximately 1947StumblingRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 55110-in.approximately 1947Little stories for little people, part 1Monica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55210-in.approximately 1947Little stories for little people, part 2Monica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55310-in.approximately 1947Little stories for little people, part 3Monica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55410-in.approximately 1947Little stories for little people, part 4Monica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55510-in.approximately 1947The howlinest hootinest gal in townMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55610-in.approximately 1947The popsicle songMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55710-in.approximately 1947So farAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 55810-in.approximately 1947Lover come back to meMonica Lewis  
SignatureSRC 55910-in.approximately 1947Mean to meAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 56010-in.approximately 1947Shine on harvest moonAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 56110-in.approximately 1947My melancholy babyAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 56210-in.approximately 1947It's a lonesome old townAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 56310-in.approximately 1947Oh MarieAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 56410-in.approximately 1947What is this thing called love?Anita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 56510-in.approximately 1947Hi ho trailus boot whipAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 56610-in.approximately 1947I told ya I love yaAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 56710-in.approximately 1947It's different when it happens to youAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 57010-in.approximately 1947Railroad bluesFred Dunn and his Barrelhouse Rhythm  
SignatureSRC 57110-in.approximately 1947Fred's boogie woogieFred Dunn and his Barrelhouse Rhythm  
SignatureSRC 57210-in.approximately 1947Mountain bluesFred Dunn and his Barrelhouse Rhythm  
SignatureSRC 57310-in.approximately 1947Please don't say we're throughCliff Butler  
SignatureSRC 57410-in.approximately 1947You bring happiness to meCliff Butler  
SignatureSRC 57510-in.approximately 1947She's really sweet to meCliff Butler  
SignatureSRC 57610-in.approximately 1947Benny's boogieCliff Butler  
SignatureSRC 57910-in.approximately 1947No tears tomorrowRed Woodward  
SignatureSRC 58010-in.approximately 1947You will pay with your heartRed Woodward  
SignatureSRC 58110-in.approximately 1947I'll never believe itRed Woodward  
SignatureSRC 58210-in.approximately 1947Chicken in the bread panRed Woodward  
SignatureSRC 58310-in.approximately 1947Papa, won't you dance with meAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 58410-in.approximately 1947JudyAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 58510-in.approximately 1947I'll hold you in my heartAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 58610-in.approximately 1947An old sombreroAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 58710-in.approximately 1947My cousin LouellaAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 58810-in.approximately 1947I never loved anyoneAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 58910-in.approximately 1947The wildest gal in townAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 59010-in.approximately 1947All dressed up with a broken heartAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 59110-in.approximately 1947Blues before sunriseFred Dunn  
SignatureSRC 59210-in.approximately 1947Baby, don't you feel lowdownFred Dunn  
SignatureSRC 59310-in.approximately 1947The morning afterFred Dunn  
SignatureSRC 59410-in.approximately 1947The devil and the moonFred Dunn  
SignatureSRC 59510-in.approximately 1947Just like thatJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 59610-in.approximately 1947Sweet Sue, just youJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 59710-in.approximately 1947Night and dayJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 59810-in.approximately 1947Poor butterflyJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 59910-in.approximately 1947Moonlight and U.P.I.Johnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 60010-in.approximately 1947They're mine, they're mine, they're mineConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 60110-in.approximately 1947You made me love youConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 60210-in.approximately 1947But what are these?Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 60310-in.approximately 1947Will you still be mineConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 60410-in.approximately 1947In the glow of eveningJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 60510-in.approximately 1947HomeJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 60610-in.approximately 1947If I can't have the one I loveJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 60710-in.approximately 1947Happy birthday to youJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 60810-in.approximately 1947Easter paradeJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 60910-in.approximately 1947Allah's holidayJohnny Long Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 61010-in.approximately 1947Isle of CapriAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 61110-in.approximately 1947Nina-NinaAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 61210-in.approximately 1947Goodnight sweetheartAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 61310-in.approximately 1947Meet me tonight in DreamlandAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 61410-in.approximately 1947A trip to France, part 1Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 61510-in.approximately 1947A trip to France, part 2Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 61610-in.approximately 1947A trip to France, part 3Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 61710-in.approximately 1947A trip to France, part 4Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 61810-in.approximately 1947At the Candlelight CafeAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 61910-in.approximately 1947My guitarAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 62010-in.approximately 1947But beautifulAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 62110-in.approximately 1947PoincianaAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 62210-in.approximately 1947I went to VirginiaAlan Dale  
SignatureSRC 62310-in.approximately 1947Little boy bluesConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 62410-in.approximately 1947The darktown strutter's ball-1Alan Dale ; Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 62510-in.approximately 1947What has happened to Joe?Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 62610-in.approximately 1947Ok'l baby dok'lConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 62710-in.approximately 1947Stormy weatherConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 62810-in.approximately 1947Ah, but it happensConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 62910-in.approximately 1947Where flamingos flyConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 63010-in.approximately 1947My man (Mon homme)Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 63110-in.approximately 1947Silly no - silly yesConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 63210-in.approximately 1947Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone)Connie Haines  
SignatureSRC 63310-in.approximately 1947Just for nowConnie Haines  
SignatureSRC 63410-in.approximately 1947A trip to New York, part 1Kenny Roberts  
SignatureSRC 63510-in.approximately 1947A trip to New York, part 2Kenny Roberts  
SignatureSRC 63610-in.approximately 1947A trip to New York, part 3Kenny Roberts  
SignatureSRC 63710-in.approximately 1947A trip to New York, part 4Kenny Roberts  
SignatureSRC 63810-in.approximately 1947Negra consentidaRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 63910-in.approximately 1947Andalusia (The breeze and I)Ray Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64010-in.approximately 1947AdiosRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64110-in.approximately 1947El chocloRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64210-in.approximately 1947Now is the hourRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64310-in.approximately 1947ThoughtlessRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64410-in.approximately 1947I'm looking over a four leaf cloverRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64510-in.approximately 1947Silver threads among the goldRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64610-in.approximately 1947SiboneyRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64710-in.approximately 1947The peanut vendorRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64810-in.approximately 1947Minuet in GRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 64910-in.approximately 1947Sabre danceRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 65010-in.approximately 1947Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (That's an Irish lullaby)Ray Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 65110-in.approximately 1947Back to DonegalRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 65210-in.approximately 1947When Irish eyes are smilingRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 65310-in.approximately 1947My wild Irish roseRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 65410-in.approximately 1947A little bit of heaven ; Ireland must be heaven for my mother came from thereRay Bloch Orchestra  
