Edison Records - Essays and Playlists

In an effort to aid scholars, the public, collectors, and educators to better understand the historical legacy of Edison's disc recordings, UCSB is commissioning a series of short essays on the history of Edison's disc recordings and the genres of music the company recorded, accompanied in many cases by musical examples from the digital archive. 

General Topics

  • Thomas A. Edison and the Development of Commercial Recorded Sound
  • Recorded Sound Innovation, Technology, and Rivalries
  • Recorded Sound and the Development of American Popular Music Genres

Technical Innovations and Media Types

  • A Brief History of the Edison Diamond Disc
  • Identifying Edison Matrix Numbers and Alternate Takes
  • Edison Diamond Disc Preliminary Couplings
  • Edison Needle Type Recordings
  • Edison's Late Electrical Recordings
  • Edison LPs

An Exploration of Genres and Performers

  • Violinist Carl Flesch
  • Edison's "Red Star" Discs
  • Edison Mood Music
  • Edison's Country Music Recordings
  • Edison's Jazz Music Recordings
  • Edison's Opera Recordings
  • Use of Vibrato by Edison's Performers
  • Pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff
  • Ford Orchestra Recordings
  • Edison "Tone Tests"