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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
VictorA-112567-in.1900-1902常磐津 ; 戻り橋Kin'nosukeFemale vocal solo, with shamisen 
VictorBVE-3765310-in.1/29/1927出船の港Yoshie FujiwaraTenor vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBVE-3765010-in.1/28/1927出船Yoshie FujiwaraTenor vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBVE-3765110-in.1/28/1927ふるさとYoshie FujiwaraTenor vocal solo, with piano 
Victor7979010-in.11/23/1934…e naõ voltouGastão FormentiMale vocal solo 
Leeds & Catlin[L & C cat 45433]10-in.approximately early 1907“The last rose of summer” is the sweetest song of allFrank C. StanleyMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickTests 15Ch3/19/1924“No” means “Yes"Carl Fenton’s OrchestraJazz/dance band May 1907’Ndringhete ’ndra Figli di CiroTenor vocal solo, with vocal ensemble and instrumental ensemble 
Gramophone8958b10-in.9/13/1906’E rose geloseFrancesco DaddiMale vocal solo 
Leeds & Catlin[L & C cat 44937]10-in.1906’Deed I doCorinne Morgan ; Frank C. StanleyFemale-male vocal duet 
Gramophone8139b10-in.approximately May 1906’A vennegnaAnnita di LandaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Berliner012047-in.Apr. 1900’A frangesa marchSousa's BandBand 
Leeds & Catlin[L & C cat 191-B]10-in.between late 1908 and early 1909’A frangesaArtists varyBand 
Brunswick10847-1084910-in.6/15/1923‘Tain’t nuthin’ elseMarion HarrisFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VocalionE2202-E220510-in.1/23/1926‘Tain’t coldThe Original Memphis FiveJazz/dance band 
Brunswick10066-1006710-in.3/7/1923‘O sole mio!Giacomo Lauri-VolpiMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE23016-E2301710-in.5/6/1927‘O calore d’a staggioneGilda MignonetteFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE2729410-in.4/6/1928‘Nterra SurrienteGilda MignonetteFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VocalionE2541-E254210-in.2/25/1926‘Neath the blue Italian skiesMayfair TrioInstrumental trio 
BrunswickE26358-E2635910-in.2/3/1928‘N bracci a mmeGilda MignonetteFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE26360-E2636110-in.2/3/1928‘E rrose d’ ‘a MadonnaGilda MignonetteFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE20863-E2086410-in.12/3/1926‘Deed I doG. Underhill Macy ; Ed SmalleMale vocal duet, with piano 
BrunswickE21002-E2100310-in.12/21/1926‘Deed I doMacy and SmalleMale vocal duet, with piano 
BrunswickC637-C63810-in.9/13/1926‘Cause I love youRay Miller OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Leeds & Catlin[L & C cat 44741]10-in.late 1905-early 1906‘Cause I like youJ. W. MyersMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE25392-E2539310-in.12/2/1927‘A casa d’ ‘e rroseGilda MignonetteFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
BrunswickE25390-E2539110-in.12/2/1927‘A canzone ‘e Santa LuciaGilda MignonetteFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Brunswick8796-879710-in.approximately Sept. 1922Через поле широкеєUkrainian National ChorusMixed vocal chorus 
OKehW40258110-in.Aug. 1929Тече вода з під явора (Tetche voda z pid yawora)A. Barna CompanyInstrumental ensemble, with vocal 
Brunswick8898-889910-in.=Почаєвській Божій МатеріPetro Ordynski ; Ukrainian National ChorusMixed vocal chorus, with male vocal solo 
Brunswick876310-in.9/26/1922Ой у полі БаришполіG. Leoniv ; Ukrainian National ChorusMixed vocal chorus, with male vocal solo 
Brunswick8903-890410-in.10/6/1922ВерховиноUkrainian National ChorusMixed vocal chorus 
VictorB-3261210-in.5/8/1925Το ασπο καπελλο βαλςInternational Novelty OrchestraOrchestra 
VictorB-3260210-in.5/6/1925Ολυμπια βαλςInternational Novelty OrchestraOrchestra 
Gramophone0GA44112-in.before 3/4/1938ΜαρουσάναRita Abatzi (Ρίτα Αμπατζή) ; Nikos Karakostas (Νικος Καρακōstas)Female vocal solo and klarino (clarinet) 
Gramophone1643y10-in.7/3/1910Η προδότραEstudiantina GrecqueVocal trio 
Columbia4559810-in.5/4/1915ŁobzowiankaWykonala orkiestraBand 
Gramophone14262b10-in.2/17/1910Ładny szpasRoman Leski-Fortwill ; Jan Sztern [i.e., Jan Stern]Male vocal duet, with accordion 
VictorB-2021110-in.7/10/1917ØsterdølsmarschenAlfred HalvorsenMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
Columbia8482910-in.approximately November 1918ØsterdalsmarschenCarsten WollMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBVE-3594510-in.7/27/1926Østeraker : WaltzEric Olson ; Ragnar SundquistAccordion duet 
Columbia5876710-in.approximately November 1917Æ gammel smedJ. Saxtorph-MikkelsenMale vocal solo 
VictorB-1690910-in.12/16/1915¿Y qué hay?Orquesta Argentina de Ferrer [i.e., Orquesta Típica Argentina Celestino]Instrumental quintet 
VictorBVE-5520410-in.7/8/1929¿Y pos qué le voy a hacer?Luis M. Bañuelos ; Sarah VillegasFemale-male vocal duet, with instrumental ensemble 
VictorBVE-4398410-in.5/16/1928¿Y cómo te llamas ... tu?José MoricheMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorB-1212310-in.6/20/1912¿Y cómo le va?Lovey's Trinidad String BandInstrumental ensemble 
VictorH-25210-in.1/13/1912¿Y cómo le va?Banda del Pabellón de las RosasBand 
VictorBAVE-147010-in.Fall 1927¿Ves a la parra llorar?Blanca Tejeda de RuizFemale vocal solo, with guitars 
VictorBRC-6887210-in.4/3/1931¿Te acuerdas?Los CharrosInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 
VictorBAVE-6041210-in.9/4/1930¿Sos vos? Que cambiada estasOrquesta Típica VictorInstrumental ensemble, with male vocal solo 

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