Recordings made Friday, December 31, 1920

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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorC-2476412-in.12/30/1920Song without words, op. 12, no. 1Hans KindlerCello solo, with orchestra 
VictorB-2480210-in.12/8/1920Chiamatemi bellaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental ensemble 
VictorB-2480310-in.12/8/1920Al campidoglioThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2480410-in.12/8/1920Sempre miaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481110-in.12/31/1920CarmelaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481210-in.12/31/1920Saltiamo carina miaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481310-in.12/31/1920Amo lallegriaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481410-in.12/31/1920TeresinaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481510-in.12/31/1920Graziosa e simpaticaThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481610-in.12/31/1920Saremo felici entrambiThe Four SiciliansInstrumental ensemble 
VictorB-2481710-in.12/31/1920Luna incantevoleThe Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
VictorB-2481810-in.12/31/1920La mia Annetta (My Annette)The Four SiciliansInstrumental quartet 
Columbia7961810-in.12/31/1920Farewell message to AmericaMuriel MacSwineySpeech 
Columbia4862712-in.3/14/1916Ardon gl'incensiMaria Barrientos ; Marshall P. Lufsky ; Giorgio PolaccoSoprano vocal solo, with flute obbligato and orchestra 
Columbia4863212-in.3/16/1916O Isis et OsirisLéon RothierBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4863312-in.3/16/1916La MarseillaiseLéon RothierBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4865812-in.3/25/1916A love sick coonBilly Golden ; Jim MarloweComic dialogue 1916E lucevan le stelleHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4876112-in.5/1/1916Cielo e marHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4877712-in.5/3/1916Will there be any stars in my crown?James F. Harrison ; James ReedMale vocal duet 
Columbia4878212-in.5/4/1916Salve! Dimora casta e puraHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 1916Il sognoHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4878812-in.5/6/1916M'appariHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra Jan.-May 1916SerenataLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 1916-1920Your wifePrince's BandBand 
Columbia4891612-in.9/14/1916Au fond du temple saintJames Harrod ; Graham MarrVocal duet (tenor and baritone), with orchestra 
Columbia4892512-in.9/20/1916The year's at the springMaggie TeyteSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1916-1920The flirting whistlerPrince's OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4902012-in.12/6/1916Vesti la giubbaHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4902212-in.12/7/1916Hungarian rhapsody no. 2Prince's OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4918712-in.4/27/1917National medleyPrince's Band ; G. Hepburn WilsonBand 
Columbia4940712-in.5/9/1918General Pershing marchPrince's BandBand 
Columbia4949012-in.9/4/1918Beautiful OhioPrince's OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4957612-in.1/20/1919St. Julien marchColumbia Band ; Charles Adams PrinceBand 1920Mother-heartLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Suicidio! In questi fieri momentiRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1920President WilsonStephen S. WiseSpeech 1920Amour viens aider ma faiblesseJeanne GordonContralto vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Re dell' abissoJeanne GordonContralto vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4975012-in.2/10/1920Hungarian rhapsody no. 12Percy GraingerPiano solo 
Columbia4975112-in.2/10/1920Hungarian rhapsody no. 12Percy GraingerPiano solo 1920Flower of the snowRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4976512-in.12/31/1920LoyaltyBainbridge ColbySpeech 1920The bride-elect marchPrince's BandBand 1920Seventh RegimentPrince's BandBand 1920Washington GraysPrince's BandBand 1920The gladiatorPrince's BandBand 1920Centennial marchColumbia Band ; Charles Adams PrinceBand 1920Our director marchColumbia BandBand 1920Save AmericaNicholas Murray ButlerSpeech 1920America safeJames W. GerardSpeech 1920America safe, part 2James W. GerardSpeech 1920Theodore RooseveltLeonard WoodSpeech 1920Pace, pace mio dioRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Kiss me againRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Maria MariRosa PonselleSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4990312-in.10/19/1920Jota de PabloDuci De Kerékjártó ; Maurice EisnerViolin solo, with piano 1920Memorial addressÉamon De ValeraSpeech 1920Eili, EiliHipólito LázaroTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 1920The palmsLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920The Holy CityLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920The heart bow'd downLouis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 1920Oh dry those tears!Louis GraveureBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia2500610-in.before 1920Austria indulóLondon Military BandBand 
Columbia4100110-in.between 1904 and 1919Armeemarsch no. 113Kapelle des Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier RegimentOrchestra 
Columbia4105610-in.1905O du mein ÖsterreichColumbia OrchesterOrchestra 
Columbia4107510-in.1907 or beforeAuf der WachtColumbia OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia4121510-in.before 1920Eltörött a hegedümImre PintérMale vocal solo 
Columbia4121710-in.before 1920Temetőben láttalak meg legelőbbImre PintérMale vocal solo 
Columbia4123810-in.approximately 1904-1910Biró uramRaskò GézaMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4124110-in.before 1920Fecske madárRaskò GézaMale vocal solo 
Columbia4125010-in.before 1920Alkonyodik a csillagDávid NeyBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4125810-in.before 1920Túl a DúnanDávid NeyBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4148510-in.1904 or laterThe dollar princess : Automobile marchColumbia Orchestra  
Columbia4149310-in.1904 or laterThe dollar princess : WaltzNational Military Band [UK]Band 
Columbia4157910-in.approximately 1904-1909Zugspitz TrompetenländlerStrassmeier Dachauer BauernkapelleBand 
Columbia4158110-in.approximately 1904-1911Berchtesgadner SchuhplattlerStrassmeier Dachauer BauernkapelleBand 
Columbia4160310-in.approximately 1904-1909Neuschwansteiner LändlerPeuppus KapelleBand 
Columbia4160410-in.approximately 1904-1909Birkenstoaner LändlerPeuppus KapelleBand 
Columbia4166810-in.approximately 1904-1910Immer an der Wand langColumbia OrchesterOrchestra, with male vocal chorus 
Columbia4178310-in.1904 or afterLa entra de la murtaBanda Municipale di MilanoBand 
Columbia4180010-in.approximately 1904-1915Ad essi non perdonoErnesto Badini ; Lia RemondiniVocal duet (soprano and baritone), with orchestra 
Columbia4181510-in.approximately 1904-1916Išdykus mergaitēMilitariška OrkiestraOrchestra 
Columbia4184310-in.1913Aïda : Ebben qual nuovo fremito (Scena e duetto Amneris : Aida), part 2Andreina Beinat ; Lia RemondiniVocal duet (soprano and mezzo-soprano), with orchestra 
Columbia4186010-in.before 1920Manon : L'ora o TirsiAmelia KarolaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4186210-in.before 1920Manon Lescaut : Sola, perdita, abbandonataAmelia KarolaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4187310-in.between 1904 and 1919France-Italian marchBanda Municipale di MilanoBand 
Columbia4196710-in.approximately 1904-1914Possente FtaVincenzo Bettoni ; Ester ToninelloVocal duet (soprano and bass) and vocal chorus, with orchestra 
Columbia4207210-in.between 1910 and 1916Son Saltarello, il danzatorErnesto BadiniBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4212610-in.between 1915 and 1920Questo mio bianco mantoCelestina BoninsegnaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4212710-in.between 1915 and 1920Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amoreCelestina BoninsegnaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4212810-in.between 1915 and 1920Ernani, Ernani involamiCelestina BoninsegnaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4218010-in.before 1920E bonassera, ammoreMario MassaTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4225710-in.before 1920GiovinezzaElvira DonnarummaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4225910-in.before 1920L'amor mioElvira DonnarummaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4226010-in.before 1920Scetabi, oi bellaElvira DonnarummaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4230010-in.before 1920Un episodio dell'invasione tedesca nel BelgioLuigi BaldassareMonologue 
Columbia4230110-in.before 1920Un visitatione misterioso nel quartiere generale del KaiserLuigi BaldassareMonologue 
Columbia4230610-in.before 1920Passo di strada : Verso I nostri nuovi confiniLuigi BaldassareMonologue 
Columbia4232810-in.before 1920A TriesteLuigi BaldassareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4233110-in.before 1920O Gioventu d'ItaliaLuigi BaldassareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4233910-in.before 1920Don Pasquale : SerenataItalo CristaliTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia4234110-in.before 1920Don Pasquale : Sogno soave e castoItalo CristaliTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5961012-in.approximately 1920Goodbye whiskeyM. S. HawieRecitation 
Columbia5961112-in.approximately 1920Goodbye whiskeyM. S. HawieRecitation 
Columbia5962212-in.1920La predica del Santo NataleEduardo CianelliMonologue, with organ 
Columbia5965012-in.1920Rozhinkes mit mandln (ראָזינקעס מיט מאַנדלען)William SchwartzMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5966912-in.1920Rachil (ראַכיל)William SchwartzMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5967012-in.1920Canto e chiagnoTeresa de MatienzoFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia5967912-in.1920Filava! Filava!Teresa de MatienzoFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia6205410-in.between 1917 and 1920Sing me to sleepMiss Ruth SteinFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia6215810-in.between 1917 and 1920Believe me in all those endearing young charmsR. C. MulhollandMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia6599910-in.approximately 1920Eh! By gum! It were a real fine doJack Lane  
Columbia6959010-in.approximately 1920Calling you home to meElsie Morelli  
Columbia6959110-in.approximately 1920If I might come to youElsie Morelli  
Columbia6959210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6959310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6959410-in.approximately 1920That old fashioned mother of mineUnity Quartette  
Columbia6959510-in.approximately 1920Seaside postersErnest Hastings  
Columbia6959610-in.approximately 1920Baby number oneArtists vary  
Columbia6959710-in.approximately 1920Concertina medley, part 1 : Where the blue-eyed Marys grow ; Why didn't you tell me? ; Down in Virginia ; When love peeps in the windowAlexander Prince  
Columbia6959810-in.approximately 1920Concertina medley, part 2 : You're in style ; How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm ; 'N' everything ; California and youAlexander Prince  
Columbia6960010-in.approximately 1920Toni Spagoni : Fox trotAlexander Prince  
Columbia6960110-in.approximately 1920Till we meet againAlexander Prince  
Columbia6960210-in.approximately 1920Missouri waltzAlexander Prince  
Columbia6960410-in.approximately 1920Tails up : 'N' everythingHarry Marlow  
Columbia6960510-in.approximately 1920When love peeps in at the windowWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6960610-in.approximately 1920Why didn't you tell meWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6960710-in.approximately 1920Give her a great big kiss from meG. H. Elliott  
Columbia6960810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6960910-in.approximately 1920Missouri waltzRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6961010-in.approximately 1920Over there : Fox trotRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6961110-in.approximately 1920AndantinoJames Levey  
Columbia6961210-in.approximately 1920Tempo di minuettoJames Levey  
Columbia6961310-in.approximately 1920A lullabyJames Levey  
Columbia6961410-in.approximately 1920CanzonettaJames Levey  
Columbia6961510-in.approximately 1920An intermezzoJames Levey  
Columbia6961610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6961710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6961810-in.approximately 1920Song of the Volga boatmenC. Warwick Evans ; Ellen Tuckfield  
Columbia6961910-in.approximately 1920Chanson de matinC. Warwick Evans ; Ellen Tuckfield  
Columbia6962010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6962110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6962210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6962310-in.approximately 1920Concertina medley, part 3 : Hindustan ; The wild, wild women ; Signora ; In the land of Yam-JamoAlexander Prince  