SignatureSRC 65510-in.1947MalaguenaAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 65610-in.1947I told ya I love ya, now get outAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 65710-in.1947How high the moonAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 65810-in.1947I ain't gettin' any youngerAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 65910-in.1947Travel in' manAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 66010-in.1947Key largoAnita O'Day  
SignatureSRC 81710-in.1947Just a noteRalph Willis  
SignatureSRC 81810-in.1947Church bellsRalph Willis  
SignatureSRC 81910-in.1947Trouble don't lastRalph Willis  
SignatureSRC 82010-in.1947Shake that thingRalph Willis  
DeccaL 4649December 1947What are stars?, part 1Leonard Joy  
DeccaL 4650December 1947What are stars?, part 2Leonard Joy  
DeccaL 4651December 1947Why do I have to go to sleep?, part 1Leonard Joy  
DeccaL 4652December 1947Why do I have to go to sleep?, part 2Leonard Joy  
DeccaL 479512/31/1947Haunted heartBing Crosby  
DeccaL 479612/31/1947A fella with an umbrellaBing Crosby  
DeccaL 479712/31/1947La, la, la, there's a bluebird singing in my heartBing Crosby  
DeccaL 479812/31/1947Love Thy neighborBing Crosby  
DeccaL 479912/31/1947But none like youAdele Clark  
DeccaL 480012/31/1947For heaven's sakeAdele Clark  
DeccaL 480112/31/1947You've changedAdele Clark  
DeccaL 480212/31/1947Someone saidAdele Clark  
DeccaL 480312/31/1947Manana (is soon enough for me)Mills Brothers  
DeccaL 480412/31/1947I'd love to call you my sweetheart-1The Andrews Sisters ; Dick Haymes ; Kitty Kallen  
DeccaL 480512/31/1947What did I do-2Dick Haymes  
DeccaL 480612/31/1947Mmm-Mmm goodThe Andrews Sisters  
DeccaL 480712/31/1947The richest man in the cemeteryThe Andrews Sisters  
DeccaL 480812/31/1947I hate to lose youThe Andrews Sisters  
DeccaL 480912/31/1947A tale of two cities: Part 1Ronald Colman  
DeccaL 481012/31/1947A tale of two cities: Part 2Ronald Colman  
DeccaL 481112/31/1947A tale of two cities: Part 3Ronald Colman  
DeccaL 481212/31/1947A tale of two cities: Part 4Ronald Colman  
DeccaL 481312/31/1947A tale of two cities: Part 5Ronald Colman  
DeccaL 481412/31/1947A tale of two cities: Part 6Ronald Colman  
Columbia (U.K.)CB1181410-in.approximately 1947Ma quando pensi a NapoliNino D'Aurelio ; Orchestra G. M. GuarinoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)CB1181510-in.approximately 1947Chitarra senza voceNino D'Aurelio ; Orchestra G. M. GuarinoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)[Col cat 4008-F]10-in.approximately 1947L'enfant au coeur d'orCompagnons de la ChansonVocal ensemble 
Columbia (U.K.)CL829610-in.approximately 1947Douce FranceEnsemble Lasry-Chauliac ; Charles TrenetMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble 
Columbia (U.K.)CL829710-in.approximately 1947J'ai mon coeur qui fait tic-tacPierre Chagnon ; FernandelMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)CL829910-in.approximately 1947Je suis irresistiblePierre Chagnon ; FernandelMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)CL830010-in.approximately 1947O mio amorePierre Chagnon ; FernandelMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)CL833810-in.approximately 1947Parle-moi en françaisJo Boyer ; Georges Ulmer ; Jean ValzMale vocal solo, with orchestra and piano 
Columbia (U.K.)CL836610-in.approximately 1947Hotel des ArtistesAlix Combelle ; Georges UlmerMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)CL837210-in.approximately 1947Les marins de notre villeCompagnons de la ChansonVocal ensemble 
Columbia (U.K.)CL837810-in.approximately 1947Moi, je fais des chansonsGeorges Ulmer ; Jean ValzMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia (U.K.)CL846810-in.approximately 1947NicoleGeorges Ulmer ; Jean ValzMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
DeccaCP 28110-in.approximately 1947Dos gardeniasDaniel Santos  
DeccaCP 36510-in.approximately 1947El ajiacoDaniel Santos  
DeccaCXE 1184512-in.1946 or 1947Destiny waltzSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCXE 118461946 or 1947Haunted ballroomSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1193810-in.1946 or 1947IntermezzoSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1196210-in.1946 or 1947Galway BayDenis Martin  
DeccaCE 1196310-in.1946 or 1947Terrence's farewellDenis Martin  
DeccaCE 1209210-in.1946 or 1947The road to IrelandDenis Martin  
DeccaCE 121191946 or 1947Hora staccatoSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 1213410-in.1946 or 1947Trottin' to the fairDenis Martin  
DeccaCXE 121691946 or 1947Hungarian rhapsody, part 1Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCXE 121701946 or 1947Hungarian rhapsody, part 2Sidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaCE 121751946 or 1947My waltz for youSidney Torch Orchestra  
DeccaP-CE 121851946 or 1947AndaluciaRoberto Inglez Orchestra  
DeccaFO 830211957Mariti in CittaDomenico Modugno  


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