Columbia6962410-in.approximately 1920Concertina medley, part 4 : Paddy McGinty's goat ; Give me the moonlight ; Thuthie ; Where there's a girl there's a boyAlexander Prince  
Columbia6962510-in.approximately 1920Spread out, lads : Two-stepAlexander Prince  
Columbia6962610-in.approximately 1920Tam O'Shanter : Two-stepAlexander Prince  
Columbia6962710-in.approximately 1920Vive l'amour : ValseAlexander Prince  
Columbia6962810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6962910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6963010-in.approximately 1920Hong Kong jazz : One-stepAlexander Prince  
Columbia6963110-in.approximately 1920Quand Madelon : MarchAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6963210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6963310-in.approximately 1920That's what God made mothers forUnity Quartette  
Columbia6963410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6963510-in.approximately 1920Where the blue-eyed Marys growG. H. Elliott  
Columbia6963610-in.approximately 1920By the waters of MinnetonkaHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6963710-in.approximately 1920T'was AprilHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6963810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6963910-in.approximately 1920Rose of yestereveHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6964010-in.approximately 1920Cohen and the company promoterFred Duprez ; Joe Hayman  
Columbia6964110-in.approximately 1920Cohen, insurance agentFred Duprez ; Joe Hayman  
Columbia6964210-in.approximately 1920Where do flies go, in the winter-time?Fred Douglas  
Columbia6964310-in.approximately 1920Mandy and meFred Douglas  
Columbia6964410-in.approximately 1920If you're Irish, come into the parlourFred Douglas  
Columbia6964510-in.approximately 1920Aint'cha coming back, Mary Ann, to Maryland?Fred Douglas  
Columbia6964610-in.approximately 1920H.O.M.E.Fred Douglas  
Columbia6964710-in.approximately 19201920 popular hits, part 2 : Wild, wild women ; Smiles ; That's what God made others forRegal Vocal Chorus  
Columbia6964810-in.approximately 19201920 popular hits, part 1 : Mammy o' mine ; Till we meet again ; How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farmRegal Vocal Chorus  
Columbia6964910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6965010-in.approximately 1920Mammy o' mineFred Douglas  
Columbia6965110-in.approximately 1920I know where the flies goFred Douglas  
Columbia6965210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6965310-in.approximately 1920The bells of St. Mary'sWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6965410-in.approximately 1920Oh, what a pal was MaryWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6965510-in.approximately 1920Nobody knowsFred Douglas  
Columbia6965610-in.approximately 1920Sweet Emalina, my galFred Douglas  
Columbia6965710-in.approximately 1920I'm forever blowing bubblesWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6965810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6965910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6966010-in.approximately 1920MemoriesGeo. F. Murray  
Columbia6966110-in.approximately 1920Tell meWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6966210-in.approximately 1920I'm forever blowing bubblesMabel Lee ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6966310-in.approximately 1920Mammy o' mineMabel Lee ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6966410-in.approximately 1920Nobody knowsStewart Morton ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6966510-in.approximately 1920MemoriesWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6966610-in.approximately 1920Beautiful OhioMabel Lee ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6966710-in.approximately 1920In the land of beginning againMabel Lee ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6966810-in.approximately 1920Tell meGeo. F. Murray ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6966910-in.approximately 1920Tulip timeGeo. F. Murray ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6967010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6967110-in.approximately 1920My baby's armsGeo. F. Murray  
Columbia6967210-in.approximately 1920Oh, what a pal was MaryGeo. F. Murray ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6967310-in.approximately 1920Beautiful OhioGeorge Diamond  
Columbia6967410-in.approximately 1920My baby's armsGeorge Diamond  
Columbia6967510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6967610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6967710-in.approximately 1920Sally in our alleyFrank Mullings  
Columbia6967810-in.approximately 1920Annie Laurie ; Prince Charlie’s favouriteFrank Mullings  
Columbia6967910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6968010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6968110-in.approximately 1920The immortal hour : Faery songHamilton Harty ; Arthur Jordan  
Columbia6968210-in.approximately 1920King Arthur : Fairest IslesHamilton Harty ; Arthur Jordan  
Columbia6968310-in.approximately 1920Hindustan : Fox trotRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6968410-in.approximately 1920I've got my captain working for me nowStewart Morton ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6968510-in.approximately 1920You'd be surprisedStewart Morton ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6968610-in.approximately 1920In the land of beginning againWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6968710-in.approximately 1920Tulip timeWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6968810-in.approximately 1920PatchesStewart Morton ; Unity Quartette  
Columbia6968910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6969010-in.approximately 1920Desert love songs : a) I will await thee ; b) My heart's desireHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6969110-in.approximately 1920Desert love songs : c) The burning hours d) The doveHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6969210-in.approximately 1920Desert love songs : a) The hawk ; b) Yellow slippersHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6969310-in.approximately 1920On the go : March (Le fringant)Alexander Prince  
Columbia6969410-in.approximately 1920Pussyfoot marchAlexander Prince  
Columbia6969510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6969610-in.approximately 1920Somewhere in the corner of the worldDoris Ashton  
Columbia6969710-in.approximately 1920The kingdom within your eyesDoris Ashton  
Columbia6969810-in.approximately 1920I'd just paint the leaf of a shamrockDoris Ashton  
Columbia6969910-in.approximately 1920Your own PierrotDoris Ashton  
Columbia6970010-in.approximately 1920Cynthia's gardenEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6970110-in.approximately 1920Home down thereEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6970210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6970310-in.approximately 1920And he'd say 'Oo-la-la, wee-wee'Savoy Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6970410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6970510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6970610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6970710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6970810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6970910-in.approximately 1920BrittanyHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6971010-in.approximately 1920Heart of springHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6971110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6971210-in.approximately 1920Haven of tendernessEthel Hook  
Columbia6971310-in.approximately 1920Who is Sylvia?Hubert Eisdell  
Columbia6971410-in.approximately 1920I attempt from love's sicknessHubert Eisdell  
Columbia6971510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6971610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6971710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6971810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6971910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972410-in.approximately 1920Sand dunes : One-stepRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6972510-in.approximately 1920Beautiful Ohio : WaltzLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6972610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6972910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6973010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6973110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6973210-in.approximately 1920Il trovatore : MiserereBritish Grand Opera Company  
Columbia6973310-in.approximately 1920Il trovatore : Home to our mountainsJoan Murray ; Frederick Storm  
Columbia6973410-in.approximately 1920MenuettW. H. Squire  
Columbia6973510-in.approximately 1920O star of eveW. H. Squire  
Columbia6973610-in.approximately 1920Papillon, opus 4, no. 3Artists vary  
Columbia6973710-in.approximately 1920Cradle songW. H. Squire  
Columbia6973810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6973910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6974010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6974110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6974210-in.approximately 1920Delectable : Novelty danceT. Thurban's Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6974310-in.approximately 1920Zanana : WaltzT. Thurban's Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6974410-in.approximately 1920Dorina waltz : Novelty danceT. Thurban's Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6974510-in.approximately 1920The tango waltzT. Thurban's Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6974610-in.approximately 1920Three o'clock in the morning : WaltzLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6974710-in.approximately 1920Chanson grecqueW. H. Squire  
Columbia6974810-in.approximately 1920La danzaW. H. Squire  
Columbia6974910-in.approximately 1920MenuetW. H. Squire  
Columbia6975010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6975110-in.approximately 1920SerenadeMichael Doré  
Columbia6975210-in.approximately 1920Gavotte in DMichael Doré ; Sydney Rosenbloom  
Columbia6975310-in.approximately 1920Les millions d'Arlequin : SerenadeMichael Doré ; Sydney Rosenbloom  
Columbia6975410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6975510-in.approximately 1920Caprice de la ballerinaMichael Doré ; Sydney Rosenbloom  
Columbia6975610-in.approximately 1920Let the rest of the world go byWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6975710-in.approximately 1920Every time I see youWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6975810-in.approximately 1920Tonight by the firelight glowWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6975910-in.approximately 1920Eulalie : Valse tyrolienneT. Thurban's Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6976010-in.approximately 1920The empress waltzT. Thurban's Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6976110-in.approximately 1920You'd be surprisedSavoy Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6976210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6976910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6977010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6977110-in.approximately 1920Love sends a little gift of rosesHerbert Thorpe  
Columbia6977210-in.approximately 1920Dardanella : Fox trotRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6977310-in.approximately 1920Wyoming : WaltzRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6977410-in.approximately 1920The carrier's courtshipThorpe Bates  
Columbia6977510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6977610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6977710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6977810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6977910-in.approximately 1920You'd be surprisedRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6978010-in.approximately 1920Oh! Helen : One-stepRegal Orchestra  
Columbia6978110-in.approximately 1920The Anzacs marchRegal Military Band  
Columbia6978210-in.approximately 1920Our Tommies on the marchRegal Military Band  
Columbia6978310-in.approximately 1920A lover in Damascus : 1) Far across the desert sandsEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6978410-in.approximately 1920A lover in Damascus : 2) Where the Abana flowsEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6978510-in.approximately 1920A lover in Damascus : 3) Beloved in your absenceEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6978610-in.approximately 1920A lover in Damascus : 4) How many a lonely caravanEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6978710-in.approximately 1920Where does the rhinoceros get his rhino?Jack Lane  
Columbia6978810-in.approximately 1920Down in the dell where the cross-eyed Claras growJack Lane  
Columbia6978910-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : Selection, part 1Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6979010-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : Selection, part 2Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6979210-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : L'il Liza JaneBetty Chester ; Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra ; Walter Williams  
Columbia6979310-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : Three little wordsMargaret Bannerman  
Columbia6979410-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : I know where the flies goVaudeville Theatre Orchestra ; Walter Williams  
Columbia6979510-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : I've done with the girlsVaudeville Theatre Orchestra ; Walter Williams  
Columbia6979610-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : A patch on youIvy Tresmand ; Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6979710-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : Little Miss BrittanyIvy Tresmand ; Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6979810-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : Lotus LandDore Plowden ; Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6979910-in.approximately 1920The two old sports, no. 1 : Gouty and gayThe Two Old Sports  
Columbia6980010-in.approximately 1920The two old sports, no. 2 : Merry and brightThe Two Old Sports  
Columbia6980110-in.approximately 1920The two old sports, no. 3 : The argumentative ageThe Two Old Sports  
Columbia6980210-in.approximately 1920The two old sports, no. 4 : The old village villainsThe Two Old Sports  
Columbia6980310-in.approximately 1920The two old sports, no. 5 : Set the bells a-ringingThe Two Old Sports  
Columbia6980410-in.approximately 1920The two old sports, no. 6 : A jolly good night, tonightThe Two Old Sports  
Columbia6980510-in.approximately 1920Bow bells : FoxtrotLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6980610-in.approximately 1920Valse appassionataLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6980710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6980810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6980910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6981010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6981110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6981210-in.approximately 1920Irene : HobbiesDaisy Hancox  
Columbia6981310-in.approximately 1920Irene : The last part of every partyMargaret Campbell ; Winnie Collins ; Empire Theatre Orchestra ; Robert Hale  
Columbia6981410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6981510-in.approximately 1920Brightest dayElsa Stralia  
Columbia6981610-in.approximately 1920Nocturne in E flatW. H. Squire  
Columbia6981710-in.approximately 1920ScherzoW. H. Squire  
Columbia6981810-in.approximately 1920Tzig-tzig, dance MagyareW. H. Squire  
Columbia6981910-in.approximately 1920[Unknown title(s)]Unidentified performer(s) (Columbia Records)  
Columbia6982010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6982110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6982210-in.approximately 1920Rocked in the cradle of the deepNorman Allin  
Columbia6982310-in.approximately 1920Father O'FlynnNorman Allin  
Columbia6982410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6982510-in.approximately 1920A lover in Damascus : 5) If in the great bazaarsEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6982610-in.approximately 1920A lover in Damascus : 6) Allah, be with usEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6982710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6982810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6982910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6983010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6983110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6983210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6983310-in.approximately 1920MenuetYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6983410-in.approximately 1920LibellulesYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6983510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6983610-in.approximately 1920TambourinYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6983710-in.approximately 1920I know where the flies goFred DouglasMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia6983810-in.approximately 1920Will you love the violet when you've lost the rose?Eric Randolph  
Columbia6983910-in.approximately 1920I've left my heart in MarylandEric Randolph  
Columbia6984010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984710-in.approximately 1920Cradle songYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6984810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6984910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985110-in.approximately 1920Carmen : HabaneraYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6985210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6985710-in.approximately 1920Three jolly ScotchmenJack Lorimer  
Columbia6985810-in.approximately 1920The land of the heatherJack Lorimer  
Columbia6985910-in.approximately 1920Hieland laddie OJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986010-in.approximately 1920When we went to LondonJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986110-in.approximately 1920McCluskeyJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986210-in.approximately 1920King Arthur : Fairest islesArthur Jordan  
Columbia6986310-in.approximately 1920She's a braw lassJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986410-in.approximately 1920The land where the heather growsJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986510-in.approximately 1920McDougall's BallJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986610-in.approximately 1920The wee AberdonianJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986710-in.approximately 1920Put on your kilt, SandyJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986810-in.approximately 1920I've just come up for a dayJack Lorimer  
Columbia6986910-in.approximately 1920Blue bonnets over the border : March ; Rocking stone of Inverness : Strathspey ; The piper of Dundee : ReelHighland Pipe Major David Laing  
Columbia6987010-in.approximately 1920De'il in the kitchen : The 79th's farewellHighland Pipe Major David Laing  
Columbia6987110-in.approximately 1920MacKenzie Highlanders ; Highland laddieHighland Pipe Major David Laing  
Columbia6987210-in.approximately 1920Ronald's bride ; My love she's but a lassie yetHighland Pipe Major David Laing  
Columbia6987310-in.approximately 1920Flora MacDonald's lamentHighland Pipe Major David Laing  
Columbia6987410-in.approximately 1920The Atholl gathering : March ; Lucy Campbell : StrathspeyHighland Pipe Major David Laing  
Columbia6987510-in.approximately 1920Killicrankie : March ; Tullochcoram : Strathspey ; Reel of TullochHighland Pipe Band  
Columbia6987610-in.approximately 192079th's farewell to Gibraltar : March ; Miss Drummond of Perth : Strathspey ; Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay : ReelHighland Pipe Band  
Columbia6987710-in.approximately 1920Loch Katrine : March ; Marquis of HuntlyHighland Pipe Band  
Columbia6987810-in.approximately 1920Mrs. MacDougall : March ; The high road to Lionton : ReelHighland Pipe Band  
Columbia6987910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6988010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6988110-in.approximately 1920Muldoon's BallErnest Hastings  
Columbia6988210-in.approximately 1920The syncopated village blacksmithErnest Hastings  
Columbia6988310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6988410-in.approximately 1920PoémYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6988510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6988610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6988710-in.approximately 1920Songs of the fair : a) Fairings ; b) Jock the fiddlerHerbert Heyner  
Columbia6988810-in.approximately 1920Songs of the fair : Langle FairHerbert Heyner  
Columbia6988910-in.approximately 1920Songs of the fair : The ballad mongerHerbert Heyner  
Columbia6989010-in.approximately 1920Songs of the fair : Come to the fairHerbert Heyner  
Columbia6989110-in.approximately 1920Songs of the fair : InterludeHerbert Heyner  
Columbia6989210-in.approximately 1920Songs of the fair : Hatfield bellsHerbert Heyner  
Columbia6989310-in.approximately 1920King of the cloudsErnest Bertram  
Columbia6989410-in.approximately 1920My Irish jaunting carErnest Bertram  
Columbia6989510-in.approximately 1920Irene : Castle of dreamsThomas Jackson  
Columbia6989610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6989710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6989810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6989910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6990010-in.approximately 1920Chanson triste, opus 40, no. 2Yovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6990110-in.approximately 1920Le trille du DiableYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia6990210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6990310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6990410-in.approximately 1920Roses of memoryTopliss Green  
Columbia6990510-in.approximately 1920Old BartyTopliss Green  
Columbia6990610-in.approximately 1920Because I were shyTopliss Green  
Columbia6990710-in.approximately 1920O flower of all the worldTopliss Green  
Columbia6990810-in.approximately 1920The beat of the drumTopliss Green  
Columbia6990910-in.approximately 1920Your mother and ITopliss Green  
Columbia6991010-in.approximately 1920And he'd say "oo-la-la, wee-wee"Fred Douglas  
Columbia6991210-in.approximately 1920Jig saw : SwaneeFred Douglas  
Columbia6991310-in.approximately 1920Take your girlie to the moviesF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6991410-in.approximately 1920Wyoming lullabyF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6991510-in.approximately 1920Patches : A song fox trotFred Douglas  
Columbia6991610-in.approximately 1920Jig saw : Limehouse nightsFred Douglas  
Columbia6991710-in.approximately 1920Oliver, you make me go all of a twistF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6991810-in.approximately 1920Just for me and MaryF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6991910-in.approximately 1920In MontereyFred Douglas  
Columbia6992010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6992110-in.approximately 1920Irene : Alice blue gownCarrie Herwin  
Columbia6992210-in.approximately 1920Irene : Castle of dreamsCarrie Herwin  
Columbia6992310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6992410-in.approximately 1920A Southern maid : Selection, part 1. Call of the sea ; Bird of blue ; Love's cigarette ; Our cottage by the seaAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6992510-in.approximately 1920A Southern maid : Selection, part 2. Here's to those we love ; Francesco del Fuego ; Dark grows the skyAlbert W. Ketelbey  
Columbia6992610-in.approximately 1920Irene : Selection, part 1. We're getting away with it ; Alice blue gown ; Sky rocketAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6992710-in.approximately 1920Irene : selection, part 2. Talk of the town; Irene; To be worthyAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6992810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6992910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6993010-in.approximately 1920Dreamy AlabamaEric Holmes  
Columbia6993110-in.approximately 1920On Miami shoreEric Holmes  
Columbia6993210-in.approximately 1920Irene : Alice blue gownEric Holmes  
Columbia6993310-in.approximately 1920A tumbledown nook by the seaEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6993410-in.approximately 1920As you pass byEdgar Coyle  
Columbia6993510-in.approximately 1920You'll be some wonderful girlFred Douglas  
Columbia6993610-in.approximately 1920When the harvest moon is shiningFred DouglasMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia6993710-in.approximately 1920They'll never know me in old DahomeyFred Douglas  
Columbia6993810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6993910-in.approximately 1920Drink to me only with thine eyesArthur Jordan  
Columbia6994010-in.approximately 1920For you aloneTom Burke  
Columbia6994110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6994210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6994310-in.approximately 1920Jig saw : Swanee, one-stepAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6994410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6994510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6994610-in.approximately 1920SomebodyFred Douglas  
Columbia6994710-in.approximately 1920God gave me wonderful dreamsWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6994810-in.approximately 1920The rose of no-mans landWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6994910-in.approximately 1920City of laughter, city of tearsWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6995010-in.approximately 1920LorraineArtists vary  
Columbia6995110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6995210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6995310-in.approximately 1920Johnny Jones : SelectionAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6995410-in.approximately 1920The shop girl : SelectionAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia6995510-in.approximately 1920Dixie wedding bellsNat D. Ayer  
Columbia6995610-in.approximately 1920She was wonderfulNat D. Ayer  
Columbia6995710-in.approximately 1920Ain't cha coming back, Mary Ann, to MarylandNat D. Ayer  
Columbia6995810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6995910-in.approximately 1920InvictusTom Burke  
Columbia6996010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996510-in.approximately 1920Back home in TennesseeNat D. Ayer  
Columbia6996610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6996810-in.approximately 1920In sweet SeptemberEdward Williams  
Columbia6996910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6997010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6997110-in.approximately 1920I want to hear that Dixie melodyF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6997210-in.approximately 1920Some day when the sun is shiningFred Douglas  
Columbia6997310-in.approximately 1920Dixie wedding bellsF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6997410-in.approximately 1920Just fancy : The contraltoBetty Chester ; Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6997510-in.approximately 1920The whirligig : The gypsy warned meBetty Chester ; Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra  
Columbia6997610-in.approximately 1920Bless my Swanee River homeF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6997710-in.approximately 1920You're a million miles from nowhereWilliam Thomas  
Columbia6997810-in.approximately 1920There's a little bit of devil in every angelF. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6997910-in.approximately 1920I want to go back to the dear old continong [sic]F. W. Ramsey  
Columbia6998010-in.approximately 1920Start the war againJack Lane  
Columbia6998110-in.approximately 1920Johnny Jones : Voila!Alhambra Theatre Orchestra ; Lupino Lane  
Columbia6998210-in.approximately 1920Johnny Jones : The Caliph HarounAlhambra Theatre Orchestra ; Lupino Lane  
Columbia6998310-in.approximately 1920Archibald, certainly not!George Robey  
Columbia6998410-in.approximately 1920And very nice tooGeorge Robey  
Columbia6998510-in.approximately 1920More than sorrow than in angerGeorge Robey  
Columbia6998610-in.approximately 1920The manager of the Splitz HotelGeorge Robey  
Columbia6998710-in.approximately 1920Ti-too, ti-too : One stepLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia6998810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6998910-in.approximately 1920All through winking at a soldierFred Douglas  
Columbia6999010-in.approximately 1920LouisianaFred Douglas  
Columbia6999110-in.approximately 1920There's a welcome there for youFred Douglas  
Columbia6999210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6999310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6999410-in.approximately 1920On Miami shoreArthur Reeves  
Columbia6999510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6999610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6999710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6999810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia6999910-in.approximately 1920Till I wakeClara ButtContralto vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7000010-in.between 1917 and 1920Four Indian love lyrics : Less than the dustClara Butt ; Hamilton Harty  
Columbia7100010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7100210-in.approximately 1920Children's dances : Sir Roger de CoverleyLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia7100310-in.approximately 1920Children's dances : a) Highland fling ; b) Sailor's hornpipeLondon Dance Orchestra  
Columbia7100410-in.approximately 1920The golden butterflyCentury Dance Band  
Columbia7100510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7100610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7100710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7100810-in.approximately 1920Perpetuum mobile, opus 34Yovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia7100910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7101010-in.approximately 1920Moment musicaleYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge Krish  
Columbia7101110-in.approximately 1920The clever hen : Children's storyMay Congdon  
Columbia7101210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7101310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7101410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7101510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7101610-in.approximately 1920The clucking hen : Children's storyMay Congdon  
Columbia7101710-in.approximately 1920Listen to the voice of loveGervase Elwes  
Columbia7101810-in.approximately 1920BrittanyGervase Elwes  
Columbia7101910-in.approximately 1920My father was born in KillarneyBilly WilliamsMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7102010-in.approximately 1920She does love a little bit of scotchBilly WilliamsMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia7102110-in.approximately 1920Blame it on poor old FatherBilly Williams  
Columbia7102210-in.approximately 1920I can't keep still tonightBilly Williams  
Columbia7102310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7102410-in.approximately 1920They can all does as they like with meBilly Williams  
Columbia7102510-in.approximately 1920Our little kiddie sings the best song of allBilly Williams  
Columbia7102610-in.approximately 1920Come and have a look at what I've gotBilly Williams  
Columbia7102710-in.approximately 1920[Unknown title(s)]Billy Williams  
Columbia7102810-in.approximately 1920[Unknown title(s)]Billy Williams  
Columbia7102910-in.approximately 1920The collierBilly Williams  
Columbia7103010-in.approximately 1920We don't want more daylightBilly Williams  
Columbia7103110-in.approximately 1920Spooning with my girlBilly Williams  
Columbia7103210-in.approximately 1920Put a bit of powder on it, FatherBilly Williams  
Columbia7103310-in.approximately 1920Who's your friend?Billy Williams  
Columbia7103410-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7103510-in.approximately 1920Tickle me TimothyBilly Williams  
Columbia7103610-in.approximately 1920Little Willie's Wild WoodbinesBilly Williams  
Columbia7103710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7103810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7104110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7104410-in.approximately 1920Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy story), part 1May Congdon  
Columbia7104510-in.approximately 1920Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy story), part 2May Congdon  
Columbia7104610-in.approximately 1920Cinderella, or The glass slipper (Fairy story), part 1May Congdon  
Columbia7104710-in.approximately 1920Cinderella, or The glass slipper (Fairy story), part 2May Congdon  
Columbia7104810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7104910-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7105010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7105110-in.approximately 1920GiftsGervase Elwes  
Columbia7105210-in.approximately 1920My Wenlock TownGervase Elwes  
Columbia7105310-in.approximately 1920Argandab marchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7105410-in.approximately 1920Preciosa : MarchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7105510-in.approximately 1920The new colonial marchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7105610-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7105710-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7105810-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7105910-in.approximately 1920The vanished army : MarchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7106010-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7106110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7106210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7106310-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7106410-in.approximately 1920Open your heart and let the sunshine inF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7106510-in.approximately 1920San-fari-annFred Douglas  
Columbia7106610-in.approximately 1920Venetian moonFred Douglas  
Columbia7106710-in.approximately 1920Oh, what a difference the Navy's made to meFred Douglas  
Columbia7106810-in.approximately 1920OhioFred Douglas  
Columbia7107010-in.approximately 1920HomingClara Butt ; Albert Hallett  
Columbia7107110-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7107210-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7107510-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7107710-in.approximately 1920The contemptibles : MarchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7107810-in.approximately 1920Steadfast and true : MarchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7107910-in.approximately 1920The mill in the Black ForestBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7108010-in.approximately 1920March of the mountain gnomesBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7108110-in.approximately 1920May Blossom TroopRegal Military Band of the [Grenadier Guards]  
Columbia7108210-in.approximately 1920Come back to my homeland troopBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7108310-in.approximately 1920Royal Artillery march ; b) Garb of old Gaul (Scots Guards) : MarchBand of the Grenadier Guards [U.K] ; Lt. A. Williams  
Columbia7108410-in.approximately 19201921 popular songs medley, part 1London Repertoire Band ; Stewart Morton  
Columbia7108510-in.approximately 19201921 popular songs medley, part 2London Repertoire Band ; Stewart Morton  
Columbia7108610-in.approximately 19201921 popular songs medley, part 3London Repertoire Band ; Stewart Morton  
Columbia7108710-in.approximately 19201921 popular songs medley, part 4London Repertoire Band  
Columbia7108810-in.approximately 19201921 song hits medley, part 1 : Too many girls ; Love send a gift of roses ; Blushing moon ; SwaneeAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7108910-in.approximately 19201921 song hits medley, part 2 : Dardanella ; Everyone calls me Tarzan ; Just for me and Mary ; Playing second fiddleAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7109010-in.approximately 19201921 song hits medley, part 3 : Oh, what a difference the Navy's made to me ; I'm forever blowing bubbles ; Let the rest of the world go by ; Oo la la wee weeAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7109110-in.approximately 19201921 song hits medley, part 4 : Open your heart ; Oh, what a pal was Mary ; Tell me ; Dixie wedding bellsAlbert W. Ketelbey ; Silver Stars Band [National Military Band]  
Columbia7109210-in.approximately 1920Mamma's Mississippi homeEllis Richards  
Columbia7109310-in.approximately 1920Cupid plays the dickens with us allEllis Richards  
Columbia7109410-in.approximately 1920Give me the Sultan's haremF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7109510-in.approximately 1920Down in GeorgiaEllis Richards  
Columbia7109610-in.approximately 1920Smith, Jones, Robinson and BrownEllis Richards  
Columbia7109710-in.approximately 1920Everyone calls me TarzanF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7109810-in.approximately 1920Sunshine : IntermezzoE. W. Rushworth  
Columbia7109910-in.approximately 1920Starlight dell : IntermezzoE. W. Rushworth  
Columbia7110010-in.approximately 1920Just a little smileHarry Vernon  
Columbia7110110-in.approximately 1920Your wonderful heart of goldHarry Vernon  
Columbia7110210-in.approximately 1920Pratty flowers (The Holmfirth anthem)Whitehall Singers  
Columbia7110310-in.approximately 1920How can I bear to love thee (The soldier's farewell)Whitehall Singers  
Columbia7110410-in.approximately 1920When that harvest moon is shiningEdward Prince  
Columbia7110510-in.approximately 1920I'm getting tired of playing second fiddleFred Douglas  
Columbia7110610-in.approximately 1920When Big Ben's chimes ring out their melodyF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7110710-in.approximately 1920Come on, PapaFred Douglas  
Columbia7110810-in.approximately 1920Lindy's weddingF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7110910-in.approximately 1920AvalonFred Douglas  
Columbia7111010-in.approximately 1920Do I? Yes, I doF. W. Ramsey [Fred Douglas]  
Columbia7111110-in.approximately 1920Bells at sunsetSidney Swift  
Columbia7337710-in.1920The wayfarer's night songEdgar Coyle  
Columbia7337810-in.1920I hear a thrush at eveEdgar Coyle  
Columbia7400012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7400912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7401912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7402812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7403912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7404012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7407412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7407512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7407612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7407712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7407812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7408312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7408412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7408512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7408912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7409012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7409112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7409212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7409512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7409612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7409912-in.approximately 1920La bohème : Love duet, act 1Frank Mullings ; Elsa StraliaVocal duet (soprano and tenor), with orchestra 
Columbia7410112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7410212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7410712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7410812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7410912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7411012-in.approximately 1920Pisen lasky, love songYovanovitch Bratza ; Serge KrishViolin solo, with piano 
Columbia7411212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7411312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7411412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7411812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7412112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7412212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7412312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7413512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7414712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7415212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7415312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7415412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7415512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7415812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7416112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7416212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7416412-in.approximately 1920Adelaide, part 1Gervase Elwes ; Frederick B. KiddleMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia7416512-in.approximately 1920Adelaide, part 2Gervase Elwes ; Frederick B. KiddleMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia7418812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7418912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7419012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7419112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7419212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7419312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7419412-in.approximately 1920Fra Diavolo overture, part 1New Queen's Hall Orchestra ; Henry J. WoodOrchestra 
Columbia7419512-in.approximately 1920Fra Diavolo overture, part 2New Queen's Hall Orchestra ; Henry J. WoodOrchestra 
Columbia7419612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7419712-in.approximately 1920The prophet : Coronation marchNew Queen's Hall Orchestra ; Henry J. WoodOrchestra 
Columbia7419812-in.approximately 1920Night on the bare mountain, part 1New Queen's Hall Orchestra ; Henry J. WoodOrchestra 
Columbia7419912-in.approximately 1920Night on the bare mountain, part 2New Queen's Hall Orchestra ; Henry J. WoodOrchestra 
Columbia7420012-in.approximately 1920Xerxes : LargoNew Queen's Hall Orchestra ; Henry J. WoodOrchestra 
Columbia7420112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7420212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7420512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7421412-in.approximately December 1920ChiquitaCentury Dance OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7421512-in.approximately December 1920El irresistibleCentury Dance OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7421612-in.approximately December 1920La seduccionCentury Dance OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7421712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7675712-in.approximately 1920Mammy o' mineLondon Dance Orchestra ; Corelli WindeattOrchestra 
Columbia7675812-in.approximately 1920My baby's armsLondon Dance Orchestra ; Corelli WindeattOrchestra 
Columbia7675912-in.approximately 1920Everybody wants a key to my cellarLondon Dance Orchestra ; Corelli WindeattOrchestra 
Columbia7676012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7676112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7676212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7676912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7677112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7677212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7677312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7679012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7679112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7679312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7679412-in.approximately 1920Bran pie, selection, part 3Philip Braham ; Prince of Wales Theatre OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7679512-in.approximately 1920Bran pie, selection, part 4Philip Braham ; Prince of Wales Theatre OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia7679812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7679912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7681012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7681412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7681512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7681612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7681712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7682612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7682712-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7682812-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7682912-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7683012-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7683112-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7683212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7683312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7683412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7684212-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7684312-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7684412-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7684512-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia7684612-in.approximately 1920[No information]Artists vary  
Columbia8210510-in.between 1917 and 1920Á la memoria de Alberto Cruz : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8210710-in.between 1917 and 1920Mis lamentos : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8212010-in.between 1917 and 1920La triste memoria mía : Punto guajiro, part 1Martín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8212110-in.between 1917 and 1920La triste memoria mía : Punto guajiro, part 2Martín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8222910-in.between 1917 and 1920No te olvidoJosé MardonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8223010-in.between 1917 and 1920ClavelitosJosé MardonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8223310-in.between 1917 and 1920Os teus ollosJosé MardonesBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8235910-in.between 1917 and 1920Memories of springSpanish String OrchestraBand 
Columbia8236410-in.between 1917 and 1919For my countrySpanish String OrchestraBand 
Columbia8237710-in.between 1917 and 1920Flower of one daySpanish String OrchestraBand 
Columbia8237810-in.between 1917 and 1919FraternitySpanish String OrchestraBand 
Columbia8238310-in.between 1917 and 1920The chimesColumbia Spanish BandJazz/dance band 
Columbia8240810-in.between 1917 and 1920Among flowersColumbia Mexican BandBand 
Columbia8241310-in.between 1917 and 1920La rejaJosé MardonesBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8241410-in.between 1917 and 1920MefistoJosé MardonesBass vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8242510-in.between 1917 and 1919The firecrackerColumbia Spanish BandBand, with castanets 
Columbia8243110-in.between 1917 and 1920¡K.D.T. ¡Ay mamá!Caridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8243210-in.between 1917 and 1920¿Es usted? : CoupletsCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8243910-in.between 1917 and 1920Cupido tentador : CoupletCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8244010-in.between 1917 and 1920Se pue vivir : CoupletCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8244510-in.between 1917 and 1920La mujer de mi país : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8244610-in.between 1917 and 1920Mujer, mujer : CoupletCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8244710-in.between 1917 and 1920El telegrama : Couplet cómicoCaridad Davis ; Ricardo ValdésFemale-male vocal duet 
Columbia8244910-in.between 1917 and 1920Los impertinentes mágicos : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8245010-in.between 1917 and 1920Tango fatal : CoupletCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8245110-in.between 1917 and 1920El figurín : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8245310-in.between 1917 and 1919GayetyColumbia Spanish OrchestraBand, with castanets  
Columbia8245410-in.between 1917 and 1920Spanish Gypsy danceColumbia Spanish OrchestraOrchestra, with castanets 
Columbia8245510-in.between 1917 and 1920Campana suena : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8246410-in.between 1917 and 1920El agarrao : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8246510-in.between 1917 and 1920Besando : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8246610-in.between 1917 and 1920Los encantos del tennis : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8246910-in.between 1917 and 1920Toto : CoupletCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8247210-in.between 1917 and 1920El cantar de mi chulo : CanciónCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8250210-in.between 1917 and 1920El huaynito : CanciónCaridad Davis ; Ricardo ValdésFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8250310-in.between 1917 and 1920Las campanitas : Dúo cómicoCaridad Davis ; Ricardo ValdésFemale-male vocal duet 
Columbia8250410-in.between 1917 and 1920Los recién casados : Dúo cómicoCaridad Davis ; Ricardo ValdésFemale-male vocal duet 
Columbia8250510-in.between 1917 and 1920La palomita : Saludo al PerúCaridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
Columbia8255110-in.between 1917 and 1920Lo que vale es el dinero : Punto guajiroMiguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8255310-in.between 1917 and 1920Discusión del burguís y el obrero : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8255410-in.between 1917 and 1920Discusión del burguís y el obrero : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8255810-in.between 1917 and 1920El novio liberal y la novia conservadora : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8257010-in.between 1917 and 1920Húyele el dengue : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8257310-in.between 1917 and 1920Consejo a mis hermanosMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with bandurría 
Columbia8257410-in.between 1917 and 1920Consejo a mis hermanosMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with bandurría 
Columbia8257810-in.between 1917 and 1920A una ingrata : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8258910-in.between 1917 and 1920Discusión de un poblano y un guajiro : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas Salgado ; Martín SilveiraMale vocal duet, with laúd 
Columbia8259010-in.between 1917 and 1920Discusión de un poblano y un guajiro : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas Salgado ; Martín SilveiraMale vocal duet, with laúd 
Columbia8259810-in.between 1917 and 1920Generales y coroneles : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8259910-in.between 1917 and 1920Generales y coroneles : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8260010-in.between 1917 and 1920Cuadrúpedos politicos : Punto guajiroMiguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8261110-in.between 1917 and 1920Lo que yo quiero : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8261210-in.between 1917 and 1920Lo que yo quiero : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8261610-in.between 1917 and 1920El milirín pan pan : Punto guajiroMiguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8261710-in.between 1917 and 1920El pimpirirín : Punto guajiroMiguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8262410-in.either 1919 or 1920Longina : MelodeaManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8262510-in.either 1919 or 1920Mis lágrimasMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8262610-in.either 1919 or 1920Cuba aliada : BambucoMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8262710-in.either 1919 or 1920Sálvame, sálvame : RumbaMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264010-in.either 1919 or 1920Edelmira : BoleroManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264110-in.either 1919 or 1920Alejandrina : BoleroManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264210-in.either 1919 or 1920Eva moderna : BoleroMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264310-in.either 1919 or 1920Rayos de plata : BoleroMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264610-in.either 1919 or 1920Sambumbia se fué de puño : RumbaMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264710-in.either 1919 or 1920Santa Cecilia : MelodíaMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8264810-in.either 1919 or 1920Te acuerdasMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8265910-in.either 1919 or 1920Cuanto reniegoManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8266110-in.either 1919 or 1920Yo moriré : BoleroMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8266210-in.either 1919 or 1920Tu alma y la míaManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8266510-in.either 1919 or 1920El triunfo aliadoManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8266610-in.either 1919 or 1920Chinita sandungueraManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8266710-in.either 1919 or 1920Dónde estabas anoche, prieta : SonManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8266810-in.either 1919 or 1920Año de amor : GuarachaManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8267410-in.either 1919 or 1920Mi chiquita : BambucoHiginio ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8267510-in.either 1919 or 1920A la luz de la luna : BambucoMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8267710-in.between 1917 and 1920Carmita : BoleroJosé Castillo ; Manuel CoronaMale vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8267810-in.either 1919 or 1920El trovador : CanciónMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8267910-in.either 1919 or 1920Mi yoya : BoleroMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8268010-in.either 1919 or 1920Mi pecho : BoleroMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8268210-in.either 1919 or 1920Pensando en ti : VlaceHiginio ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8268310-in.either 1919 or 1920Cuca : BoleroMaría Teresa y ZequeiraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8268910-in.either 1919 or 1920Los viejos y la cumbanchaManuel Corona ; María Teresa VeraFemale-male vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8269110-in.either 1919 or 1920Dime si me quieresManuel Corona ; María Teresa Vera ; Rafael ZequeiraVocal trio, with guitar 
Columbia8275410-in.between 1917 and 1920Mujeres enamorenmeFloro y MiguelMale vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8275510-in.between 1917 and 1920VirulillaFloro y MiguelMale vocal duet, with guitar 
Columbia8275810-in.between 1917 and 1920Three o'clock in the morningColumbia Spanish OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia8276310-in.between 1917 and 1920Mi noche tristeOrquesta ColumbiaOrchestra 
Columbia8278710-in.between 1917 and 1920Que será, que no seráPilar ArcosFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8281010-in.approximately December 1919Sangre aztecaBanda ColumbiaBand 
Columbia8281310-in.between 1917 and 1920Honor y gloriaBanda ColumbiaBand 
Columbia8287110-in.between 1917 and 1920Ojos negrosOrquesta ColumbiaOrchestra 
Columbia8287210-in.between 1917 and 1920El cuzquitoOrquesta ColumbiaOrchestra 
Columbia8288210-in.between 1917 and 1920El Napoleón cubane : Punto guajiro, pt 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8288310-in.between 1917 and 1920El Napoleón cubane : Punto guajiro, pt 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8288610-in.between 1917 and 1920Los obreras cubanas : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8288710-in.between 1917 and 1920Los obreras cubanas : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8288810-in.between 1917 and 1920Desprecio a una adúltera : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8290110-in.between 1917 and 1920Desprecio a una adúltera : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8290210-in.between 1917 and 1920El silencioMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo 
Columbia8290710-in.between 1917 and 1920El adulterio de Juana : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8290810-in.between 1917 and 1920El guajiro en su estancia : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8291510-in.between 1917 and 1920El ajico de Liborio : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8292510-in.between 1917 and 1920Arrebatos de un guajiro : Punto guajiro, part 1Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8292610-in.between 1917 and 1920Arrebatos de un guajiro : Punto guajiro, part 2Miguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8293410-in.between 1917 and 1920Los deberes del campista : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8293710-in.between 1917 and 1920Invitación a Torriente : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8297810-in.between 1917 and 1920El sitio de Liborio : Punto guajiroMartín SilveiraMale vocal solo, with laúd 
Columbia8299510-in.between 1917 and 1920A un poeta guajiroMiguel Puertas SalgadoMale vocal solo 
Columbia8300712-in.approximately 1920Wenceslao : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8300812-in.approximately 1920Tira la cuchara y rompe el plato : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8302012-in.approximately 1920A Moorish ladyFrancesa de Romeu Orchestra ; Orquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8302112-in.approximately 1920La flauta mágica : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8302212-in.approximately 1920If I should die on the highwayFrancesa de Romeu Orchestra ; Orquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8302312-in.approximately 1920Los 22 amigos : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8303412-in.approximately 1920Recuerdos del pasado : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8303512-in.approximately 1920La ley seca : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8303612-in.approximately 1920A bailar mujeres : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8303712-in.approximately 1920Me voy a Alemania : DanzónOrquesta Francesa de Antonio RomeuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8423310-in.approximately April 1918Kossovo waltzSerbian Tambouritza OrchestraTamburitza orchestra 
Columbia8453710-in.12/31/1920Byvali čechoveČeské KvartettoMale vocal quartet 
Columbia8453810-in.1920ŻalobaČeské KvartettoMale vocal quartet 
Columbia8501510-in.either 1919 or 1920Drummers paradeColumbia International BandBand 
Columbia8501610-in.either 1919 or 1920Vitězná ČechoslovakieColumbia KapelaBand 
Columbia8501710-in.either 1919 or 1920Vesele v předColumbia BandBand 
Columbia8501910-in.either 1919 or 1920The miller's daughter of the Black ForestColumbia International BandBand 
Columbia8502010-in.1919 or 1920Smeden polkaColumbia BandBand 
Columbia8505910-in.either 1919 or 1920Venice mazurkaColumbia International BandBand 
Columbia8506110-in.either 1919 or 1920IrmaColumbia International BandBand 
Columbia8506410-in.either 1919 or 1920March no. 7Columbia International BandBand 
Columbia8506510-in.either 1919 or 1920Rosina polkaColumbia International BandBand 
Columbia8508110-in.approximately February 1919Fästmans valsenJohn Lager ; Eric OlsonAccordion duet 
Columbia8509610-in.1919 or 1920Kuba Jurek : MazurOrkiestra ColumbiaBand 
Columbia8509710-in.1919 or 1920W górę I na dół : GalopOrkiestra ColumbiaBand 
Columbia8511410-in.1919 or 1920Me fiyisGeorge N. HelmisMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8512610-in.either 1919 or 1920Rhyfelgyrch cadben morganDaniel BeddoeMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8512810-in.1919 or 1920O, gud vors landsScandinavian OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia8517210-in.1919 or 1920Mexican lifeL. Paparello Mandoline OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8517310-in.1919 or 1920After the kissL. Paparello Mandoline OrchestraMandolin orchestra 
Columbia8522410-in.1919 or 1920Piękna góralka : MazurOrkiestra ColumbiaBand 
Columbia8523710-in.either 1919 or 1920Llwyn onDaniel BeddoeMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8524710-in.either 1919 or 1920Aby se to nepletloRudi Křizek ; Bohuš OltMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8525110-in.either 1919 or 1920Pan konvalinka soukromníkRudi KřizekComic monologue 
Columbia8528510-in.either 1919 or 1920Popular Neapolitan melodiesRussian Balalaika Orchestra ; S. S. SamuelsBalalaika orchestra 
Columbia8528710-in.either 1919 or 1920At a Russian innRussian Balalaika Orchestra ; S. S. SamuelsBalalaika orchestra 
Columbia8528910-in.either 1919 or 1920BravoRussian Balalaika Orchestra ; S. S. SamuelsBalalaika orchestra 
Columbia8529610-in.either 1919 or 1920Fast polkaRoyal Serbian Tambouritza OrchestraTamburitza orchestra 
Columbia8529810-in.either 1919 or 1920Pozdravljam te (Поздрављам те)Serbian Tambouritza OrchestraTamburitza orchestra 
Columbia8530410-in.either 1919 or 1920Di naye Hatikṿa (די נייע תקווה)Samuel Malavsky ; Josef RosenblattVocal duet (2 tenors), with orchestra 
Columbia8530810-in.either 1919 or 1920Árva rózsa virágzik a hegy ajánLajos Dobos ; Kapossy Károly Cigányzenekara ; Kapossy KárolyMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble (Gypsy) 
Columbia8531110-in.either 1919 or 1920Temetőben láttalak meg legelőbbLajos Dobos ; Kapossy Károly CigányzenekaraMale vocal solo, with instrumental ensemble (Gypsy) 
Columbia8531310-in.approximately July 1919Old PeterRoyal Serbian Tambouritza OrchestraTamburitza orchestra 
Columbia8531710-in.either 1919 or 1920Grandmother's waltzRoyal Serbian Tambouritza OrchestraTamburitza orchestra 
Columbia8532710-in.either 1919 or 1920Bŭlgarsko kasapsko khoro 1 (Българско касапско хоро 1)Mr. D. StoyanoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8532810-in.either 1919 or 1920Bŭlgarsko kasapsko khoro 2 (Българско касапско хоро 2)Mr. D. StoyanoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8533310-in.either 1919 or 1920Zeïmpekiko Aïvalē (Ζεϊμπέκικο Αϊβαλή)Athanasios Makedonas ; Kostas Papagika ; Markos SifneosInstrumental trio 
Columbia8533710-in.approximately 1919-1920Taxim Oushak (Ταξίμι Ουσάκ)Athanasios MakedonasViolin solo 
Columbia8537210-in.either 1919 or 1920Foroys, Idishe legionern (פאָראויס, אידישע לעגיאָנערען)Samuel Malavsky ; Josef RosenblattMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8546310-in.1919 or 1920Livets tunga stigCalle SjöqvistMale vocal solo 
Columbia8546410-in.approximately 1920Manicurist-visaCalle SjöqvistMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8546510-in.approximately 1920FiaCalle SjöqvistMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8547410-in.1919 or 1920Om nå'n bjuderCalle SjöqvistMale vocal solo 
Columbia8548010-in.either 1919 or 1920Edelweiss and violetsInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Columbia Records)Guitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Columbia8549010-in.approximately 1919-1920My loving starInstrumentalist(s) (unidentified; Columbia Records)Guitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Columbia8557810-in.October 1919Petrogradskai︠a︡ polʹka (Петроградская полька)Mishka ZiganoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8558210-in.either 1919 or 1920Vo sadu li-v ogorodi︠e︡ (Во саду ли-въ огородѣ)Mishka ZiganoffAccordion solo 
Columbia8560710-in.1919 or 1920Der Forwards MarschLt. Joseph Frankel’s OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8560810-in.1919 or 1920Der nayer beis hamikdoshLt. Joseph Frankel’s OrchestraInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8564410-in.approximately 1919-1920Retseh bi-menuḥatenuBerele ChagyMale vocal solo, with organ 
Columbia8564510-in.either 1919 or 1920Mi sheʻaśah nisim (מי שעשה נסים)Berele ChagyMale vocal solo, with organ 
Columbia8564610-in.either 1919 or 1920Berikh shemeh (בריך שמיה)Berele ChagyMale vocal solo, with organ 
Columbia8564710-in.approximately 1919-1920Ana AdonaiBerele ChagyMale vocal solo, with organ 
Columbia8570510-in.either 1919 or 1920Chudo-chudesa (Чудо-чудеса)Mr. J. Turkeneff ; Mrs. M. TurkeneffVocal duet (soprano and baritone), with accordion 
Columbia8570610-in.either 1919 or 1920Zhivo-zhivi︠e︡ĭ (Живо-живѣй)Mr. J. Turkeneff ; Mrs. M. TurkeneffVocal duet (soprano and baritone), with accordion 
Columbia8571210-in.either 1919 or 1920Stornelli sicilianiGaetano LuzzaroMale vocal solo, with guitar 
Columbia8572310-in.either 1919 or 1920CapineraGaetano LuzzaroMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8572410-in.either 1919 or 1920Sei bella, sei splendidaGaetano LuzzaroMale vocal solo, with guitar 
Columbia8573910-in.either 1919 or 1920Ricordi del PiaveBanda PaesanaBand 
Columbia8574010-in.approximately December 1919Vita allegraBanda PaesanaBand 
Columbia8575110-in.approximately 1919-1920Ḳum tsu mir in Ḥeder'l (קום צו מיר ין חעדער׳ל)Berele ChagyMale vocal solo, with violin and piano 
Columbia8575210-in.approximately 1919-1920Mai ḳa mashma lan (מאי קא מאשׁמא לאן)Berele ChagyMale vocal solo, with violin and piano 
Columbia8575410-in.1919 or 1920Kohanim duchnenMoses GanopolskyMale vocal solo and mixed vocal quartet, with organ 
Columbia8575510-in.1919 or 1920KedushohMoses GanopolskyMale vocal solo and mixed vocal quartet, with organ 
Columbia8576410-in.either 1919 or 1920Summer nightNova ; PosadasGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Columbia8576510-in.either 1919 or 1920Alpine violetNova ; PosadasGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Columbia8577410-in.either 1919 or 1920Malac nótákWilliam B. BajuszMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia8578410-in.either 1919 or 1920L'inno dei figli d'ItaliaGaetano LuzzaroMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8581510-in.either 1919 or 1920Pavasario dainosColumbijos BenasBrass band 
Columbia8587210-in.either 1919 or 1920One evening with a jolly bunchOrchestra (unidentified; Columbia Records)Clarinet orchestra 
Columbia8587410-in.approximately January 1920Red heart sweetheartOrchestra (unidentified; Columbia Records)Clarinet orchestra 
Columbia8599310-in.approximately 1920'O primmo reggimentoPasquale TammaroTenor vocal solo, with mandolin and guitar 
Columbia8599710-in.February 1920Napule a TriestePasquale TammaroMale vocal solo, with guitar and mandolin 
Columbia8600910-in.approximately 1920Ksiądz mi zakazowałTadeusz WrońskiMale vocal solo, with band 
Columbia8601010-in.approximately 1920Hupaj-siupajTadeusz WrońskiMale vocal solo, with band 
Columbia8601210-in.approximately 1920Jestem sobie chłopak młodyTadeusz WrońskiMale vocal solo, with band 
Columbia8603210-in.approximately 1920Pod Krakowem czarna rolaTadeusz WrońskiMale vocal solo, with band 
Columbia8609910-in.approximately 1920På begäranEinar Holt ; Henry MagnusonAccordion duet 
Columbia8615110-in.approximately 1920Happy hours in golden WestElite EnsemblersInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8620010-in.approximately 1920Heyse bobes (הייסע באָבעס)Rose Rubin ; William ZiegenlaubFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8624510-in.approximately 1920Hogy mulat a magyarBögrés és Társai ; Kapossy Károly CigányzenekaraMale vocal ensemble, with instrumental ensemble("Gypsy") 
Columbia8624610-in.approximately 1920Hogy mulat a magyarBögrés és Társai ; Kapossy Károly Cigányzenekara ; Kapossy KárolyMale vocal ensemble, with instrumental ensemble("Gypsy") 
Columbia8624710-in.approximately 1920Hogy mulat a magyarBögrés és Társai ; Kapossy Károly CigányzenekaraMale vocal ensemble, with instrumental ensemble("Gypsy") 
Columbia8624810-in.approximately 1920Prohibishon (פּראָהיבישאָן)Rose Rubin ; William ZiegenlaubFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8625210-in.approximately 1920Hornkroks valsenEinar Holt ; Henry MagnusonAccordion duet 
Columbia8635310-in.approximately 1920Cupid's dreamViennese Instrumental QuintetteInstrumental quintet 
Columbia8635710-in.approximately 1920ColibriViennese Instrumental QuintetteInstrumental quintet 
Columbia8638910-in.1920Kleine Kokette : PolkaElite EnsemblersInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8641210-in.approximately 1920Shemaʻ Yiśraʼel (שמע ישראל)Berele ChagyMale vocal solo, with organ 
Columbia8641310-in.approximately 1920HaḥsidimBerele ChagyMale vocal solo, with organ 
Columbia8647210-in.1920Josephine polkaElite EnsemblersInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8678310-in.approximately 1920Cântecu soacreiL. AurescuMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8678510-in.approximately 1920Dela teatruL. AurescuMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8680610-in.approximately December 1920As ta nazakiaGeorge N. HelmisMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8680810-in.approximately December 1920Bökeviks valsenEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8680910-in.approximately December 1920Kinnekulle : SchottischEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8681010-in.approximately December 1920Midsommarnatts drömEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8681110-in.approximately December 1920Västgöta svängEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8681210-in.approximately December 1920Nofriu amanti sfurtunantuBucca-Perez Co.Comic scene 
Columbia8681310-in.approximately December 1920Nofriu al telefonoBucca-Perez Co.Comic scene 
Columbia8681410-in.approximately December 1920Nofriu marita a so' figghiaBucca-Perez Co.Comic scene 
Columbia8681510-in.approximately December 1920Nofriu professuriBucca-Perez Co.Comic scene 
Columbia8681610-in.approximately December 1920Nofriu tenente per mezz'oraBucca-Perez Co.Comic scene 
Columbia8681710-in.approximately December 1920Nofriu buscevicuBucca-Perez Co.Comic scene 
Columbia8681810-in.approximately December 1920Liederalbum (Potpourri deutscher Volkslieder)Manhattan QuartettMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8681910-in.approximately December 1920Liederalbum (Potpourri deutscher Volkslieder)Manhattan QuartettMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8682310-in.approximately December 1920Schön ist es überall : HeimatliedKurt RasquinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8682410-in.approximately December 1920UntreueKurt RasquinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8682710-in.approximatelyDec. 1920Zog mir nor, Yidl (זאָג מיר נאָר, אידעל)David MedoffMale vocal solo 
Columbia8682810-in.approximately December 1920Cyganka aza : Vigo-vigoDavid Medoff ; R. S. SolowjewaVocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8683110-in.approximately December 1920Obertaler LändlerBauern Kapelle [Neustätter Orchester]Band 
Columbia8683210-in.approximately December 1920Chiemsee ländlerBauern Kapelle [Neustätter Orchester]Band 
Columbia8683310-in.approximately December 1920Marien polkaNeustätter OrchesterBand 
Columbia8683410-in.approximately December 1920HerzallerliebsteNeustätter OrchesterBand 
Columbia8683510-in.approximately December 1920Cigány panna az a nevedSió Aladár és ZenekaraOrchestra ("Gypsy") 
Columbia8683610-in.approximately December 1920Repülj fecskémSió Aladár és ZenekaraOrchestra ("Gypsy") 
Columbia8683710-in.approximately December 1920Kétszer nyílik az akácfa virágaSió Aladár és ZenekaraOrchestra ("Gypsy") 
Columbia8684210-in.approximately December 1920Koniec świata : MazurPolska Orkiestra WojskowaBand 
Columbia8684310-in.approximately December 1920Clara mazurkaSei SicilianiInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8684410-in.approximately December 1920Angelica beltàSei SicilianiInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8684510-in.approximately December 1920Due cuori unitiSei SicilianiInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8684610-in.approximately December 1920Amiamoci sempreSei SicilianiInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8684710-in.approximately December 1920Sempre abbracciatiSei SicilianiInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8684810-in.approximately December 1920Baciamoci sempreSei SicilianiInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8684910-in.approximately December 1920Lördags valsenEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8685010-in.approximately December 1920Kronobergs regementes paradmarschEric Berg ; Arvid FranzenAccordion duet 
Columbia8685110-in.approximately December 1920EdelweissFritz ZimmermannMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8685210-in.approximately December 1920EdelweissFritz ZimmermannMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8685310-in.approximately December 1920Hans und VreneliFritz ZimmermannMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8685410-in.approximately December 1920Unterwaldnerlied : Yodle songFritz ZimmermannMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8685710-in.approximately December 1920Zehn Gebote für EhemännerHugo BrückenMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8686210-in.approximately December 1920Lehmann, Schulze-KohnApollo TerzettMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Columbia8686310-in.approximately December 1920Gute FreundeApollo TerzettMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Columbia8686410-in.approximately December 1920ProhibitionSam SilverbushMale vocal solo, with violin and piano 
Columbia8686510-in.approximately December 1920RegistrationSam Silverbush ; Sadie WachtelComic dialogue, with violin and piano 
Columbia8686610-in.approximately December 1920A salesman fun patent medicineSam SilverbushComic dialogue, with violin and piano 
Columbia8686710-in.approximately December 1920Der peddlerSam Silverbush ; Sadie WachtelComic dialogue, with violin and piano 
Columbia8687210-in.approximately December 1920Von meinen Bergen muss ich scheidenKurt RasquinMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687310-in.approximately December 1920Der letzte GrussRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687410-in.approximately December 1920Die beiden GrenadiereRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687510-in.approximately December 1920Andreas HoferRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687610-in.approximately December 1920BarcarolleGeorge N. HelmisMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8687810-in.approximately December 1920Hora midor de RomaniaOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8688010-in.December 1920Hora și sîrbă din PlevnaOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8688110-in.approximately December 1920Hora si sirba de la nunta taraneascaOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8688210-in.December 1920Hora și sîrbă unireiOrchestra de A. NegrescuInstrumental ensemble 
Columbia8688310-in.approximately December 192092er Regiments MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688410-in.approximately December 1920Österreichischer militär MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688510-in.approximately December 192094. Regiments MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688610-in.approximately December 1920Radetzky MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688710-in.December 1920Grenadier MarschÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688810-in.December 1920Durch Kampf zum SiegÖsterreichische Miltär KapelleBand 
Columbia8688910-in.approximately December 1920Prinz Eugen der edle RitterRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8689010-in.approximately December 1920Behüt dich GottRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8689110-in.December 1920Wenn die Schwalben Wiederkehr'nRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8689210-in.approximately December 1920Teure heimatManhattan QuartettMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8689310-in.approximately December 1920In der Heimat da gibt's ein Wiederseh'n : MarschpotpourriManhattan QuartettMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8689410-in.approximately December 1920Mädel, Mädel, ruck, ruck, ruckManhattan QuartettMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8689510-in.approximately December 1920Ich hatt' einen KameradenManhattan QuartettMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Columbia8689610-in.approximately December 1920Nachtigall LiedRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8689710-in.approximately December 1920Zar und Zimmermann : Einst spielt' ich zepterRobert LeonhardtBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8689910-in.approximately December 1920Im aargau sind zwei liebiMarcelle GrandvilleFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8690010-in.approximately December 1920Klange aus dem SchweizerbergenMarcelle GrandvilleFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8690110-in.approximately December 1920Al tramontoTeresa de MatienzoFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8690210-in.approximately December 1920Tashnagtzagan ghoumpTorcom BézazianMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8690310-in.December 1920AntranigTorcom BézazianMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8690710-in.approximately December 1920Mně se, mně seČeské KvartettoMale vocal quartet, with cello and organ 
Columbia8690810-in.approximately December 1920Červena ružičko rozvijej seČeské KvartettoMale vocal quartet, with cello and organ 
Columbia8691110-in.approximately December 1920Mi wunschMarcelle Grandville ; Fritz ZimmermannFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Columbia8691710-in.approximately December 1920Heimats klängeApollo TerzettMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Columbia8691810-in.approximately December 1920Jüngling und WitweApollo TerzettMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Columbia8691910-in.approximately December 1920Fidele brüderApollo TerzettMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Columbia8692210-in.approximately December 1920Drei JunggesellenApollo TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
Columbia8692510-in.approximately December 1920ParademarschKapelle MilitärMilitary band 
Columbia8692610-in.approximately December 1920ParademarschKapelle MilitärMilitary band 
Columbia9001210-in.between 1918 and 1920Chicken reelPrince's BandBand 
Columbia9001410-in.between 1918 and 1920Hansel and GretelPrince's BandBand 
Columbia9001510-in.between 1918 and 1920Sandal polkaPrince's BandBand 
Columbia9001610-in.between 1918 and 1920Sir Roger de Coverly, a colonial or Virginia reelPrince's BandBand 
Columbia9002410-in.between 1918 and 1920Pop goes the weaselPrince's BandBand 
Columbia9008610-in.between 1918 and 1920March from opus 27, no. 3Columbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9008710-in.between 1918 and 1920March from opus 40, no. 5Columbia Miniature OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9009810-in.between 1918 and 1920Every-day songCheif OskenontonMale vocal solo 
Columbia9009910-in.between 1918 and 1920War songCheif OskenontonMale vocal solo 
Columbia9011110-in.between 1918 and 1920Kickapoo social danceColumbia OrchestraOrchestra 
Columbia9293710-in.approximately 1920Angel child : Fox trotInstrumentalist(s) [unidentified, Columbia Records]  
Columbia9315810-in.December 1920Cuchicheo : Fox TrotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9315910-in.December 1920El nido de amor : Fox TrotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316010-in.December 1920Cielito lindo : ValsMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316110-in.December 1920La veeda : Fox trotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316210-in.December 1920Luna cubana : Fox trotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316310-in.December 1920Rag de la Calle 12 : Fox trotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316410-in.December 1920Campanas : Fox trotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316510-in.December 1920Avalón : Fox trotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316610-in.December 1920Ese pícaro valsMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9316710-in.December 1920Bo-la-bo : Fox trotMarimba ExcelsiorMarimba band 
Columbia9319210-in.December 1920Dicen que no, dicen que sí : CanciónPilar ArcosFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia9358510-in.between 1917 and 1920La Monteria : "Hay que ver" (Couplet)Caridad DavisFemale vocal solo 
OKehS-77510-in.approximately 1920Hindu roseJoseph A. PhillipsMale vocal solo 
OKehS-719210-in.aproximately 1920You and your smileHarvey HindermyerMale vocal solo 
OKehS-728410-in.approximately 1920I'm waiting for ships that never come inElliott ShawMale vocal solo 
OKehS-736210-in.approximately 1920I'm on my wayShannon FourMale vocal quartet 
OKehS-744310-in.approximately 1920Shadows of loveReed MillerMale vocal solo 
OKehS-765810-in.Nov. 1920Don't care bluesJazz Hounds ; Mamie SmithFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
OKehS-770110-in.Dec. 1920Hi-yoNicholas Orlando's Orchestra [Orlando's Orchestra]Jazz/dance band 
OKehS-770210-in.Dec. 1920Midnight moonNicholas Orlando's Orchestra [Orlando's Orchestra]Jazz/dance band 
OKehS-770310-in.Dec. 1920I used to love you, but it's all over nowNicholas Orlando's Orchestra [Orlando's Orchestra]Jazz/dance band 
OKehS-770410-in.Dec. 1920Harvest homePeter ConlonAccordion solo 
OKehS-7705Not documentedDec. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Peter ConlonAccordion solo 
OKehS-770610-in.Dec. 1920Oh gee! Say gee! You ought to see my Gee Gee from the Fiji isleJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770710-in.Dec. 1920Sweet Mama (Papa's getting mad)Joseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770810-in.Dec. 1920Crazy bluesJoseph Samuels Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
OKehS-770910-in.Dec. 1920Playmates (I wish I were a boy again)Charles HartMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-771010-in.Dec. 1920CrucifixCharles Henry ; James JordonMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-771110-in.December 1920Bright eyesBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771210-in.Dec. 1920MollyBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771310-in.Dec. 1920Sweet lavenderBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771410-in.Dec. 1920Congo nightsBlack and White Melody Boys ; Ray MillerJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771510-in.Dec. 1920I never knewLanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7716Not documentedDec. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Lanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-7717Not documentedDec. 1920[Unknown title(s)]Lanin’s Roseland OrchestraJazz/dance band 
OKehS-771810-in.Dec. 1920Look for the silver liningLewis James ; Elizabeth SpencerFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
OKehS-771910-in.December 1920The bird and the saxophoneSybil Sanderson Fagan ; Nathan GlantzWhistling solo, with saxophone and orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 1265-A]10-in.approximately 1920Everybody calls me HoneyDuane SawyerSaxophone solo 
OKeh[OK cat 1265-b]10-in.approximately 1920My golden roseDuane SawyerSaxophone solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4109-A]10-in.approximately 1920Whose baby are you?All Star TrioInstrumental trio 
OKeh[OK cat 4150-B]10-in.approximately 1920Mammy's good-night lullabyHart and ShawMale vocal trio 
OKeh[OK cat 4186-A]10-in.approximately 1920Moonlight in MandalayLewis James ; Elliott ShawMale vocal duet 
OKeh[OK cat 4186-B]10-in.approximately 1920Sweet LuanaLewis James ; Jane NeilsonFemale-male vocal duet 
OKeh[OK cat 4200-A]10-in.approximately 1920Out where the West beginsLewis JamesMale vocal solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4200-b]10-in.approximately 1920Rose of my heartEugene T. SpencerMale vocal solo 
OKeh[OK cat 4434]10-in.1920On the road to MandalayBernard FergusonMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 4613]10-in.approximately 1920That tumble-down shack in AthloneSterling TrioMale vocal trio, with orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 9005-A]10-in.approximately 1920'E curvinePietro MazzoneBaritone vocal solo, with orchestra and chorus 
OKeh[OK cat 9005-B]10-in.approximately 1920Voci di primaveraVocalist(s) (unidentified; OKeh records)Male vocal solo, with talk 
OKeh[OK cat 9010-B]10-in.approximately 1920Serenata dispettosaGiuseppe GodonoTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh[OK cat 9010-A]10-in.approximately 1920Mamma te guardeGiuseppe GodonoTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh[Od cat 20027-A]10-in.approximately 1920Sweet LuanaLewis James ; Jane NeilsonFemale-male vocal duet 
Brunswick[Br cat 2028-A]10-in.approximately 1920The drumCriterion QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Brunswick[Br cat 2028-B]10-in.approximately 1920Jerusalem mornin'Criterion QuartetMale vocal quartet 
Brunswick470610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Witches' danceLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 
BrunswickX470812-in.approximately Dec. 1920Marche militaireLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 
Brunswick475910-in.approximately Dec. 1920AbsentMario ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick476110-in.approximately Dec. 1920For you aloneMario ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick477010-in.approximately Dec. 1920Blue jeansMario PerryAccordion solo 
Brunswick477610-in.approximately Dec. 1920I never knewMario PerryAccordion solo 
Brunswick479710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Why don't you?Ernest HareMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick482610-in.approximately Dec. 1920When Irish eyes are smilingCrescent Trio ; Theo KarleMale vocal solo and male vocal trio, with orchestra 
Brunswick484310-in.approximately Dec. 1920Wailana waltzFrank Ferera ; Anthony J. FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Brunswick484710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Dreamy HawaiiFrank Ferera ; Anthony J. FranchiniGuitar duet (Hawaiian) 
Brunswick485310-in.approximately Dec. 1920In the duskRudy Wiedoeft's CaliforniansJazz/dance band 
Brunswick485610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Crazy bluesBenny Krueger’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick485910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Royal garden bluesBenny Krueger’s OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick486810-in.approximately Dec. 1920Look for the silver liningIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick487210-in.approximately Dec. 1920RoseIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick487410-in.approximately Dec. 1920Whip-poor-willIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick488210-in.approximately Dec. 1920All she'd say was 'umh hum'Isham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick488710-in.approximately Dec. 1920My mammyIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick488810-in.approximately Dec. 1920I never realizedIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick489810-in.approximately Dec. 1920Underneath Hawaiian skiesIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick490310-in.approximately Dec. 1920Love birdIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick490510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Siren of a southern seaIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick1116812-in.approximately 1920GoodbyeDorothy JardonSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick1137212-in.approximately 1920Una voce poco faVirginia ReaSoprano vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4714-471510-in.approximately Dec. 1920I want to be leader of the bandAmphion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4716-471710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Bells of ShandonStrand QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4718-471910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Gospel trainCriterion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4720-472210-in.approximately Dec. 1920Little cotton dollyCriterion Male QuartetMale vocal quartet, unaccompanied 
Brunswick4726-472710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Waltz in C sharp minorLeopold GodowskyPiano solo 
Brunswick4728-472910-in.approximately Dec. 1920O-hi-o (O-my! O!)Billy JonesMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4735-473610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Mother o' mineRichard BonelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4742-474310-in.approximately Dec. 1920My mammyAmphion QuartetMale vocal quartet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4744-474510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Honolulu eyesCharles Harrison ; Charles HartMale vocal duet, with orchestra 
Brunswick4755-475610-in.approximately Dec. 1920Thank God for a gardenMario ChamleeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4816-481710-in.approximately Dec. 1920Mother MachreeTheo KarleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4818-481910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Come back to ErinTheo KarleMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick4834-483510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Love birdErnest Hare ; Wiedoeft's Saxophone TrioMale vocal solo, with saxophone trio 
Brunswick4877-487910-in.approximately Dec. 1920Do you ever think of me?Isham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick4894-489510-in.approximately Dec. 1920Make believeIsham Jones OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Brunswick11904-1190512-in.approximately 1920Ave MariaFrederic Persson ; Max RosenViolin solo, with piano 
Edison1512Not documentedNov.-Dec. 1920Valse, op. 64, no. 2E. Robert SchmitzPiano solo 
Edison1513Not documentedNov.-Dec. 1920ArabesqueE. Robert SchmitzPiano solo 
Edison467210-in.4/20/1916At a Georgia camp meetingNew York Military BandBand 
Edison757810-in.10/13/1920BiddyNew York Military BandBand 
Edison763710-in.11/12/1920In Dublin's fair cityAllen McQuhaeTenor vocal solo, with orchestra 
Edison770810-in.12/28/1920Look for the silver liningLewis James ; Betsy Lane ShepherdFemale-male vocal duet, with orchestra 
Edison771210-in.12/31/1920Casta divaFrieda HempelSoprano vocal solo, with piano 
Lindström[OK cat 40138-B]10-in.between 1909 and 1920My LisaDanubia Municipal BandBand 
OdeonBo-576010-in.approximately 1920Lorber und RoseViolin duo (unidentified; Odeon Records)Violin duet, with piano 
Pathe559212-in.approximately 1920Mi noche tristeAuguste BoscInstrumental ensemble 
Pathe559312-in.approximately 1920MitzyAuguste BoscInstrumental ensemble 


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